Right To Defend? Bombs Away!

Israel’s right to defend manifests as bombing. Palestinian’s right to defend is often interpreted as terrorism; the ‘worst since the holocaust’.

The Palestinians have homemade rockets. The Israelis have state of the art air power and they are bombing the bejesus out of Gaza. They are also bombing Syria which they have been doing periodically for a long time.

I heard a caller to BBC R5 Live yesterday justify the bombing as Israel’s right to defend itself. WEF UK PM Ratty Sunake stands by Israel as does WEF UK PM in-waiting Sir Kueir Starmer as does just about every collective West government. The caller to BBC R5 Live even referenced the beheaded baby story as did David Scott on the UK Column News the other week. What strange days these are when a UK Column presenter is in agreement with the BBC. I’m waiting for them to include shrunken beheaded heads and lampshades made from skin as per the US PR campaign following the ‘liberation’ of WWII work camps.
For those interested in WWII historical ‘revision’…

Sleepy creepy Joe Biden says the death of innocents is “… the price of waging a war”.
He has, “… no confidence in the number that the Palestinians are using.”

U.S. Defense Secretary Antony Blinken has just been to Israel and declared his allegiance as a Jew. Do any Americans wonder about his loyalty to America? Mind you, so many have dual citizenship, if they implemented an America first loyalty policy, they’d have to clear out many more than just ‘rock star’ Blinken. His story about his dad being saved by a ‘black’ American GI is perfect for a Spielberg script. Dr. E. Michael Jones accuses Antony Blinken of being a holocaust liar:

However, this time the Zionists just may have over played their hand. Whether this is an authentic front cover or not, I suspect it portrays the truth, that the majority of nations do not stand with Israel and are appalled at the indiscriminate bombing taking place.

Plus, yippee! Britain makes internet safer, as Online Safety Bill finished and ready to become law:

I wonder if posts such as this will be deemed as unacceptable in the near future. Free and democratic UK rocks on to keep the official narrative ‘safe and effective’ with the aid of OFCOM.

Zionist sympathisers are certainly crawling out of the shadows to be in plain sight. How disappointing it is see the likes of U.S. actor James Woods be so pro-Zionist and call for Palestinian ‘savages’ to be wiped from the earth. I would suggest Woods is not the conservative he pretends to be. I remind you Israeli PM Golda Meir said, “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children, but we can never forgive them for forcing us to kill their children.”

I stand with Palestine. I see no peace until Zionist Israel is gone & the Palestinian nation returned to its original fullness whereby different creeds live side by side peacefully as they did before the invasion from eastern €urope. It appears clear that the Zionists will not cease their aggressive policy to remove every Palestinian and expand its apartheid state. During the latest UK Column News, Vanessa Beeley shared a small clip from this video: Message to the Israeli people:

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