Jonathan Thick As Pooh Pie

I use pooh rather than -it with sh- at the front; because I’m so courteous and polite.

I noticed ‘The Coast Guy’ Neil Oliver had tweeted a ‘sketch’ by Jonathan ‘thick as pooh’ Pie. I would not retweet Pooh Pie. He is the same Pooh Pie who said it’s just a mask, get the jab, isn’t he? Well, he certainly supported wearing a face nappy.

He is as thick as –it.

“Yes, they’re uncomfortable. Yes, they steam your glasses up. Yes, they chafe your ears and give you spots on your chin,” said Jonathan Pie, alter ego of comic Tom Walker. “I’ll tell you what’s worse, though: a fucking ventilator tube down your fucking gullet.”
QED. Thick as…

Neil Oliver reTweeted this, whereby Jonathan thick as pooh Pie bemoans Ratty Sunake and Queen Charley for being rich…

There’s nothing wrong with being rich, but their policies are dire. They supported the covid1984 nonsense as did Pooh Pie. They support the Nazi associated neocon Ukraine regime and no doubt both stand with Zionist Israel. I suspect Pooh Pie did and does too. They both support carbon net zero, ridiculous wind turbines and push solar panels in Costa del England. I wonder if Pooh Pie drives an eco-fascist EV too. He does have himself a gig with the BBC:
‘Political journalist Jonathan Pie gets a radio phone-in show and as his personal and professional worlds collide we see why he’s so incredibly angry.’

Who listens? Neil Oliver? I doubt it; I’d like to think not.

I wonder if Pooh Pie has given any support to Andrew Bridgen MP and the excess numbers of deaths above the UK average. I wonder if he’ll make ‘jokes’ about over 7,000 and counting Palestinians being slaughtered by Zionist air power as I type. I might gently suggest Neil Oliver avoid fools such as Pooh Pie and maintain focus on brilliant monologues such as this:

For good measure and keeping up the challenge to thick as pooh eco-fascists, which I must remember to spell worth an f, not an F, here good news from Paul Burgess: bye bye wind eco-crucifixes:

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