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“Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.” –  Michael Ellner

The Tap is a blog which is (mostly) written by you, the readers. I started the blog as a one man band in 2006, but it has since transformed into a collective or channel, where posters send their stories for publication, or they become regular contributors with direct access to the blog.   Posters and contributors have responsibility for what they post, just as do posters on Before It’s News.  Any complaints about a particular post being put up, or a request to withdraw one, should be sent in by email, and not left as a comment.

The information contained in posts is not checked. Some information posted is no doubt false or posted in error. Often things are published ‘for what they are worth’ with the readers required to read between the lines, and come to their own conclusions.  By working your mind over such material, you see different perspectives to the ones normally presented. Disinformation, though clearly intended to mislead,  always contains elements of truth, and  what is intended as truth often contains misconceptions.  No source is 100% perfect.  Some want to sell a product or service which biases their output, while others want their version of truth to predominate over that of others.  By reading all the angles, you eventually build up your own viewpoint, and hopefully find you can make progress.

What I have found out (and am still finding out) by reading the things that come in here over the last few years, has changed my life, and my understanding of how the world works. I no longer listen to TV or radio, and rarely read any output from any MSM.

All these media convey a fundamentally false picture of the truth. You can follow what the MSM is saying on the internet anyway, as people pick up and refer to the output of the media where it is relevant to what’s being discussed.

Only on the internet can we build trusting relationships, share ideas and our true thoughts. Only here do we stand a chance of building any real understanding of what’s really going on in the world.  Newspapers, even local newspapers are tightly controlled.

World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings.Denis Healey, Baron Healey CH, MBE,
PC, British Labour politician.

The Illuminati/Rothschild Zionists/ Jesuits are pressing ahead to secure their power over the world, enslaving debtor nations with unpayable debts, and smashing creditor nations with techno-weaponry and seizing their assets. A major part of their programme of empire-building is the elimination of potential competition through the depopulation of the planet. We all need to know what they’re up to, find ways to dodge the bullets, and start fighting back.

Whatever is going on has been going on a very long time. Your parents had no idea the nation-breaking wars they fought in, were carefully orchestrated and coordinated by a transnational power bloc or cabal.  Nor your grandparents. Through the internet, you are the first generation in history that can look behind the curtain, and see how humankind is controlled and manipulated by another level that previously operated entirely out of view and beyond the imagination. Enjoy! There is much you can do once you know.  You should find greater peace of mind once you’ve worked through the initial shock of understanding.   Things that seemed endlessly perplexing at one time can have a very simple explanation.  You imagined they were actually trying to get things right, didn’t you!

To research a topic that interests you, use the archive via the search box, which works well.

This blog is growing in influence. We have readers from every corner of the globe, and the topics we cover are global in their significance, although on occasions, we can go very local too, focusing in on situations that speak of the global picture from village level.  The power structures that are enslaving the planet include the United Nations, the Council of Foreign Relations, The Royal Institute for International Affairs, the EU, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, the Vatican, NATO and many others, all connected up into one program.  The giant corporations that you traditionally see as separate from each other, you begin to realise are a single cartel.  Political parties are orchestrated to prevent any one of them from dominating for too long.  Nations are being ground down through wars, broken up, impoverished.  The tiny few at the very top of the pyramid are there to hold the rest of us down.  It’s our job to move upwards and overthrow that tiny number, and achieve what humanity is well capable of.  To do that, we need to understand what the game is.  They’ve been at it a very long time, and there is a big job to do.


They are cutting the nutritional value out of foods, through the use of intensive output industrial farming techniques, through irradiation, through GM, and by denying people access to health foods, raw milk, vitamin supplementation and so on. This United Nation programme is called the Codex Alimentarius. Check it out.

Foods are being altered through genetic modification to make them less nutritious, and to act as sterility agents in humans. It is crucial to grow your own food or buy food from locally produced seed wherever you can. Plant out your own gardens and land to enable you to get as much food as you can without the need to go to shops and supermarkets selling the increasingly dangerous output of agribusiness. Corn is being fumigated with high concentrations of fluoride, making bread, pizza and so on a new pathway for poison, just as many US cities start removing it from the water supply.  Many bread makers are using 40% soya flour which is GM, without telling you.

To lose weight, use the stone age diet. Only eat what was available in the stone age, nothing manufactured. No bread, cake, biscuits. No sugar. No alcohol. Except maybe on one day a week.  To get rid of aches and pains take aloe vera, for arthritis take boron.


