Ukrainian Crickets

It’s a term that seems to have entered the lexicon in recent years to describe ‘radio silence’ on any given subject matter. The news was Ukraine 24/7. Now it’s Israel.

‘elensky – avoid the Z because that’s associated with the ‘Z’ on Adolf Putin’s tanks – wanted M142 Himars, not Hamas. How convenient for the NeoCons to have an alternative war to push and plug now that their Ukraine proxy war has been lost; as it was from day 01.

UK Column News’ David Scott stated the report in Al Jazeera was ‘nonsense, a complete fabrication’. He was in Israel ‘up there the following day, there was nothing happening’.
Hamas’ attack on Israel over the following weekend was named ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’. This is Philip Giradli, ex-CIA analysist, talking to Ryan Dawson about the Israeli-Palestine issue. Giradli refers to the Al-Asqa incident. It seems it was neither ‘nonsense’ nor a ‘complete fabrication’.

In David’s defense, he is the one who coined the term GOO: Government Of Occupation. His work has been exemplary e.g. He actually visited Gateside Mills, Fife, KY14 7SU to investigate the premises officially associated with Integrity Initiative, the Institute for Statecraft, a registered charity, Companies House, Charity Commission, Daniel Lafayeedney and Chris Donnelly.
My image was beneath the show video, but YouTube removed UKC’s channel during covid1984 and my artwork disappeared with it.

An Odysee version has replaced the YouTube video.
Spooky HQ is discussed about 23 minutes in…

The UK Column were an absolute God send during covid1984, so my being picky over their Palestine-Israeli coverage must be given context. But on Israel, Judeo-Christian dogma appears to be taking over. That term is a dichotomy to my understanding of Jesus and Christianity, but c’est la vie.

Extreme cases are despicable, overtly war mongering Zionists such as Ben Shapiro. Jordan Peterson and Bari Weiss. They are all showing their true colours. Have they all appeared on Joe Rogan? The appalling Bari Weiss certainly has. Cynthia McKinney ‘Tweeted’ this video out in recent weeks. Is Joe Rogan sponsored and scripted? Is this young man really now dead?

Nigel Farage has also come out in condemnation of Hamas showing his true Zionist colours. I was told by someone who knows him, he wouldn’t like this portrait. It was originally titled:
Brexit 007: Milkshaken. Not Stirred?
… following Farage being ‘attacked’ with milkshake while canvassing for Brexit. I wanted to support his efforts. Now, perhaps the painting should be re-titled:
Zionism First Farage

It’s 140cm x 91cm. You can have it for £20K Nigel.

Then there is US Secretary of State ‘rock star guitarist’ Antony Blinken , self-identifying Jewish Zionist who’s been instrumental in fomenting war, death and destruction in Ukraine, but Bob’s your uncle and now it’s all Five Eyes on Israel and Palestine.
Senator Lindsey Graham is also bravely threatening Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran while keeping well behind the front line in his closet. He loves a good fight to the last Ukrainian/Palestinian/Iranian…

Meanwhile, back here in Blighty, ‘… another homunculus in a suit from the boy’s department’, UK PM Ratty Sunake says, ‘We stand with Israel’. He was standing with, hugging and almost had his tongue down ‘elensky’s throat, but circumstances have changed, haven’t they Ratty…

I don’t with them Ratty and you don’t represent me nor my values.

Scott Ritter posts on Twitter
’Watching the US media cope with Israeli dysfunction is fascinating. CNN reports as if Israel is in the driver’s seat. The IDF is demoralized, panicked over urban warfare it can’t fight. Israeli leadership is in chaotic collapse. International opinion is flipping, as the world rallies to Palestinians and the resistance. The offensive has been delayed by “weather”, even though the Israeli Air Force can fly in all conditions. It’s over for Israel. They just don’t realize it yet.’

Interesting times. Let’s remember 1947, a little nation state called Palestine. There was WWII and then hey presto, Palestinians were told to move over and allow €uropeans to settle there instead. All’s fair in love and war?

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  1. ian says:

    Well done Ned. A great post. So much covered.

    • NPP says:

      Thank you.

      I missed out referencing Hamza Yusuf & his wife. Next time.