No wonder the roads are so crowded

What actually is our true population in 2023? It’s a good question. You can’t trust government statistics. They claim there’s a net figure for immigration for example of around 600,000. Yet they issued 1.2 million visas in the last twelve months, many allowing whole families to enter, with numbers permitted up to 12. These are student visas or employment visas, with no requirement to leave after studies are completed, or jobs ended.

English Democrats Party Leader Robin Tilbrook thinks, given the new Conservative immigration regime, that 3 million legal entrants into Britain in the last year has to be a fair estimate. That number doesn’t include illegals, the number of which is unknowable. People leaving Britain is around 600,000 annually.

The only way to accurately measure the net population according to supermarkets who have to provide enough food for their customers is to measure quantity of sewage. They can’t use government statistics. This ‘sewage measuring method’ apparently works well as a way to figure out the numbers of people living here, as sewage is surprisingly consistent per capita. The last time a supermarket sewage population survey was publicised was around 2010, but all evidence of that survey has disappeared from the net. Even then, it suggested that 80 million people were living in Britain around 2010, when government stats were still reading out in the 60+ millions.

That 80 million figure from 2010 is now way out of date.

If the numbers of annual net migration have been 1 million over the last twelve years and are now around 3 million annually, Britain’s population must be about 95 million, with 100 million either a year away or maybe two or three years away.

What would ordinary people think if they knew this?

No other political party is bothered. Only the English Democrats want to discuss this issue.  There has to be a limit.  No wonder our roads are jammed with cars, and so many services are on overload.