They allow water of very low quality to be supplied as drinking water, both via the mains and via bottles, for which the permitted levels of toxins are actually higher than for tap water. They are adding fluoride to drinking water in increasing numbers of locations, a known killer, formerly known as The Devil’s Poison. You must get filtration fitted to your own water supplies if you want to avoid this assault on you and your family, and your places of work. Go to this outfit in the UK, or an equivalent in other countries. As for fluoride in toothpaste get rid of it. Use salt even. But grind it yourself as sprinkling salt is also fluoridated.  Use aloe vera toothpaste, better still, with no fluoride and with no detergent.


Vaccinations are being used to increase disease across the world. Bill Gates has stated that the intended cessation of world population growth will be brought about by means of vaccination. And he doesn’t mean by enabling more babies to survive, people will decide to stop breeding. He means through sterility and death, from viruses and lethal toxins like mercury. ‘Cot death’ and ‘shaken baby syndrome’ are cover stories for infant vaccination mortality. For advice consult or Be particularly cautious of mass pandemic vaccination campaigns which have caused mass illness and deaths in the past. In 2012, a worldwide flu vaccination is being prepared to ‘vaccinate’ 5 billion people. Don’t trust it. Don’t have it. Keep your kids away from it. The vaccine is very dangerous. Vaccines that don’t kill or sterilise individuals, in any case delay development and lower IQ, creating a more compliant population, less able and willing to complain.  Vaccination disables the human immune system making people more prone to illnesses of all kinds.  Read Dr Carley’s websites for details.  Other mass medication programmes such as anti-depressants, statins and anti-biotics are also discussed in the blog.


Cancer is an unnecessary illness, caused by lack of the essential vitamin B17 in the modern diet. As scurvy once raged on ships until vitamin C was found to cure it, cancer will rage until people fix this gap in the modern diet. Many places in the world have minimal cancers like the place I lived in the Philippines for three years, where the fruits and vegetables are thick with the stuff. You can order concentrated apricot kernels from the USA to ease your symptoms and maybe cure. If you consume B17 regularly you won’t contract cancers in the first place. See books below for more information on why people don’t know this. Search for Novodalin, a concentrated B17 to take as a pill.

See this link –


90% of heart disease is also caused by dietary deficiency. The heart cannot work without magnesium in the blood. The modern diet is low in this vital element, and it is easily lost in stressful environments. The best and most accessible source is almonds. Raw unrefined chocolate (usually sold fermented) is another good source – but not confectionary or refined chocolate.

If you also grind linseeds (flax) in a mill each day for a regular source of Omega 3 and essential fatty acids, you are well on your way to winning your life and your health back from the attempt to take away your years by the Illuminati. Nerves will maintain themselves better making nervous deterioration, Parkinsons, and Alzheimers less likely. Olive oil cuts the chances of strokes by 50%. Beetroot juice cuts high blood pressure. Vitamin D is also essential. A 30-Year study found that people with low Vitamin D were three times more likely to get Parkinsons. (Archives Of Neurology). Drink raw milk if you can get it, and sunbathe without sunblock. Sweat as much as you can to remove toxins from your body.


Global warming is being used as the excuse to spray toxic metals into the air, known as chemtrails (See below). These are highly visible on clear days, and are being sprayed across all NATO countries by pilots who are told they are modifying weather. Many planes have extra compartments unknown to passengers or crew. The metals being sown into our air are aluminium, uranium, strontium and barium. Plants are also poisoned. Temperatures are lowered by blocking the sun, and people are deprived of the vital Vitamin D. Non-NATO countries are mostly chemtrails free, but there are attempts being made to spread chemtrails further afield.  Diesel is also causing the premature deaths of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

The air is made more able to carry electromagnetic waves which are being used to control mood in an exercise of mass mind control, using HAARP, and to move the jet stream around. Bacteria, fungi and viruses are also spread to sow illness and in the population.


Low energy lightbulbs and mobile phones are increasing the doseages people are receiving of electro-magnetic forces. These cause all kinds of negative health effects, including cancers. Get a broad spectrum EMF reader to analyse your exposures, get rid of low energy light bulbs and replace with LED. Use a sock on your mobile phone which absorbs EMF, and cut useage. See this site or research local sites supplying these items. SMART meters are highly emf toxic. Build a lead surround to prevent the electro forces spreading out. Better still refuse their installation. Wavelengths under 10 Megaherz have effects such as making people feel depressed or violent.


Don’t read any more newspapers, which are full of complete fabrication on nearly every topic, and maintain the control grid that enables the depopulation programme to be operated without people realising. Wars are manufactured through the use of psyops building Gaddafis, Saddams, Hitlers into inhuman demons demanding ‘humanitarian’ intervention. The real programme is invariably genocide, seizure of assets and the spreading of totalitarian power. We in NATO countries like USA, Britain, France, Holland and Italy are dumb enough to be fighting all these wars which only accelerate our own enslavement.

Stop listening. Stop watching. Stop complying.

