• World Without Cancer by Edward G Griffin – the real story of why cancer isn’t cured and prevented, and who is behind the programme.  Also how to cure and prevent cancer.
  • Who built the moon?Christopher Knight & Alan Butler – fascinating statistics which suggest the sun, moon and earth were built as one system.
  • Who Makes Our Money? By F.J.Irsigler
  • Where did the Towers Go?  Dr Judy Wood – the Towers turned to dust.  Paper wasn’t burned.  What weapon collapsed the towers?
  • Video – Vatican Assassins Eric Phelps.
  • Vatican Assassins by Eric John Phelps. Top Nazis were both Jews and Jesuits.
  • Tragedy and Hope – A History of the World in Our Time written by Carroll Quigley, Volumes 1-8 (1966)
  • The true story of Madeleine McCann – Buried by mainstream media.  Richard D. Hall.
  • The Sustainable Prince by Joan Veon. Hearthstone Publishing. The role of Prince Charles in the U.N.’s corporate environmental and depopulation programmes.
  • The Real Anthony Fauci  – by Robert F Kennedy Jr.  Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.  If you don’t believe the medical industry wants you to get sick, then read this book.
  • The Perception Deception by David Icke. Invaluable resource book.   Icke is a great starting point, but not a great place to end up.
  • The Last Hegemon – Those whom the Gods would destroy – William Engdahl.  A brilliant book which describes the current situation in the world.
  • The Internal Enemy – Slavery and war in Virginia, 1772-1832 by Alan Taylor.  The real history of slavery (not the Hollywood version) which explains how the world works, and how the American psyche ticks.
  • The Devil’s Poison – How Fluoride Is Killing You. By Dean Murphy DDS.  Dentists are supremely ignorant about the poisonous effects of fluoride.
  • The Brotherhood Of Darkness By Dr Stan Monteith.  Who organises wars, epidemics and suppresses humanity?
  • The Biggest Secret. David Icke 1998. How Diana was killed. Jimmy Savile. McAlpine. Heath. Paedophiles.  Other sources believe Diana wasn’t killed at all.
  • Terror On The Tube – Dr Nick Kollerstrom.  London’s false flag designed to con us into thinking war justified.
  • Seeds Of Destruction -The Hidden Agenda Of Genetic Manipulation by F.William Engdahl.  So GMOs are great, are they?  See how they can be used to cut human fertility.
  • Resonance – Beings of Frequency A James Russell Film. How wifi and mobile phones kill.
  • Remember Who You Are by David Icke. His best book yet. Saturn. Satan. Great starting point for reading other sources and pre-histories. After 1998, Icke changed his approach.  See
  • Phantom Self – by David Icke.  His best book yet as per 2016.  Sources given so you can follow his research.  Goes to the core of the problems faced by humanity, who our enemies are and how they bamboozle us.  They deprive you of your true self by constructing a phantom self for you to live as.  Most people never realise.  No way to unravel the muddle is offered though….Icke only brings you the problem, never the solution.  With a few parts that are beyond understanding or even possibility.  Icke’s a good place to start, but not a good place to end up.  You move on to better sources.
  • Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr. 1954.  CPA Book Publisher.  PO BOX 596, Boring, OR 97009-0596.  The moves of The International Conspiracy are all directed by Satan.  Story of the Illuminati, the invasion of Britain by the Jewish bankers through Cromwell.  World events explained right up to the 1950s.  Important to read this book to understand the world we live in. (1960s version of book better than current and key chapter has been removed)
  • Not In His Image – John Lamb Lash.  Who were the Gnostics?  Why the Abrahamic religions, Judaeism, Christianity and Islam are leading the world to destruction.
  • None Dare Call It GenocideBy Dr Stan Monteith.  The world depopulation agenda, explained expertly by the late Dr Stan Monteith.
  • Meet The World Money Power By Charles Savoie
  • MALIGNANT MEDICAL MYTHS by Joel Kauffmann Ph.d
  • Illuminati Party!  Reasons not to be afraid of the Illuminati. E-book by Jacqui Farmer. Written by someone who knows Illuminati members personally.
  • Grey Wolf – The Escape Of Adolf HItler. Simon Dunstan, Gerrard Williams. Sterling.  Most people can’t take this in.  They should.  Hitler the bogeyman was manufactured and inserted by the bankers to bring on WW2.  They enabled his escape after the war.
  • Gladio – NATO’s Dagger At The Heart Of Europe Richard Cotterill. Progressive Books.  How terrorism is planted, and prepared by governments.
  • George Bush – The Unauthorised BiographyWebster Tarpley.  Bush’s heroism stories from WW2 questioned.
