Give Them Enough Rope

‘Over playing their hand’ is a phrase that comes to mind as Israel threatens Palestinians to leave Gaza and save themselves from extermination.

Give the Zionists enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. Alex Christoforou yet again inspired an image in my mind as he referred to John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council in the White House, and ‘end of the rope’…

Kirby Bluntly Says Ukraine Aid “Near End Of The Rope” & Won’t Be “Indefinite”

Ukraine, a regime full of members of ‘the tribe’, have sucked up as much funding as they could with negligible benefit for the general Ukrainian populous. Ukrainians risk being forgotten by the legacy media and after over a year of non-stop Ukraine war coverage, their plight is is disappearing from the airwaves within a week. The displacement of Palestinians just goes on as the collective West leadership align themselves with the Zionist ‘entity’. There were apparently thousands of ‘protestors’ in and around the BBC yesterday, yet I heard no mention of it on BBC R4 PM at 5pm Saturday 14 October. I have seen the over head images on ‘X’. I have seen the images of huge pro-Palestinian crowds around the world. If Israel go in for a full on slaughter, I suspect they and their backers will face huge world wide backlash.
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I heard Ryan Dawson on a Syrian Girl ‘X’ Space state, ‘Tel Aviv is the most homosexual city in the world.’ The Zionist Lobby push cultural Marxism; LBGTxyzabc etc. This issue Israeli-Palestine issue has far reaching ramifications.

There is no such thing as a Jewish race. Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist… are not races, they are belief systems. The bottom, basic, fundamental line is Zionist Israel is an invasion of Eastern €uropeans into land long called Palestine. Links to a linage going back thousands of years as justified in a holy book is not justification.

UK Column News appealed during their last 13 October show for us to us to take a balanced view following accusations toward pro-Palestinian analysis from Vanessa Beeley and apparent Israeli leaning by David Scott. David once cited the University of Alaska Fairbanks study on 9/11 as serious evidence:
It’s nonsense. If David and UK Column want to seriously address 9/11, they can merely ask Ryan Dawson who knows more about 9/11 than most. As fond as I am of the UK Column, I side with Palestine, no wishy-washy in between sitting on the fence.

These are fascinating times and interesting conversations are being had. This is Jim Rizoli talking to Prof. E. Michael Jones hosted by Gemma O’Doherty. I have rarely seen Jones on the back foot, but there are moments here where he seems to be. I was fully prepared to buy his new book, but Jim has made me reconsider. I doubt there were gas chambers. I do not doubt there was mass shooting. horrendous ‘medical’ experimentation and a huge death toll predominantly caused by disease, but I am not convinced there were gas chambers. This is the most ruffled I’ve seen E. Michael Jones since he spoke to Styxhexenhammer666:

We are observing political ideals and doctrines coming undone. Zionists and NeoCons, pretty much the same bunch as I can observe, have pushed war and trouble over and over again from Iraq to Libya to Syria. Is it all coming undone?

How Terrorists Formed A Nation:

This conversation was previously unthinkable in the public sphere: E. Michael Jones talks to Bishop Richard Williamson discuss the Holocaust narrative:

This narrative is falling apart; Sasha Baron Cohen is another Zionist ambassador. His degenerate ‘comedy’ infiltrated UK TV and the wider world stage. For a while I was amused by his comedy. Not any more. Here he reveals his true character:

This is ‘left-wing’ Jimmy Dore on Hamas. The narrative is falling apart:

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9 Responses to “Give Them Enough Rope”

  1. danceaway says:

    Excellent post, Ned.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    “‘Over playing their hand’ is a phrase that comes to mind as Israel threatens Palestinians to leave Gaza and save themselves from extermination. Give the Zionists enough rope and they’ll hang themselves” I agree Ned, I think that current events are more a sign of their desperation, rather than their success

    “There is no such thing as a Jewish race” No there isn’t, modern Jews are a tribe that anybody can join if they find the right sponsor and go through the appropriate initiation. My wife’s cousin did exactly that for his, previously gentile, wife. She joined the religion and hence the tribe. Fortunately my wife didn’t require that of me, lol. She “married out” as they say when she was 24. So nobody can label me anti Semitic, or such like 🙂

