The Big Loser Following WWII?

I ask if the Palestinians were ultimately the losers following WWI and WWII since it was their land that was invaded and people murdered, displaced and incarcerated since.

“Gaza will win.”
Scott Ritter.

Once upon time there was Palestine. Then WWI and WWII happened and 700,000 Palestinians, or thereabouts, were told to bugger off because Eastern €uropeans were being imported to settle on their land. It states their ‘right to return’ in a holy book so it’s theirs. No matter that the Nazis were defeated, the Morgenthau Plan was teaching those dastardly Germans a damn good lesson in mass rape and murder and Jews probably had one of the safest places to dwell, staying where they were. No, the Palestinians still had to up and leave for the common and because God says so.

Katie Hopkins, is ‘An economist by background, Katie Hopkins was sponsored through Exeter University by the Intelligence Corps, graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and signed up to serve her country for 35-years.’
This is an engaging interview with the UK Column’s David Scott. Katie is a tough cookie and has over come some serious challenges:
In a recent, short video, she makes some good points regarding the ‘Islamists’ who today protest in the streets of Londonistan, but there is a school of thought that suggests Zionists created cultural Marxism, were instrumental in the neocon wars such as Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and continue to interfere in our Zionist Occupied Governments, UK, US, Canada, the €U etc. Wars have led to mass displacement and migration. Israeli charities also involve themselves in the migration which has led to the infestation of political Islam in e.g. Londonistan and subsequently anti-Zionist Israeli protests. As for Katie referring to the ‘left’, what historical connection between the ‘left’ and the Jewish diaspora? E. Michael Jones tends to skip the term Zionist and goes directly to the The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit:
Of course, Jones is a terrible anti-semolinaite and must be condemned and avoided at all costs. The ADL say so. But, we can analysis, ponder and criticise ‘Islamists’. I do refer to the Zionist entity as does Vanessa Beeley, but David Scott gets very uncomfortable and insists it is not. He insist it is the State of Israel. Bonkers Zionist Britain it is?

‘After what we suffered in the Holocaust 70 years ago, how can we not help tens of thousands seeking refuge from wars in the Middle East and Africa?’
E. Michael Jones’ latest book is:
I suspect the ADL are fuming.

I’ve warmly welcomed Katie Hopkins’ contribution to challenge the official narratives from covid1984 to unlimited immigration into England, but the Israeli-Palestine war has challenged the solidarity of many within the anti-authoritarian establishment movement.

It was staggering to watch UK Column News live last Monday 23 October and what I presume must be a ‘Christian Zionist’, David Scott, make the case for ‘peace’ and how anyone suggesting the elimination of Israel is in the wrong.
I’m neutral in that if they can all get along, live with each other peacefully and it does not interfere in our lives here in England, it’s not my concern. But, they don’t and it does.

75 years of Zionist Israel have demonstrated net zero zero intention of peaceful co-habitation with Palestinians. It is sadly how it is. The Zionists had already killed approximately 180 Palestinians this year before the infamous Hamas ‘terrorist’ attack 07 October. There appears little reference by Scott or Hopkins or Farage or the BBC that, as stated some years ago in the U.S. House by Dr. Ron Paul, Israel and America created Hamas:

Zionism does not do peace, as far as I can see. The UK Column repeating ‘peace’ is all well and good and who would disagree, but the hard reality is Zionist settlers do not want peace.

The 180 dead Palestinian figure needs to be checked and verified by BBC Verify Bunny Marijuanna Spring, but it’s thereabouts. Mind you, what’s the odd dead Palestinian compared to an Israeli life? That’s the impression I get as the BBC and David Scott comment on the value of Palestinian lives compared to Israeli. I understand 5,000 or thereabouts have since been bombed by Israeli air power ‘defending itself’ and a good number of those, children.

Nigel Farage has come out in vocal support of Israel as has his nemesis Tommy Robinson. GB News contributor Mahyar Tousi apparently supports Israel. Laura Dodsworth who published State Of Fear, how the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic…
… appears to support Israel. The WEF’s UK PM Ratty Sunake stands with Israel as does the WEF UK PM in waiting Sir Kueer Starmer. After all, The Lobby did oust Jeremy Corbyn for him. During UK Column News Extra 23 October, Mike Robinson had a ‘rant’ at the subscriber’s chatbox for their unpleasant comments toward Zionist fan David Scott. Trump supports Israel as does Sleepy Joe. Cynthia McKinney doesn’t. As the ADL put it:
‘McKinney has a history of using anti-Israel rhetoric, including accusing the pro-Israel lobby of sabotaging her political career and alleging that Israel of committing genocide, apartheid and war crimes. She has repeatedly condemned U.S. support for Israel.’

