Vanessa Counters Squeaking Ben Shapiro.

One is an on the ground journalist. The other is a well financed nasty little apologetic squeak for displacement of Palestinians by any means possible.

Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro is doing the rounds insisting Israel must ‘defend’ itself. Vanessa Beeley spoke to Press TV; the Iranian news platform banned by the UK government because we only like permissible free speech in free and democratic UK.
This, below, is a transcript. The grammar may not be prefect, but her words summarise perfectly the situation. The Zionist entity will never cease its ways.

“It’s quite extraordinary what we’re seeing. NATO member states basically supporting Nazi brigades and the renaissance of Nazism effectively in €urope.
We’ve seen them supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS inside Syria.
We’ve seen them turn a blind eye when the Zionist entity bombed, consistently, every year, this year more than 30 attacks on Syrian infrastructure and in the last few days of course, 2 attacks on the Aleppo airport and on Damascus civilian airport and we see these same countries that have been supporting terrorists in Syria that supported the murder of Gadhafi in Libya, that supported the fraudulent weapons of mass destruction stories in Iraq and then pulverised Iraq massacring fleeing soldiers in Fallujah, obliterated Mosul, obliterated Raqqa, and now supporting, what for me is the root of all evil in the region.
For me, what this means is. for example, the refusal to even contemplate the proposal put forward by Russia.
The rush to judgement against the Palestinian resistance faction; the framing of this war as Hamas against Israel when in reality Hamas is only one of the resistance factions that is leading this operation .
This framing enables them to criminalise Hamas and come to the support of israel.
It’s complete manipulation again, and we’ve seen it multiple times, of public opinion in order to support what is effectively their military outpost in the middle east.”

Vanessa Beeley 18 October Press TV

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