Start reading. Start thinking. Start saying NO! Their key word is ‘sustainability’, which justifies their eugenicist actions. It is the modern day equivalent of ‘lebensraum’.


Nuclear weapons are as nothing compared to the awesome power of weather weapons and tectonic weapons, where hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes can be tipped into happening through resonance. The source of the energy waves used for these occurrences, is called HAARP. This device located at numerous points around the globe can also be used to neutralise the magnetosphere which protects the earth from solar radiation, or deliver massive lightning strikes big enough to destroy a city. The elites have built numerous underground cities (DUMBS) where they can hide out for years if need be, while they use their weapons to degrade the environment on the surface. HAARP is being used to create extreme and abnormal weather events all over the planet, justifying the creation of global political structures to address the global weather ‘problems’, and override national power structures. The globalists control HAARP and keep it secret and out of the media.

There is evidence of serious resistance to these plans being made by sections within the military in the US. On this blog, we have various contributors who are keeping an eye on these developments. You might, meantime, prepare for a solar radiation event. Think of keeping a very old car in your garage which has no modern circuitry, and would still function if all the world’s electrical capability was knocked out. You could prepare for the possible loss of electricity in your home by all kinds of means, such as a silicone carbide log burner.


Survival comes first. Getting rid of the Illuminati and the elites who have the world in their grip, carrying out endless false flag terror attacks to keep populations in fear, engaging in wars without end, and enslaving humanity in unpayable debt, must sadly be a longer term objective. They’ve been on top for so long that all the structures of power across the globe are run by them working in the background. Political parties, the media, civil service are all penetrated and operated by them.

First people must understand their political environment, the basis on which power in the world is exercised. I don’t mean listening to the nonsense contained in PMQs. I mean why is your toothpaste and the water you drink filled with known poisons, and no one ever mentions it? There are many other deliberate assaults being carried out on our species. First think out why is all this happening. The Tap has many posts identifying the identity of the hidden powerful, and the history of how and when they acquired this power.

Many readers spend a good amount of time reading this blog. Others say they find it all too depressing. Why?!!

Surely it’s far more depressing when you are being lied to every day, or being misled by people who are often themselves totally misled. Once you absorb the fact that 99% of what you are being told, is in fact fabrication and distortion, you are ready to become liberated. Why fear your own liberation?

After a lifetime spent believing all the rubbish they serve up each day, some people just can’t allow themselves to take one step off the boat of deception onto the solid ground of certainty. Take your time. If you’ve got this far towards discovering the real world that you are living in, you may as well complete the course! Do you really prefer to walk around not knowing what the world really consists of. How stupid do you want to appear?

Become an active thinking, talking human being with a positive view of your fellow human beings and the purpose of life, no more an anxious puzzled pharmacy-dependent mind-enslaved zombie. See recommended books below. To hear the world’s best exponent on why things are as they are, head for and listen to the calming voice of Dr Stan Monteith.

If you are ready to start taking in more information as to how the world really works, go and read all about it. Where secrecy starts, real power begins. See Help Free The Earth.

NB This blog is banned to people under 18 years old by google complying with government request. What right do they have to stop people finding out the truth? People under 18 should be advised that they are another kind of intended victim of the elites, who are on the lookout for children to abuse. The laws against paedophiles are being eased. Over 100,000 children disappear in Europe every year. Only very few cases are reported.

NB if these links get disconnected again,

For water filtration systems, go to

For electromagnetic reduction and measurement, go to


Strontium, Aluminium, Barium and Uranium plus others like boron are being sprayed each day across the western world in a rapid push to depopulate the planet. Various illnesses are resulting in humans, animals and plants. Opposition is muted as no one can believe what is happening. There are also viruses, bacteria and human plasma being sprayed in aerosols out of the back of planes.

The other effect is the cooling of the planet. The elites failed to press ahead with global government at the Copenhagen Summit, largely as global warming had proved to be a non-event. AGW (anthropogenic global warming) was dropped and replaced with ‘Climate Change’. Chemtrails are blocking out the sun, and now sending parts of the world into a rapidly cooling phase. The Gulf stream is slowing from the effects of the deliberate leaking of oil into the Gulf Of Mexico. Northern Europe could be exposed to very cold and long winters. Farmers will need to make more winter feed to cover two extra winter months from two less summer months.


The Illuminati plans to wreck the global economy as part as their plan to enslave the world and its inhabitants. Here is how you can stop them. Find out the truth about money and the banks at Positive Shop local – locally sold, locally grown, locally made. Keep away from corporate superstores, who pay no taxes, and who subscribe to the Illuminati’s political programmes which include your destruction.

