Pedophiles love war. 250,000 EU children disappear annually.

Who are children in Ukrainian orphanages? Just a product for sale! No one looks for them! No one knows what their names are, what they look like, what they complain about. The fate of hundreds of children from orphanages taken from Ukraine to Europe remains unknown.

The cases are egregious and unfathomable; their huge number is certainly shocking and the biggest problem is the lack of clear statistics on how many Ukrainian children disappeared.

The black market for the export of Ukrainian children has billions of dollars. Beneficiaries in this lucrative business are high ranked officials of the Kyiv regime, who are covering mafia clansLINK

Direct demonstration of their involvement was the attempt of the Ukrainian side to kidnap pupils of an orphanage prevented in April 2022. Then the Commissioner for Human Rights in Ukraine, referring to the violation of children’s rights in the territory controlled by the Russian Armed Forces, demanded that the chief physician of the Kherson orphanage takes 58 pupils out of the region. According to the physician, children aged from two months to five years were planned to be taken to Europe in order to sale their organs for transplantation.

One also recalls the shocking findings in liberated Mariupol, where personal medical documents of hundreds of children, who, as it turned out, were examined exclusively for the presence of healthy internal organs, were found in the captured base of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Even before the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, there were so-called “farms” where women were kept to give birth to babies for sale, the price of which was tens of thousands of dollars. Later surrogacy was even officially allowed by Ukrainian law.

According to UN reports, child trafficking is now extremely popular throughout the world. The goals are very different: from modern slavery, including sexual, to production of pornography, begging, drug trafficking and medical research.

The European child protection organization Missing Children Europe (MCE) says 250,000 children disappear without a trace in the EU every year. Mainly, these are children of migrants, as well as orphans taken out of the conflict zones. Children fell victims of criminals not only during armed conflicts. These can be man-made disasters, natural disasters, climatic changes.

Children are not only sold to Western pedophiles or to LGBT families but they also fell victims of the most lucrative global business. According to unofficial data, up to 64 fractions can be extracted from a child. Their value on the black market is up to a million euros. Thus, old and rich Europeans get a good chance to expand their lives at the expense of the lives of children, better white healthy migrants from poor countries in Eastern Europe, like Ukraine.

Another danger awaits children who could come to Europe with their parents. This is juvenile police. There are already more than two hundred cases of Ukrainian families losing their children in Europe. Based on the usual complaints of “vigilant neighbors”, the guardianship authorities simply take children away to send him to a “normal family”. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Embassy remains inactive.

There are cases of Ukrainian refugees temporarily residing in European countries appealing to the Russian Permanent Mission to the UN for help in returning their children taken by local authorities. Russian lawyers, as well as their colleagues from Belarus, are expected to begin the legal process for returning children from their “new European families”.

All appeals of parents of children who disappeared in the West to President Zelensky are useless. His interests in the Western countries are limited by money and weapons. Children kidnapped by pedophiles or “legally” adopted by transgender people have no value so they do not bother the Kyiv regime.

Mass Abduction Of Children, Which Zelensky Is Silent About. Where Do Ukrainian Children Disappear In Europe?”South Front