Tour de France: Cyclists Quit Because Their ‘Lungs Are Screwed Up’

ER Editor: This year’s Tour de France cycling competition kicked off on July 1, 2022 and finishes in Paris on the 24th.


Tour de France – Abandonment of Victor Lafay: “We are all negative for the Covid tests. There is something else, because we all have our lungs screwed up”



A strange illness is crossing the field of the Tour de France and is bringing down professional cyclists with each passing day. And since investigative journalists do not investigate – as the professional ethics charter would have it – we thought it was appropriate to put our nose to it, just to get a little ahead of what is going be revealed one day or another.

In a video from Eurosport France, the sports journalist goes to meet the competitor Victor Lafay, to understand the abandonment of this member of the Cofidis team on the road to Saint-Etienne. “You are sick, injured, you have an explanation, because it’s not usual for you, we saw you very well in previous races, how do you explain all that?”  The response from the 26-year-old professional is surprising: “I’m sick, I’m not the only one, I was talking to Castroviejo in the group, who can’t breathe either. I’m struggling to breathe, I lack oxygen and it’s getting worse and worse. There is nothing I can do!”

It is quite natural that the journalist then asks him if he has not had the covid. To which Victor Lafay replies: “All the Covid tests are negative and there are a bunch of them in the peloton, it’s the same who are all negative for Covid. So, could it be something else? Many of us have the same symptoms.”

Le Monde went, in turn, to interview the runner to understand Victor Lafay’s abandonment and the explanations are the same:

No strength, and then impossible to breathe. I talked about it in the peloton, there are many who have it. Castroviejo (Ineos), he told me it was the same, Pierre Rolland (B&B Hôtels KTM) too, Naesen (AG2R Citroën) who retired had also told me about it. We are all negative for Covid tests . So either we’re negative but we still have it, or it’s something else. We talk a lot about the Covid, but there may be something else. In any case, we all have the lungs screwed up. And when the muscles are not oxygenated, after a while it can no longer work.”

To our greatest dismay, the journalists’ investigation stops there. It would have been appropriate to ask a sports doctor, formerly doctor of the Olympic team, Martine Gardénal. The latter does not cut corners and explained to us at the start of the year what all athletes know and dare not say:

“There are athletes who complain of being very tired. A study published in June – all this remains silent so as not to hear that these injections have side effects – announced a loss of power and fatigability which modified the results by 40%. It’s huge, we lose half of our results.”

In another vein, former footballer Matt Le Tissier wanted an investigation into the many cardiac arrests in sport: ” It’s just incredible the number of people, not just footballers, athletes in general, in tennis, cricket , basketball… how many of them collapsed? ” For the former international, the first midfielder to score a hundred goals in the Premier League, we must no longer be silent, we must speak, “And at some point, we must say to ourselves that this is not normal and that an investigation must be launched.” 

In 2021, the Danish runner, Jakob Fuglsang, complained of declining performance after being vaccinated with a second dose against Covid.

(ER: go down to 2nd post. Translation of headline: “Since my 2nd dose I can’t go on.” Some riders of the peloton have dragged their misery behind during the tour de france. The second Covid injection having hurt their bodies.) 


But to help our journalists — if there are still any brave ones left — we are giving them a few leads on how to go and interview these athletes:

(ER: Browsers can translate these articles into English)

Well we’ll stop there, the journalists of the system will already get by with all that, we’re going back to our conspiracy.



5 Responses to “Tour de France: Cyclists Quit Because Their ‘Lungs Are Screwed Up’”

  1. ian says:

    I’m not seeing a lot of problems round here. One or two men dropping dead, though it always happened before to a degree. A woman I know called Charlie, a very fit runner, says she has long Cvid, ? could be vaxx, though she still runs. No not much since the initial rollout. After watching Delores Cahill, and Judy Mikovits, I was expecting mass casualties.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Nor me Ian. Most of the problems that I suspect were vaxx caused round here, immune system, cardiac, blood and cancer, and more, seemed to occur just after they all accepted the poison into their bodies

      There are some other longer term problems in my neighbourhood that I also suspect are vaxx caused. But the insane perps are never going to tell us any truth about that are they? Just got to connect the dots and look at the national trends I suppose, no way to be sure

      I’ve seen no evidence of a genocide so far. I was never convinced that the campaign was an immediate genocide tbh, but I realise that I might be entirely wrong about that. I was always suspicious of Cahill, Mikovits et al too. I figured that their sudden ubiquitous promotion in the “alternative media” was suspicious. My working assumption is that large chunks of the alt media is controlled opposition in reality, very large chunks. How to know which is controlled and which is genuine?

      Athletes are a massive tell as this piece makes clear. I love following Le Tour too, these guys are superhuman [yes I know they are drug fuelled but I don’t care about that, their choice]. I guess most of them took the poison shot though, just like most footballers did

      Finally, you pointed out before that the Deagel forecast correlates closely with the countries that took the gene therapy masquerading as a vaxx. Their forecast was for 2025 wasn’t it, still 3 years away yet

    • BenBecula says:

      Same where I am Ian, I was expecting to see funerals every day, with loads of houses boarded up and grass 2 feet high in the gardens. But nothing like that. Maybe the 2 to 5 year life expectancy is accurate

  2. danceaway says:

    I agree about a good portion of the alt media being controlled opposition, Pete. That is the modus operandi of the Perpetrators. Hugo Talks has pointed out who may be a lot of them in the medical community, including Del Bigtree, who has a very shady past, is well funded, and just appeared out of the blue so to speak.

    In the video about the leak, they show that Tucker Carlson and Paul Joseph Watson may be in on it and preparing by moving their money into the new system ahead of time. The UBI will work like vouchers, not money, and we will be controlled as to how we are allowed to use it; all digital of course. And deductions from one’s account for misdemeanours; different categories of people; they point out how his will create social divisions. It is quite horrendous, but will be introduced as a solution to the problem they are going to create as otherwise people would not go along with it. This requires a great deal of our attention and thought, but we are being distracted, purposely I believe.

  3. newensign says:

    I am hearing of more incidences down here in Sussex even of young people in their 20’s and 30’s dying suddenly or having strokes. Most people don’t realise that one of the deadly affects of the of the jab is it destroys the immune system, therefore people seeing deaths from common causes such as pneumonia and cancer do not relate them to the jab. The hospital certainly won’t tell them!!