Tap’s strange flight to Asia

Narrow escape from chaos.

Flying around the world with kids is never easy.  We left the UK on Thursday midday to fly to Taipei from Amsterdam.  The flight took off late from Birmingham, with the KLM crew saying they were late held up due to the traffic.  Isn’t Birmingham traffic always a little slow?  It seemed a feeble excuse when many passengers had connecting flights to meet in Schiphol, sending them all over the globe.

We made the flight to Taipei OK with a few minutes to spare dashing to the gate as fast as we could.   We boarded the plane then there was another strange inexplicable delay.  The pilot said he couldn’t move the plane as there was no communication coming to him from the control tower.  I don’t know if someone came running over to give him permission to take off, or what happened, but after thirty minutes we were finally cleared to take off.

Checking emails later on after the 12 hour journey, Mike asked me if we managed to get through Schiphol as the airport was closed for the day due to a power cut which affected the whole of Amsterdam, and much of the rest of Holland. How the hell?  The news reports he attached suggested it was a technical fault from a tiny substation out in the countryside.  That didn’t make much sense either.  We must have been the last flight out before the airport closed for the rest of the day.



Amsterdam with no power for a whole day.  Chaos.

Finally as we neared Taipei the flight map on the seat monitors showed us to be one and a half hours travelling time from Taipei as we awoke and the cabin crew served breakfast.  Then the plane stopped flying towards Taipei, and headed South for an hour going directly over Hong Kong, from where the flight was still registering the remaining time to complete the journey still to be 1.5 hours.  I have flown this route dozens of times over many years, and asked the head purser why the flight was taking this unusual route.  She claimed she had no idea, and would ask the captain.  She never came back to me.

The flight was two hours late into Taipei, and we then had an hour’s wait before heading on to Manila where we were also two hours late.  It wasn’t that bad overall.  The bags arrived as well, which isn’t always the case when flights get delayed.  The kids were excited to get into the car and see their cousins once more.   It was all a bit curious though.  How come there are power cuts that close down major European cities, and unannounced and unexplained flightpath detours over China?  And why are there flight crews who can’t get onto a 12 midday flight at Birmingham airport when they stay in hotels that are inches away from the airport?


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  1. Adam Lightworker says:

    Strange indeed. I cant work out any pattern to connect dots with this one

  2. Adam Lightworker says:

    Maybe it is Spiritual forces at work, in the etheric or plasma plane/dimensions? Maybe even to give you little nudges and hints, Henry, that theyre there.
    I don’t know whether you believe them or not, but maybe the Asia trip, these bizarre events were facilitated by the other world, to cause your mind to reflect on something, some situation, or reflect on what is Reality?

    And again, sorry for being a bore on this. But it goes round in a loop. One day, all this will be considered just another aspect of technology, a science. it does seem the US military black projects have tech to communicate with or even goto , the etheric dimension. Maybe they’ve made machines to do it that cut out the mystic ritual stuff

    But again, just look at Paul LaViolettes SQK theory on etheric.com, and one can only assume, Steven Hawking and Michio Kaku with their mainstream physics, are Gatekeepers, and just looking the other way at the physics in front of them.

    Have a safe time in Phillipines

    I know theres a lot of important stories competing for Tapblog, but if theres a slot, the MaxKeiser RT/electrogravitic craft email I sent in will jolt a few minds

  3. Tapestry says:

    I’ve tried sending it to another contributor for processing. Here web is horribly slow. That flight effort took me two hours to get through to the blog. We’re visiting relatives this week!

    • sovereigntea says:

      The delay at Birmingham may have been induced by the masters of incompetence who run the ground crew and logistics at Birmingham. “traffic delays” may well just be yet another in the long line of excuses. These idiots couldnt organize a piss up in a brewery. The last time I had the misfortune to disembark at Birmingham the muppet showmasters spent over an hour merely getting a set of steps 50 yards to the plane, we could see them out of the window.
      Menzies Aviation plc,
      2 World Business Centre Heathrow,
      Newall Road,
      London Heathrow Airport,
      TW6 2SF,
      United Kingdom
      Kerry Emberson
      T: +44 (0) 208 750 6000
      F: +44 (0) 208 750 6001
      E: enquiries@menziesaviation.com

  4. Aldous says:

    Was this some kind of global exercise involving several time zones where we can expect numerous planes (anything in fact requiring computer technology such as planes/trains/automobiles/utilities/internet/traffic control/you name it) to experience delays, run into difficulty, get diverted, go missing and/or crashed on the same day/date? A kind of Super 911 with dozens of planes involved from many countries – including even Israel?

    Were the NWO spooks honing their remote sabotage and control skills last Thursday/Friday? A NWO airborne Fire Sale along the lines of Hollywood’s Die Hard 4? New World Order out of yet more of their engineered chaos and mass murder? Just a thought.

    Live Free or Die Hard Hacker Broadcast 1:06

  5. Lynn says:

    Tap the whole of Holland went down, just read it on BIN. Someone posted this as a grid takedown. They are up to something Tap. Take care on your travels.

  6. Tapestry says:

    ‘BIN’ always abbreviate to B4IN, Lynn! Yes I agree. It almost has to be grid takedown to affect such a vast area. Luckily its tentacles just missed us.

  7. RabbiT says:

    Perhaps on this occasion no dots to connect?

    just sayin’

    • Aldous says:

      The dots are there aright but it’s hard to see them when the plug is pulled and all the lights are out 🙂 Hidden in plain sight as it were?

  8. Adam Lightworker says:

    I think theres been a battle since the Roman Empire, and even before, the Roman Elites, to suppress the masses, keepingnparanormal supernatural Truths, to themselves in their inner circle. This is why, Jesus, whoever he was , whenever he was, and however many people he was over whatever timeframe, represents, the Roman Elites attempts to suppress Rome still endures, it morphed into the Vatican, and still endures

    From what ican tell, theres 2 other power centres , City if London which like the Vatican, is an independent entity all to itself, its own police force, not answerable to the UK at all. The home of the Bankers, Power people who are occultists too. Secret societies going back thousands of years, are good and bad. White hats and Black hats

    The City of London im sure is no different from the US military industrial complex. rather than Washington DC, which is in many ways is a cabal centre. But rhe real N American city of mafia shadow power, is Denver Colorado, where a huge city has been built under Denver airport. Denver is a major illuminati centre

    But im sure white hats operate in the city of London too. Its clear to me now, good and bad secret old socieities, are still secret socieities today and are alive and well. And operate within all powerful organisations. And theres a cat and mouse game going on

    Don’t ask me if the knights Templar are good or bad, I don’t know. But at least I know, by zooming out and standing back, I can sense, a picture, of whats going on

    naturally, between London, Vatican, Washington |DC, all city state independent entities, there will be blending between these major world factions, and very hard to know where they meet and end. Not necessary, just assume the elites in these power centres are one and the same

    You might ask, what about japan, another major power centre? it seems Japannhas been very controlled by the US mafia. However elements of the Royal UK mafia too may have had an influence in Japan. The point is Japan, whilst being very useful and valuable, is a pawn. Shinz Abe and his government, hes a blackmailed slave to the US mafia

    But many factions for good and bad, are working and operating. I suppose when I reflect on it all, ignorance might be bliss. What the BBC and SKY viewer gets to see, is nothing whats going on, I don’t know whats going on. Ive only tried to give a glimpse, in a general sense, my best sense of the world

    but something funnys going on, and I look to the lies about physics, science and free energy, and evidence of free energy truth, to guide me to truth and out of the lies, goodnight

  9. Adam Lightworker says:

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