What Does Free Palestine Mean Exactly?

UK Column News presenter David Scott asks again, what exactly is a free Palestine? Apparently, no one has yet told him. I would have thought it obvious, but I’m just a chap who watches paint dry.

David can be seen and heard asking his question about 9 minutes in…
David wants to puncture ‘stupidity and error’. For a more expert explanation, I challenge David to invite Ryan Dawson to the UKC for an interview. I propose Ryan could not only explain to David what a free Palestine might look like, but also inform him about 9/11 too; including explaining to David why the University of Alaska Fairbanks WTC7 9/11 study, which David has reported as worthy of consideration, is codswallop.
Ryan is a friend of David’s friend Gilad Atzmon and reTweets Patrick Henningsen as well as appearing with Pat on ‘X’ Twitter Spaces discussions.

The UK Column News again insist upon their stance of wanting the war to stop. No, really? Do the rest of us want it to just rock on? Sadly, there is no reverse gear for the neocon ‘Zionist entity’; a term David seems to find distasteful. Zionist Israel will never, never, never, tolerate Palestinians being free and sovereign. I know because I’ve heard Zionists and their rabbis say so over and over again. Adam Green of Know More News specialises in researching Zionist prophesy:

It seems the only resolution is for Israel to leave and enable the return of Palestine, in its whole fullness, as it was before WWI and WWII where Muslims, Christians and Jews all resided in the ‘holy land’. What other solution is there? Eastern €uropeans invaded, terrorised and displaced. The Palestinians are not going to forget. Palestinians were slaughtered upon the installation of a Zionist state and much of the world knows.

Israeli PM Netanyahu says there will be no ceasefire: “The Bible says that there is a time for peace and a time for war. This is a time for war.”
Netanyahu used his own people as a mass laboratory for the Pfizer covid1984 injection, so there seems littie love lost between Israelis and their current PM.

There are countless reports that Zionist settlers have inflicted atrocity upon Palestinians over and over again. For example, is this true? They told a Palestinian father to, “Throw your child Hamed in the oven, let him grill.”
When he refused, they forcibly threw the child into the bakery’s oven during the Deir Yassin massacre in Palestine in 1948.

Speaking at the plenary session of Russian Energy Week, Putin said: “Russia’s position, which I just mentioned and explained, has not evolved today, not with regard to these tragic events, but rather has evolved over decades. This position is known to the Israeli side and to our friends in Palestine: We have always advocated the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions, taking into account first and foremost the establishment of an independent, sovereign Palestinian state.”

David has reported, in his opinion, Hamas was responsible for the stray rocket that damaged a hospital recently. Norman Finkelstein suggests the evidence is otherwise; that, “Israel routinely attacks hospitals.”

The clip above is from the whole video below…

The UKC and David have undertaken sterling work over the years, but David being ‘entitled to his opinion’ is unconvincing when reporting on such terrible circumstances. Over 8,000 Palestinians and counting have been slaughtered and David deemed a ‘comedy’ sketch about a ‘free Palestine’ was appropriate. It did tell us how gay Israelis apparently are which rather supports the notion that Zionists promote anal sex and LBGTxyzabc. Whatever floats yer boat David!

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5 Responses to “What Does Free Palestine Mean Exactly?”

  1. ian says:

    Aye, spot on Ned, I can’t stand him.

    • NPP says:

      I thought David Scott had made some excellent contributions down the years, but he’s apparently a Christian Zionist; there is no excuse for the terror that’s been inflicted upon Palestinians since the Israel project started.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    “It seems the only resolution is for Israel to leave and enable the return of Palestine, in its whole fullness, as it was before WWI and WWII where Muslims, Christians and Jews all resided in the ‘holy land’. What other solution is there?”


    But Palestine is a lot bigger than just Israel though. Most of Palestine is now in Jordan. So reverting to pre WW1 Palestine would have a massive impact on Jordan too

    See the map here


    “The League of Nations, similar in many ways to the modern United Nations, granted the British a mandate to administer what are now Israel, Jordan, and Iraq, and the French a mandate to rule over Syria. Explicitly stated in the British mandate over Palestine was the establishment of a homeland for the Jewish people. For the first time in history, the borders of Palestine were clearly delineated on a map, as seen in the below illustration. This map, however, shows something peculiar: Palestine is five times larger than the state of Israel. So what happened to 80 per cent of Mandate Palestine? The answer is curious.”


    “After the First World War, the Hashemites were driven out of Arabia by the rival Saud family, who still rule the region to this day. Dispossessed of their homeland, the Hashemites looked elsewhere for kingdoms to which they felt that they were entitled and believed had been promised them by the British. One of Sharif’s sons, Faisal, declared himself king of Syria. However, he was soon driven out by the French and marched to Baghdad, where he was installed in 1921 as king of Iraq on behalf of the British. Meanwhile, his brother Abdullah, without a throne, gathered an army of Bedouin and announced his plans to invade Syria to seize it for his own. This would have been a major embarrassment to the British, who protected him, so when he reached Amman, a Palestinian city, it was suggested he be content with the area east of the Jordan River. This area—a considerable chunk of Palestine—was renamed Transjordan, and Abdullah was appointed Emir or ruler.

    It must be noted that Abdullah and his Bedouin army had no relation to Palestine, and the people living there were not consulted about the British decision to give their lands to men whom the Palestinians considered foreigners. From that moment onwards, all the promises made by both Britain and the League of Nations about the establishment of a national home for the Jews in Palestine rang a little hollow, since 80 per cent of the country was now off-limits to them. Instead, they were to be limited to a small sliver of land along the coast.”

    Perfidious Albion in action

    • NPP says:

      It’s a mess. Eastern €uropeans have to live peacefully within Palestine or go elsewhere.

      The Lobby must be purged from our UK government. Foreign agents should not be involved in our sovereign governance. Sadly, the British bankers & vested interests in maintaining ‘British’ influence have led the English public into matters we did not need to be invloved in.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Yes, it’s a Gordian knot

        As you have frequently said then, we live under a ZOG. All the West does too, maybe even the whole planet

        They have plans for us all and they will not let up either. Our victories are limited, the Borg is relentless