    In fact my wife is technically still Jewish, she never resigned or anything, just stopped going to the synagogue when she left home. Hence my 3 kids are Jewish too, by matrilineal. She left her family home on her 16th birthday, because she could, her father couldn’t lawfully stop her then. So it was bye, bye, mom and pop, I’m an adult now. She wasn’t of course, was still wet behind the ears as they say 🙂 They quickly accepted this and, in due course, became excellent grandparents. Probably after realising what a good catch that I was 🙂

    “I am not convinced there were gas chambers”. There is no credible evidence of gas chambers, the official story is plain stupid. They were originally delousing showers, completely unusable for killing, the operators would have died too! David Cole demonstrated this in 1992. As a result of his physical examination of Auschwitz and his discussions with the the then management of the site

    There were amendments to the structure post war too. Probably to help with the intended narrative

    See Nick Kollerstrom too. He was cancelled from academia for writing this book:

    • NPP says:

      Technically, I’m of the ‘race’ Protestant Christian.

      My Great grandma was a London money lender & you should see my father’s side of the family. We have the ‘nose’.

      I became friends with this man. He lived about 6 miles away.
      He survived 5 x WWII camps. He volunteered for the typhus block & received better food rations. Had no truck with Germans. He loathed the Americans e.g. an allied plane flew over & shot all the inmates walking free upon camp liberation.

      I have Nick Kollerstrom’s book.

  3. danceaway says:

    Ned, re your comment about what Brian said on UKColumn on Friday,
    Have you noticed the amount of negativity which they seem to receive from viewers, who, it seems to me, seem to think that because they are paying members, they can be incredibly rude and even threatening to unsubscribe due to their unhappiness about the content and the presenters; I see this In the chat, too. What is now preying on my mind is, could it be that dependence on paying members and their views and attitudes and their proclivity to sound off at the slightest quarrel, come to be as influential as if one were controlled by a corporate force? Brian often says that the column picked up many new viewers in the past three years, but I wonder how many are 77 Brigade or their ilk put there precisely to interrupt/influence? Brian says they are reaching out to middle England, as it were, more than people who are already informed/awake, but are these uninformed populace having far too much attention given to their opinions via the chat function and emails?

    Just some of my worries, as someone who has supported them for donkey’s years. Would be interested in your observations/thoughts. And yes, I found David Scott’s report on Israel hard to stomach, and was pleased that in extra time Mike pointed out that Vanessa’s father had worked for Middle East peace for 50 years, so this is a milieu she has grown up in, and of course is living in now. She is being widely recognised for the excellent reporter she is; it would be a pity if she were to be driven off UKColumn by the current batch of “haters”.

  4. NPP says:

    When I supplied & Mike published my artworks, 500 live viewers on YouTube was exciting.
    I suspect that number is far greater today. In the multi-thousands?

    Yes, the chat has become busier & ‘robust’.
    Success breeds & attract enemies.
    Mike & Brian must manage it best they can.

    The whole ‘Patrick’ affair was strange. They ignored the chatbox until at last, thankfully, Brian acknowledged it.

    I have no doubt there must be ‘agent provocateurs’. There’s no easy, straight forward solution.

    I have followed UKC since the outset. I am very critical of their 9/11 coverage. But, they cannot be spot on on everything.
    I occasionally comment in the ‘chat’ if expletives or unpleasant language is used. The Christian/Israel link is powerful for those who believe in it which appears to include David.

    Success can be more complicated than the beginnings of a venture.
    Hang in there, be positive, speak & express honestly & be aware there will be negative influences.
    Brian is an ex Royal Navy Commander. I trust this experience holds him in good stead.

  5. ian says:

    Nice thought Ned, but no. When has giving these arseholes enough rope ever worked before??. The only rope I’d give them would have a hangman’s noose on it.

    • NPP says:

      That’s what ‘give them enough rope’ implies; I’m suggesting that’s what is happening. I may also be overly optimistic.