‘ALIENS’? The Occult. The edge of knowledge.
You can find endless stories of human/alien interaction on the internet, most of it laughable. However some accounts and research indicates that this is something you need to start thinking about. This Russian documentary about Bird’s expedition to the North Pole is a good place to start. (REMOVED by someone)

Human/’alien’ relations are a factor in the control grid, and a part of the structure of oppression as well as a possible way that humankind was created (Zechariah Sitchin – The Earth Chronicles/Genesis Revisited).

David Icke’s books and his cited sources show quite clearly that there are some kind of intelligent entities forming Saturn’s rings, for example. Icke sees that the power structures on earth that we see every day, as being in turn manipulated from beyond human control. The evidence for reptilian/alien control, or influence over humanity goes back thousands of years. You might want to start checking this out when you are ready, and form your own opinion.  The Gnostics were wiped out by Christians.  They believed the world was afflicted by Archons from the other planets in the solar system.  Read John Lamb Lash.  To see how the Abrahamic religions were manufactured to form a patriarchal armed societies, read Ralph Ellis.  Their books and others are listed in the right hand column.

Human origins are described by Zacharia Sitchin who studied Sumerian records. Human developed society started from nowhere six thousand years ago. Read ‘Everything you know is wrong’ by Lloyd Pye for an easy summary of Nibiru, the nephilim and this version of our origins. Darwinism and the ‘common ancestor’ is a hoax. We were far more likely created by genetic modification for a purpose, to serve the Annunaki, who created the ADAMU in E.DIN (Sumerian language written in our alphabet). Sitchin’s work is confirmed by South African Michael Tellinger who demonstrates there were cities in Africa, numbering millions of inhabitants, over 100,000 years ago involved in gold mining, and who had access to free energy. Read David Icke’s The Perception Deception especially Chapter 9 The Saturn-Moon matrix.

This quote from LB Johnson in 1958 indicates knowledge of something –

Control of space means control of the world. From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the gulf stream and change temperate climates to frigid. There is something more important than the ultimate weapon. And that’s the ultimate position. The position of total control over the Earth that lies somewhere in outer space.”
Future President Lyndon Johnson, Statement on Status of Nation’s Defence and Race for Space, January 7, 1958.

RELIGION.  All religions are based on hoaxes.  Jesus was a king of Edessa who fought against Rome and lost.  He was captured in AD70 and sent to Chester in England by Vespasian and kept there until he died in AD 98.  Read Ralph Ellis’ histories for the details.  The Jews/Israelites were from Egypt originally, the Hyksos, a people with a complex history of internal and external strife, their principle cultural identity being the guardians of the pyramids.  Moses (Tuthmoses) was Pharoah Akenahton’s brother.  The Israelites were not in Egypt in bondage.  They were Egyptians who lost a civil war, and had to leave.  Although they came back again, and ruled Egypt for generations.  King David and Solomon his son were Egyptian Pharoahs, not Judaeans, although they ruled Judaea from Egypt.

The Talmud was ‘edited’ by Josephus Flavius, the same historian who wrote St Luke’s Gospel and The Acts Of The Apostles and all of St Paul’s letters.   Christianity was not Jesus’ creation, but the Roman historian Josephus’.  Jesus was not a Christian a gnostic warrior, whose beliefs were based astrology, astronomy, the sun, the moon and the earth and man’s ability to make goodness using his intelligence.

As for the koran, it was written to meet the short term requirements of the Dark Lord, and is the most brutal document ever written in human history, demanding the death and destruction of everyone else bar those supporting the religion, not to mention the destruction of all economies.  See Ralph Ellis’ books for more details.

Fortunately the real teachings of Jesus (Manu/Izates/Izas) survived and were brought to Provence by Mary Magdalene his sister/wife,  from where they underpinned the formation of the Orange Order, and made possible the Reformation and the Enlightenment many centuries later, which led onto the modern developed world we know today.  The One World Government is using Islam and any other methods it can (mass immigration) to destroy the freedoms mankind has enjoyed since the Enlightenment and send us back into the slavery we were kept in throughout the dark ages.  By holding onto the gnostic beliefs of the age before the religions of empire, we can free ourselves of this threat, and rebuild the world using our own minds and abilities without the institutions of empire.

LAW For an understanding of the basis of law under which these things are happening, go to
History, religion and law are not taught correctly in schools and colleges. Religion and law are the same system, based on ‘The Roman Cult’. Humans are mere property, with equitable title to a name, granted in a birth certificate. A birth certificate is a passport. You have no assets. You can be arrested and put in prison. Your address is from commercial law. The government claims custody of you at your home. Your mind and your soul belong to the government. The only thing they don’t yet have is your body, and they can do with that whatever they want. Commonwealth countries are corporations. Police and States are subsidiaries. Laws are only policies. Your passport has a P on it, meaning Pauper.

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