“King” Charles Threatens Military Style Climate Campaign

These predators are clearly planning something awful

With Jimmy Savile’s friend Charlie now crowned as “king of England” and threatening a “military style campaign” to fight carbon-dioxide (without commenting on his own collection of castles, private jets, limousine entourages, and decadent carbon-spewing, self-aggrandizing, tax-payer-funded events); we should be very concerned as to what these global predators are planning next, and find a way to stop them for good.

Here’s Charlie calling for a “military style campaign” to stop climate change:

The dark ugly past of Climate King Charlie, his family, and friends.

Dr Tess Lawrie recently wrote about the coronation of Charlie as “King of England”

More about Charles, the royal family, Diana’s Death, and Charles Intimate friend Jimmy Savile:

2 Responses to ““King” Charles Threatens Military Style Climate Campaign”

  1. ian says:

    I’d imagine to put it bluntly, that they’re filling his head with shite, and using him as a puppet. Ok I’m different, but I don’t do holidays. I’ve never been abroad. I live a simple local life. I find travelling stressful, but enough. To have an inbred spoilt retard like him with all his taxpayer funded life, to which I did contribute, yes I worked all my life, To hear him lecture boils my blood. Then again, I was at Lockerbie today, of Pan Am fame. It’s festooned with Ukraine flags, Coronation rigmarole, and the local papers are fawning over Chuck. Loads still wearing masks too. What chance do we have.

  2. Tapestry says:

    If Savile could manipulate him, so too could others.