Tip from Scott – how to cure cancer. ‘Your Health’ conference Birmingham.

While leaving the conference Your Constitution, Your Health on yesterday and Saturday in Birmingham, I ran into Scott Tips, who I sat next to at dinner at AV5 in Daventry in May, Ian Crane’s conference.



As I said, the Constitution part of the Y2CH conference was a real eye-opener, but the Health part was mind-blowing.  The world’s top people from the world of complementary medicine were all there,  experts on Vitamin C, bio-resonance,  colloidal silver,  homeopathy, cancer, nutrition and so and so on.  To have easy access to these people and be able to ask them any question you like, in the hall and in the hotel bar afterwards was an incredible privilege, all for a mere £50 or so.  Unbelievable.


Scott’s having his own conference in April in Manchester next year – details to follow, which I will definitely be attending.

Yesterday he gave me a few ‘tips’!  For my own situation, he suggested one Brazil nut each day for selenium.   A product called Detoxamin from Utah, made by a guy called Butch Svedeen, will help anyone needing to increase the rate of detoxification – everybody?

His main item though that was new (he has masses of other stuff) was a new cancer cure which cuts off the tumour from blood vessels so it can’t grow.   This will no doubt be banned before long as it’s so effective and the cancer juggernaut will not be denied its victims.  So get it into stick while you still can.

It”s called 3 bromopyruvate (3-BP).



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  1. Have been to Phillip Day’s Seminar on this subject. Brilliant,
    It is time this was discussed on TV, shown in Newspapers and question our government as to why they have no power over the big PHARMA.

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