Dresden Then, Palestine Now.

Zionist Israel has its sights set on Greater Israel with no intention of Palestine remaining. It’s as simple as that as far as I can observe.

Palestinians are being killed in their thousands, all in the name of Israeli self-defense.

It is said that Henry Kissinger has stated c.2012, “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”
If he did, it seems he was wrong. However, it’s guardian America fails to win wars and a majority of the world’s nation states must be weary and fatigued of the endless Anglo-American-Judeo lust for war.

It seems it has to be one or the other; Palestine or Israel. Palestine seems to be the more hopeful option because as before, various creeds can live peacefully next to each other. Israel will never tolerate a Palestinian state and even if it ‘removed’ Palestine completely, it wouldn’t stop there. Zionist Israel has designs beyond the mere limitation of the ‘old’ Palestinian state boundary. Therefore, neighboring states are also aware of Israel’s long term ambitions.

At the end of WWII, the allied forces, Churchill & co., obliterated German cities such as Dresden. It has been chronicled, the Morgenthau Plan and campaign of mass rape, murder and destruction and it is not pleasant reading:

Today, Zionist Israel is obliterating Palestine.

Is this true?
Leaked Israeli Govt Plan: Expel All Palestinians From Gaza And Send Them to Europe and Canada

Israel has high tech air power and wants Palestine gone. Palestinians, perpetually associated with and called terrorists, reply with rocks, stones and homemade rockets to defend themselves. ‘Freedom fighters’ elsewhere, such as ‘moderate rebels’ funded by the collective West and fighting the Assad government in Syria, are given a pass on the terrorist label.
This clip shows a Palestinian boy throwing rocks. They just shoot him dead…

In the David and Goliath story, David was the Israelite and Goliath the Philistine. It’s just a story. Today it is real life brutality and the roles reversed. The appeasement by the BBC, the UK Government, world legacy media and international leadership from creepy Joe Biden to Ursula van der Krazy is there for all to see in plain sight; Palestinian slaughter is being justified in the name of Israel’s ‘right to defend itself’.
British Home Secretary Suella Braverwomen says we’ve seen… “The single largest loss of Jewish since the holocaust”, and she describes the protests in London and cities around the world as ‘hate marches’.
It has, of course, been perfectly acceptable to ‘hate’ Russians of late.

Is Suella married to a Palestinian? We wouldn’t want her judgement to be clouded by personal bias, would we?

More ‘Palestinians’ were involved with covid1984…

How many Palestinians have been culled to date? Last I saw was over 8,000. The scenes from Gaza are horrendous…

Who is to blame? Who are the culprits? It’s complicated. Sadly, as an Englishman, it seems the British have often been involved. Then again, who or what are the British? The fault does not necessarily lie with the ordinary, man and woman in the street.

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4 Responses to “Dresden Then, Palestine Now.”

  1. ian says:

    Well done Ned, Great art as usual, and very moving content.

    • NPP says:

      It’s mind boggling what’s happening.
      ‘We’ are tolerating the complete destruction of a nation state.
      It contravenes all law, principles, morals, but it’s being tolerated.
      Let’s see what happens.

      • Gordon says:

        “But it’s being tolerated”.

        It’s only being tolerated by western governments yet millions around the world are out on the streets demonstrating against Zionist aggression toward Palestinians.

        Note the continual BBC propaganda “Hamas is classed as a terrorist organisation according to the British government.” Oh, so that makes the murder of innocent people okay, does it??

        The ground clearance and push of the Palestinian people out of their homes to the south of Gaza is nothing less than a long-term planned land grab by this Zionist regime and to “Drive the Palestinians into the sea”.

        How can these people remotely claim to be God’s chosen people when they spurt nothing but hatred not only for the Palestinian people but the Goyim also. That’s you, me and everyone else in the world. Just listen to any one of them, especially Rabbi’s who are real hied-bangers.

        Glasgow slang for a psychotic person likely to resort to extreme violence with little or no incitement. Quite fitting really.

        • NPP says:

          Even Col. Douglas Macgregor says he supports Israel’s right to exist, but that they have lost already.

          What is their right to exist Col.? What was the justification to remove the people already there? I see no option, but the end of the terrorist state Isn’trael. They want it all and will kill to get it all.