  • Exposing lies of the empire.  by Andre Vltchek.  The world you believed you live in doesn’t exist.  In this book, you meet the real world, the real history which is never mentioned.  Some places are already well informed and building a new world outside control by the empire.  Media control, education and programming ensures people living in western countries are the most ill-informed, believing themselves the best informed.  Everyone should experience this book.  You don’t have to agree with everything.  You do have to know to be able to form any view of the world at all.
  • Everything you know is wrong. Book One: Human Origins. Lloyd Pie.  A great read.  Looks into how human beings were created by genetic modification using a  species already here on earth as the raw material – a species kept secret and out of sight of the media.
  • Erich Von Daniken – History Is Wrong.  The evidence foe extraterrestrial visitation to earth is clear, and global.  EVD tracks the evidence to the present day and covers the determination of religions, governments etc  to prevent people from understanding who the ‘Gods’ are, and the purpose of their visits and interventions.  Religions are based on these visits.  The true God or creator of the world and the universe is not in evidence in amongst their visits.  He writes before the Electric Universe unfolded its discoveries, but this doesn’t detract.
  • Plague Of Corruption by Dr Judy Mikovits, and journalist/attorney/campaigner Kent Heckenlively.  Tells you how autism has been cured using nutritional inputs available to everyone.  Why the medical world is corrupted, and not curing people on the one hand, and deliberately making people sick on the other. 2020.  Followed by Ending Plague in 2021.
  • Chemical Children by Dr Jean Munro – how to identify and reduce the chemical attack on our kids
  • 911 The New Pearl Harbour
  • 1984 by George Orwell. Julia’s summary
  • Cleopatra To Christ – Ralph Ellis exposes the deceptions of history.  Read the series.
  • Scota Egyptian Queen of the Scots – Ralph Ellis.  Why were Ireland and Scotland named after an Egyptian queen?
  • The Jesus Trilogy plus The Grail Cypher by Ralph Ellis.  Who Jesus really was – The King Of Edessa.  And how his name’s been misused by the Catholic Church to propagate human subjugation for two thousand years.  He fought the Roman Empire, and had no intention of paying its taxes.
  • Mary Magdalene, Princess of Orange: Mary in Provence, France.  by Ralph Ellis.  How Mary Magdalene escaped from the Romans in Judaea and Syria, and continued the work of Jesus’ Nazarene Sect at Orange in France.  Somehow the Orange Order survived endless attacks by the Catholic Church, defeated Catholicism and led on to the creation of the modern world.
  • K2 Quest Of The Gods by Ralph Ellis.  To be read after reading Thoth Architect of the Universe.  These two books will transform your view of history.  They cover Stonehenge, Silbury, Avebury, The Great Pyramid, Giza and other pyramids.  Ellis’ quest through history normally pegs its steps closely to linguistics, identifying the changes that happen to names as they move between languages, Egyptian, Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and so on.  That quest continues but is greatly expanded by interpreting the pyramids as mathematical conundrums deliberately set by their builders.  He deduces their age at 14,000 years approx. the same as Stonehenge and other similar structures that were built around the globe, using technologies not available to us today.  The pyramids contain instructions to seek out a mountain in the Himalayas today located on the border between Pakistan and China.  Ellis attempts to find the location where the Gods left their secrets before they moved on and away from earth.  If you can follow the mathematical deductions, which are based on Pi and what we today know as Pythagoras, and the decision Ellis makes that the pyramids must have been built using whole number mathematics.  The problem he has to solve first is what were the units of length being used by the pyramid’s architects.
  • An End To Upside Down Thinking by Mark Gober.  The evidence that consciousness survives death.  
  • Angels & Devils – My Extraordinary Life by Henry Curteis.  Autobiography of Tapestry of Tap News.  Last two chapters propose a concept of the way the world works, and suggests a way to navigate life and death.  First part described as a ‘window through time’ – family and upbringing.  Second part interesting business career in jewellery-making and writing for business students.  The final part illness, living in the Philippines, marriage and children.  In life we are helped by angels and beset by demons and devils.  The more you listen the more you will be helped.


