Sovereign State Solution

Enough is enough. Scotland wants independence. Wales? Ireland? Let’s be independent. I’ve lost interest in the UK and the British Constitution. Let England and Palestine be free again.

There was a Palestinian state before c.1947. It existed under Ottoman and then British rule. There were Christians, Muslims, Jews and other creeds and denominations living there in apparently more peaceful circumstances than today. What happened? WWII happened, incarceration camps were liberated in Germany and Poland, thousands had been shot and thousands died from disease, particularly typhus. As an example this Polish man survived 5 WWII camps because he volunteered for the typhus block. I met him. We became friends before his passing:
This is a silhouette of Witold.

Palestinians were then ethnically cleansed from their homeland, justified by the Zionist’s claim to that same piece of land because they said God said so. The deaths of Jews in Germany was termed a holocaust and used to justify the creation of a ‘homeland’ for Jews at the expense of Palestinians. Why does the terrible plight of one group justify the removal and displacement of another group? Had it all worked out cordially, who would care? But it hasn’t.

We stand by ‘Israel’s right to defend itself’ is the mantra being repeated by the UK government. How about the rights of Palestinians to defend themselves? Since c.1947?

Imagine if Putin had said this…
Israeli Defence Minister Announces Siege On Gaza To Fight ‘Human Animals’

Piers Morgan is a pseudo Gooner. I say pseudo because it’s tiresome having so many fools pretending to support my team; flakey Corbyn, Robert presstitute Peston, diddy man John Bercow, Kueer Starmer… it’s a nightmare. Mind you, it’s tiresome having woke management running my club; taking a knee for cultural Marxist BLM, donning anal sex rainbows and flying the Ukraine flag against Russia because that’s the thing they are told to do. So, I found great delight watching Piers Morgan get schooled in hard hitting satire:
West bank has no Hamas 7k dead there anyway

It seems clear to me that Zionist Israel has no intention of living peacefully with Palestinians. It’s been tried for over 70 years. It’s not working. Indeed, numerous Jews can be found on film and in print declaring Palestinians must be removed from ‘their’ land. It does not stop there since they have designs for a ‘Greater Israel’. There is no solution for them, but the removal of the people who have long been there for millennia. Let Palestine be Palestine and all creeds and denominations live there as before c.1947, within the one land. I don’t care who lives there, so long as it does not interfere with us in England, but it does interfere with us. I’m no fan of socialist Jeremy Corbyn, but he was smeared an anti-Semite and ousted by The Lobby and Kueer Starmer who is married to a Zionist Jew. Our UK Defense Minister Grant Shapps is a Zionist Jew. The US Secretary of Defense Antony Blinken is a Zionist Jew. Why do we tolerate ministers with dual loyalty? PM Ratty Sunake is a WEF member. Kueer Starmer has stated he prefers Davos to Westminster. When will we have ministers representing England?

BRICS talk about trade while ‘we’, the collective West, talk about imposing democracy by war. I want to trade, make constructive relations and thrive. My British government seems to cling to the idea that we must rule the world, or at least have significant influence one way or another. I don’t want to rule others. I want to work and play with others.

The UK?
Neither Archbishop Justin Welby nor my local female reverend have proved their Christian credentials as they supported the covid1984 policy, Ukraine and the false climate emergency.
Our esteemed celebrities such as Mick Jagger and The Stones pushed the covid1984. Paul McCartney equates ‘climate change deniers’ to ‘holocaust deniers’.
The BBC hate Brexit, hate Trump, pushed the covid1984 policy, push the non-existent climate emergency, demonise Russians and now criticise Hamas while Israel is given a free pass and anti-Semitism is used as a tool of accusation against anyone not playing the game.

I don’t care anymore. There was no pandemic that justified the lockdown policy. There is no climate emergency. The Ukraine and Palestine conflicts are not as one sided as portrayed. The wonderful UK Column Nursing Correspondent Debi Evans urges us all to stop!
I appreciate Debi Evans; such a credit to UKC, but Israel will never, never stop until they have all they want. 9/10 will never be enough. They want 10/10.

These are lovely sentiments, seeking peace, balance and dialogue, but the reality is Israel has never and will never, never stop until they have all, and that includes net zero Palestine. Yes UK Column’s Mike Robinson, you are correct, this is UK news. The conflicts, whether Ukraine or Gaza, affect us. If nothing else, we fund these proxy wars and displaced people frequently end up here being funded by UK taxpayers.

I’ve had enough. I don’t care if the small minded want to accuse me racism, anti-Semitism, LBGTxyzabc-phobia, climate denial, white supremacy or any number of other silly labels, I’ve had enough.

I recently attended a conference for The English Democrats. I’ve produced artwork for them and was invited to attend. It was a most pleasant experience. TED founder Robin Tilbrook is a delightful, thoughtful and charming man. He hosted speakers that reminded me of Ian R. Crane’s Alternative View roster. Godfrey Bloom on Ukraine to bare foot Ian Jarvis on 5G to Stephen Morris from the Workers of England Union. Never did I expect to meet a Union representative with such clear and fair vision. I associate unions with socialism. Not this union. They have no political ties to any party, but Robin Tilbrook runs a party whereby anyone interesting and potentially useful to England and English people can attend the conference:

I don’t suppose TED have a hope in hell of MPs being elected to parliament, but you could do a lot worse than check them out. No, they are not white supremacist racist extremists. They were among some of the most pleasant people and I highly recommend them:

From my time spent in Türkiye…
Bağımsızlık Benim Karakterimdir : İndependence Forms My Character
Yurtta Barış Dünyada Barış : Peace At Home, Peace İn The World

I see no other option for independence and peace than a free Palestine and a free England.

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