The Real Semites

Oh yes they are. Oh no they’re not. Oh yes… pantomime season in UK clown world continuum is here and the accusation of prejudice reigns supreme as ever by those who frequently prove to be prejudice.

From the Holy Book of Nedism it is absolutely made clear, set in stone and indubitably the case that these are the original Semites and if you say otherwise you risk being antisemolinaic which is etymologically the proper term for semolina being correctly mistaken for semitica. As is known throughout the universe of truth, semolina is traditionally the favourite cuisine of the Semitic peoples and there is a ‘u’ in favourite though the US empire’s spellcheck misinformation ministry incorrectly insists there is not.

Of course they looked like that.
Oh no they didn’t!
Oh yes they did!
Oh no they didn’t…. for those unaccustomed to our culture, this is called pantomime in England, traditional at Xmas where a girl dresses up as the hero boy and a man dresses up as the goody grandmother; way before cultural Marxist LBGTxyz codswallop. We also shout out ‘Behind you! It’s behind you!’… when the baddy is approaching the victim etc. I guess you have to experience our eccentricities to better understand them.

Indeed, not only are these the authentic and true Semites, but the Holy Book of Nedism, written in invisible ink only visible to initiates, clearly describes the property at the end of The Mall in London as belonging to the initiates of Nedism and we claim the right of return, thank you very much.

Phucker Carlson, as Dr. Vandana Shiva rather tersely refers to him, has just interviewed Melon Head Jones who still denies a plane flew into the Pentagon on 9/11; despite the fact they collected the DNA of every passenger except a baby and the plane carried particular personal that provide evidence back to the perpetrators. The perpetrators love the on-going missile story. I digress. Jones is not the most censored voice. I propose one Ryan Dawson has been more censored. Ryan says on the semolina question, and do excuse the imperfect grammar and punctuation…
‘You can say it is the wrong religion or wrong interpretation of a religion but you cant deny they got these ideas from a religion because historically and scientifically these people are not Hebrew, and Hebrews dont and never did own that land anyway, and even IF they were there first which they were not, God is not a real estate agent.’

This deranged creature is not a Semite.
‘Investigating israeli evidence-based war crimes is antisemitic’, says Nutty Nuttyahoo…

Scott Horton lays out the creature’s doctrine:

This is not a Semite.

Nor is this.

Nor these.

Not even these.

Certainly not these.

I used to think the term ’Judeo-Nazis’ was excessive. I don’t any longer.

Merriam Webster may be correct on many aspects, but could improve their accuracy by reading the Holy Book of Nedism; once they have of course learned to read the invisible holy script.
The Semite
Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews and Arabs…

I jest, but the accusation of -isms and -ists is tedious. If you dare question anything to do with Zionism or Israel, you risk the antisemitism label. Palestine has been there at least back to 333 B.C. when Alexander the Great went there. If Palestinians are Semites… why not just use the term anti-Jewish?
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‘To Alexander, Palestine was, as to many before him, a corridor leading to Egypt, the outlying Persian province.’

Here are further interesting thoughts on Palestine, though at the beginning one gentleman appears to confuse the Welsh flag for an Irish flag when analysing the present day Union Jack.
Breaking History Ep. 21: Understanding the Palestinian Exploration Fund and British Intelligence Ops

Yurtta Barış Dünyada Barış : Peace At Home, Peace İn The World… if only.

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2 Responses to “The Real Semites”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Great stuff Ned

    Those Ashkenazi are not really Semites. Which means that most Jews are not really Semites either! Ashkenazi are 75% of modern Jews according to Wikipedia. Wiki also says that they have “both Levantine and European (mainly southern European) ancestry”. But can we trust Wiki? Silly question….

    Also, the Jewish tribe will accept converts from any ethnicity. Provided that they are sincere and diligent enough to study how to be a Jew. Google says: “The London Beth Din will sympathetically consider an application for conversion from any person who sincerely wishes to be a Jew.”

    So much for modern antisemitism. The true anti-Semites are those that oppress Hebrews and Arabs. And who exactly is doing that right now?. Their chutzpah [great Yiddish word] is breathtaking isn’t it

    Further, note the “nazi” in the last 4 letters of AskeNAZI. Is that the real origin of the word Nazi? It never did make sense to me that the word Nazi came from National Socialist, how does that actually work? Maybe it means National Zionist? See this:

    Finally the alternative media frequently says that Ashkenazi are actually Khazarians. Maybe so, but can we trust them either? Another silly question…

  2. NPP says:

    I propose Israel sod off and Palestine is fully restored where all creeds and colours lived peacefully.
    Radical? Not as radical as Israel murdering thoudands in weeks.