  1. Phil says:

    Hi Henry,

    Love the new site!

    here is a vid from a very interesting young woman speaking on US MSM re satanic abuse amd murder – taken from the Event Chronicle site.

    keep up the great work.

    With thanks from Canada

    Phil & Rita

  2. truth says:

    The most important book of all is the one that reveals ALL the worlds secrets and is considered by the elite as the most dangerous book in the world: The King James Bible.

    • Sue Rose says:

      What about the Catholic Knox Bible – it is supposed to contain six books more than the King James version? Would just like to know – is this more dangerous or is it to blindside everyone?

    • Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

      Really truth hurts?
      I thought the King James Bible was revised and rewritten by our illuminati elite friends. I assumed for more control purposes, and cnensorship, and divide and rule.
      Is the King James Bible a pure truthful book? But what about josephus flavius lies? Henry said he invented the Jesus story and set the ground for a new control religion, Christianity
      Why would the elite Controllers even have allowed such a truthful book to be the best selling book of all time?
      And Gnostic spiritual truths about our pineal glands etc, if im right don’t get brought to peoples attention in the bible, while the secret socieities enjoyed all these truths

    • Sue Rose says:

      I believe he did escape and got to Argentina. Just like most of the other war criminals who were helped by the Vatican and the Americans

  3. Dogman says:

    The Site below has links to a hundred sites with many thousands of titles for legal, free book downloads….many, many categories and topics.. … iterature

    Paul Foster Case’s book ‘The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order’.
    Dodgy title, but stunning gematria/scholarship/insight. (so i’m told)

    LYNN PICKNETT & CLIVE PRINCE began their joint career with Turin Shroud: How Leonardo Da Vinci Fooled History and – eight books later – they have just published The Forbidden Universe. They are best known for their 1997 The Templar Revelation, which Dan Brown acknowledged as the primary inspiration for The Da Vinci Code. As a reward for their contribution they were given cameos in the movie (on the London bus). They also give talks to an international audience. Lynn & Clive both live in South London.
    Their website is

    Forbidden Archaeology, by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson. It’s a paradigm-busting book that reveals that the history of humanity on this planet goes back millions of years, maybe even hundreds of millions of years. They blew the lid off the mainstream, academic cover-up of our hidden history and have been attacked by academic historians, archaeologists and anthropologists for doing so.

    Chapters One – Four excerpted from the book
    Final Judgment
    The missing link in the JFK assassination conspiracy
    by Michael Collins Piper
    Wolfe Press, 1995, paperback



    After Joe Kennedy begged for [Sam] Giancana’s assistance at a meeting in Chicago, Giancana reportedly said, “I’ve heard nothing today that leads me to think that you can promise me anything in return for my assistance.”
    “Kennedy responded: “I can. And I will. You help me now, Sam, and I’ll see to it that Chicago-that you-can sit in the godamned Oval office if you want. That you’ll have the President’s ear. But I just need time.”
    Kennedy told Giancana, “He’ll be your man. I swear to that. My son – the President of the United States – will owe you his father’s life. He won’t refuse you, ever. You have my word.”

    Plenty more here: … ur_FJ.html

    E. Knuth wrote “Empire of the City” in 1946. He spells out that the Jewish Rothchilds have been behind most conflicts during the past two centuries and exposes the “Corporation of the City of London”. “The author presents a behind the scenes look at the secretive international policies of the British government and how their successes allowed them to rise to the top of a vast secret order of World Finance.

    The Phoenix Program by Douglas Valentine

    The Shining Ones
    by Philip Gardner

    The book is about a worldwide secret priesthood, who date as far back as 5000 years before Christ, and who have formed the modern world. All religions, all ancient monuments and all governments, including Royal lineages, have their background in the Shining Ones.

    by Christian and Barbara Joy O’Brien

    This book includes all the material contained within The Genius of the Few, but adds a great deal more information on the unfolding diaspora of the Shining Ones from the Southern Lebanon site around the world, their advanced technology and their influence over the next 8,000 years.

    This starts with the establishment of a further six major settlements by members of the senior council at Jericho, Ba’albek, Ebla, Catal Huyak, Olympus and On, which soon followed their establishment of the Kharsag (Eden) site. The development of the city states eventually led to the great civilisations in the Mesopotamianplains, Egypt, Iran, India, China and the Americas..

    The Shining Ones by Helen Hagan
    The Etymological Story of the Amazigh Roots of Egyptian Civilization

    The Missing Years of Jesus by Dennis Price

    THE GNOSTIC GOSPELS by Alan Jacobs

  4. haraldhadrada1 says:

    I would add essential reading for those that wish to know the follows.

    Captain Archibald Maule Ramsey.

  5. Qiztsoo says:

    Perhaps add this treatise to your list to reveal the root force of the ever destructive human condition?

    “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” by Rolf Hefti

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