The Right Of Return

It takes years of training to becomes initiated into Nedism and begin to see and read the invisible words of The Holy Book of Ned.

I have begun that process and among the first sentences revealed to me, is the revelation that my, our homeland is located at the south-west end of The Mall, London SW1; today contained by Constitution Hill, Spur Road and Grosvenor Place. It seems the current occupier of that land is the current Queen Charley of Eco-Fascism. Charley, you’re trespassing! That’s mine and I want it back!

We are working toward the foundation of the ANDL, Anti-NeDefamation League and introducing legislation to tackle anti-Nedemitism. We may introduce double knee taking and a campaign to Kick It Out Even Further!

It’s ironic that members of a particular self-identifying tribe that have a ‘right to return’ policy, have openly pushed and promoted mass immigration elsewhere. This has led to an influx and predominance of immigrants from the Middle-East and Asia who appear to support the Palestinians. Ratty Sunake has declared ‘we stand with Israel’. I don’t, anymore than I stand with the ‘elensky Ukraine regime; never use ‘Z’ because it donates the extreme nastiness of symbols on Russian tanks. Omitting ‘Z’s proves you are of pure and good indoctrination. It’s a tad irritating when leaders perpetually refer to ‘we’ when ‘we’ have not been consulted. That’s democracy for you.

There are now plenty of Palestinians who seek the right to return too. Why? The sound track ‘noise’ is not my taste, but the video provides a summation:

Even in once bonny Scotland, the horrible cultural Marxist Scottish First Minister scooter Hamza Yousaf who bemoaned in the Scottish parliament all the ‘white’ Scottish people holding positions of authority, now stands with Palestine. So do I, though I loathe that despicable little race baiting Marxist. It’s noticeable that many who make accusation of racism frequently appear to be racist.

Now Mrs. Yousaf is publicly backing Palestine while my pretend PM Ratty Sunake is backing Israel. Sunake, London Mayor Sordik Khant, our Home Secretary Braverwomen, scooter Yousaf… we are so modern and diverse in the UK. When will nations such as Nigeria get with it and have ‘persons of white’ holding positions of authority? I guess they are still caught up in the old fashioned racist system. Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Palestine? I daresay there are those contemplating legislation to make supporting the ‘wrong’ side a criminal offense. Oh what it is to live in the free and democratic collective West.

Last night the BBC R4 PM at 5pm flagship news programme was begrudgingly reporting that President Trump is taking legal action against Sir Christopher Steele. BBC R4 PM are clinging to the idea that Russian prostitutes performed the ‘golden shower’ routine upon the Donald. Dear oh dear oh dear. Interesting times.

Did the British invent Communism? I thought that, like modern psychiatry, was largely a Jewish invention. Perhaps the British invented Jewish invention too? Exactly, what and who are the British? Easy tiger! Too many questions may risk trouble and strife:

Carry on everyone. Nothing to see here.

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