16 Responses to “W.H.O. Backs Down From Amendments That Create A Global Medical Tyranny”

  1. Gordon says:

    “They have not given up though – far from it.
    Instead, they did what they always do and ‘pivoted’ “.

    Recall the Lisbon and Maastricht Treaties.

    Well Informed Irishman Nails It ! The WEF Agenda Will Fail


  2. ian says:

    Brilliant news, Britain needs to get rid of it;s verminous parasitic elite government too. Or I know it’s grammatically wrong but, Is this put out by them to get us to drop our guards.

  3. Tapestry says:

    the fair world order strikes back. Russian military progress against NATO is strengthening the resolve of the NWO’s opponents.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Yes exactly it. The rest of the world sees the USUKZio Empire’s weakness, which is now obvious to everybody

      First Afghanistan, then Ukraine. The Empire’s military is far too woke for its own good. And the Military Defence Complex is far too corrupt to make weapons that actually work effectively in a real conflict against a modern professional military. It’s now mainly a boondoggle for the oligarchs to steal our wealth

      Add in the rapidly approaching loss of reserve currency status for the US$. Saudi to join BRICS, wow! If that happens then it’s over for the dollar long term

      The lunatics running the Empire are not done yet, no doubt. But they are sliding down the slippery slope at a lick now. They desperately need their Great Reset to avoid being reset themselves by the rest of the planet. It’s looking increasingly like their Great Reset will be a Great Bellyflop, fingers crossed

      The West is approx 15% of humanity. The other 85% have been exploited by the West for far too long. It’s about time that “our” side received it’s comeuppance in truth. “We” can have no complaints if the Fair World Order makes us face reality in due course

  4. ian says:

    I just remembered this from the Deagle report. Survival rates by 2025Country Current Population Population (2025) % Survival Rate
    1 United States of America 326,620,000 100,000,000 31
    2 China 1,380,000,000 1,380,000,000 100
    3 Japan 126,450,000 103, 000,000 81
    4 Germany 80,590,000 28,000,000 35
    5 France 67,100,000 39,000,000 58
    6 United Kingdom 65,650,000 15,000,000 23
    7 India 1,280,000,000 1,300,000,000 100
    8 Brazil 207,350,000 210,000,000 100
    9 Italy 62,140,000 44,000,000 71
    10 Canada 35,620,000 26,000,000 73
    11 South Korea 51,180,000 37,000,000 72
    12 Russia 142,260,000 142,000,000 100
    13 Australia 23,230,000 15,000,000 65
    14 Spain 48,960,000 28,000,000 57
    15 Mexico 124,570,000 125,000,000 100
    16 Indonesia 260,580,000 267,000,000 100
    17 Turkey 80,840,000 72,000,000 89
    18 Netherlands 17,080,000 17,000,000 99.5
    19 Switzerland 8,240,000 5,300,000 64
    20 Saudi Arabia 28,570,000 25,000,000 88
    21 Argentina 44,290,000 41,000,000 93
    22 Taiwan 23,510,000 19,000,000 81
    23 Sweden 9,960,000 7,200,000 72
    24 Poland 38,480,000 33,000,000 86
    25 Belgium 11,490,000 8,100,000 70
    26 Israel 8,300,000 4,000,000 48
    27 Iran 82,020,000 82,000,000 100
    28 Austria 8,750,000 6,200,000 71
    29 Nigeria 190,630,000 187,000,000 98
    30 Ireland 5,000,000 1,300,000 26

    • ian says:

      Didn’t format correctly however the Brics countries and Nigeria, the only African country mentioned have a 100% survival rate.. in the list above, though mixed up, it appears that the last digits on each line.

      • ian says:

        Sorry I got interrupted and maffed it up, The last digits on each line are the survival predictions for each country. eg Ireland has a 26% survival rate.

    • ian says:

      So in effect, this was part of the plan.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Blimey Ian that makes sense doesn’t it. That is a stunning observation and it fits exactly with what we are seeing geopolitically. Great work, thank you

        We know that 30% of English folk refused the hot shot. I’m not sure what the N Irish, Welsh and Scots %’s are but they have all suffered even more lunacy than the English did. I imagine they are all lower by quite a bit. Which will knock the UK figure lower than 30 and nearer to the 23 on your list

        I wonder what the correlation is in US [31 survival] and EU [survival varies by country, obedient Germans worst, rebellious French next, up yours Italians best] ?

        Wow, maybe Deagel was based on the hot shots?

      • pete fairhurst says:

        I think that all the Chinese, Russian, Iranian jabs were all actual vaccines and not GMO drugs weren’t they? Which supports your theory doesn’t it

        A good “Conspiracy Theory” there Ian, best I’ve seen for ages ;-))

  5. danceaway says:

    Yes, I have been suspicious of this ever since this all began Pete. There is a question about Russia, though, as they have had a jab and the figures show them remaining at 100%. And India has also had at least some, have they not? And does China fit with this scenario?

    • pete fairhurst says:

      I think that the difference is that the Russian and Chinese covid jab didn’t use GMO drugs, Danceaway, it was viral based I think. Can anyone confirm that?

      India mainly used Ivermectin and the like, old proven drugs that worked, I think. Again can anyone confirm that?

      I’ve been very suspicious too D but I wasn’t at all convinced by Deagel until Ian pointed out that correlation just now

      • danceaway says:

        This is all so interesting. I first came across the Deagel report many years ago, and found it intriguing. I have carried it in the back of my mind ever since, wondering just how “they” propose to carry this out. At the time war seemed likely, or geoengineering/chemtrails; poisoning our food and air. Or the gradual accumulation of poisons via over vaccinating, particularly children. And here we are now, it is all out in the open, at least for some of us! Not all!

  6. danceaway says:

    I remember one of the many studies which have been done compared the vials used in the US with European. That study proposed/concluded that in the US the jabs were created to cause a high number of deaths, whereas those for the EU were to create a high rate of injury.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      If correct that gives me some sort of very, very, limited comfort in an utterly evil process D

      The thought of 70 odd percent of my fellow Brits perishing in such a short space of time makes me sick in my stomach tbh. I’m a septuagenarian, no way I’m moving abroad at this time in my life, all my roots are deeply established here. I’m gonna see it through here whatever happens

      Thank God my immediate family all refused their vile vials. All my 3 kids refused and made sure that my grandkids were not defiled too. I know of folk round here who covid jabbed their kids just so they could fly abroad, utterly nauseating and unconscionable

  7. danceaway says:

    Yes, I am very very conscious of the children, too, Pete, and thankfully my local family are unjabbed and fully aware; we talk about it a lot. (My non-local family follow the narrative. There is no point in even discussing it with them.)

    (I gave my daughter and granddaughter each a small bottle of the essential oil pine to carry with them which they can sniff if they find themselves feeling ill when around the jabbed.)