I don’t support Zionist Israel. How can I? They seem to create perpetual trouble. Here’s Crosstalk on Russia Today, which like Press TV, is banned in my free and democratic UK. They discuss the current situation.

Scott Ritter states, ‘Gaza will win’ and that, “The Israeli experiment has been shown to be failure”.
Oops. I presume the ADL must have a page on Scott Ritter too.

Yesterday morning 24 October, into the shower I was headed, so I popped on the bathroom radio to check the drivel from BBC R4 Today. In the space of a few minutes it went Jeremy Bowen to Nick Robinson to Jonathon Freedland, who was apparently once a mentor to Sacha Baron Cohen. Why are there so many ‘Palestinians’ on the BBC morning flagship news programme? That’s English sarcasm.

Not all Jews are in agreement. This is from an ‘X’ post:
‘Jewish Rabbis are addressing the world. Israel is not our nation-state! We are united against Zionism because we are Jews! Anti-Zionism is NOT Antisemitism.’

That’s further work for the ADL.

There is an argument that we must uproot 7-9 million Israelis, or thereabouts, but of course, that would be a catastrophe, known in Arabic as Nakba. If they could make peace, find agreement and let bygones be bygones, let them all stay, but then there is the issue of squeaky high pitch voiced Benocide Shapiro. His ilk will never, never, never be satisfied until they have 10/10.

Once upon a time it looked a little like this. I guess the ADL would condemn this as a time when maps were antisemolinaic.

There always this option.

Among my favourite go-tos for geo-politics, though he would probably deem me a ‘virus denying kook’, Ryan Dawson in under 2 minutes:

If Gaza will win, as Scott Ritter says, how will that play out? Interesting times.

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7 Responses to “The Big Loser Following WWII?”

  1. ian says:

    Another excellent summary Ned.

    • NPP says:

      I must say, I am disappointed in the UKC & David Scott. I simply see no justification for the ‘invasion’ of Palestine.

      • ian says:

        I’ll go and watch it Ned. I won’t or at least try not to form an opinion til after that.

      • ian says:

        I agree to a degree Ned. The attack was achieved via a fabricated, ie blatantly fabricated FF attack. Secondly, Israel, contrary to all previous occasions, seem to be deliberately leaking horror stories, and making no effort to hide damning news. I’d imagine this is deliberate to incite a larger conflict, even, again only opinion, I’d suggest that a FF event might be instigated.

        Re UK Column, discounting David. They as always are very measured. I don’t really like that, but I’ll say that if they did as I wanted, they’d be gone in a week. I don’t care for much that David does.

        • NPP says:

          I see no justification for Israel.
          David Scott does.
          What do we do? Remove 7-9 million Israelis?
          I’m tempted to conclude, until we do, it will be endless trouble.
          It’s a dliemma.

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          “The attack was achieved via a fabricated, ie blatantly fabricated FF attack. Secondly, Israel, contrary to all previous occasions, seem to be deliberately leaking horror stories, and making no effort to hide damning news. I’d imagine this is deliberate to incite a larger conflict, even”

          I agree Ian. Something smells about the whole affair. I don’t believe ANYTHING that the MSM says anymore. It’s all froth to me. The flag waving is off putting too, that’s what the perps want you to do isn’t it, take sides and waste your energy on their monster creation

          Also, Hamas is a creation of the Muslim Brothers no doubt about that. They were, almost certainly still are, a British based operation. Can anyone really believe that the Brit spooks lost control of the MB? I can’t

          “I see no justification for Israel”
          Nor do I Ned. But it doesn’t need a justification anymore, it’s a de facto State and it isn’t going away any time soon

          • NPP says:

            ‘a de facto State and it isn’t going away any time soon’
            Indeed. That is the premise.
            I’m beginning to wonder though.
            Israel may not be a permanent fixture.
            Over played it’s hand?
            I’m watching as you are.