Isn’t Us!

No, it’s never them. Most countries can be criticised. But, Israel? It’s an exceptional exception. Even my beloved UK Column News felt the heat.

I have followed the UK Column News since their outset. I pay to subscribe. The 11 October show was among the most contentious.

We are the victims! Anti-Semitism is the scourge that never ceases. There is only one mass murder event in history that warrants far more eternal remembrance and recognition than any other. Indeed, there are memorials, museums and even a day in the calendar designated to that more terrible plight than any other. It was so bad that any historical revision or review wavering from the official narrative will result in incarceration. 27 January is now holy cause day. Methinks thou dost protest too much?

Last Monday 09 October Vanessa Beeley gave analysis on the latest Israeli-Palestinian-Hamas confrontation and the UK Column apparently received backlash for her perceived bipartisan view. Mike Robinson approximated the criticism received was 60-40% against Vanessa.
Come 11 October, David Scott, who is unabashedly Christian, regularly visits Israel and was there when the Al-Aqsa incident occurred, offered a contrary ‘bias’.
He suggested the report in Al Jazeera was ‘nonsense, a complete fabrication’. He states within the first 4 minutes of the show, he ‘was up there the following day, there was nothing happening’.

Alastair Crooke, former British diplomat, a ranking figure in both British intelligence and European Union diplomacy, suggests otherwise at about 8 minutes in while talking to Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen:

Cooke says about 2 months ago the Israeli cabinet convened within the tunnels under the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the 3rd holiest site within Aslam, to reaffirm, ‘This is ours’.
Crooke goes on to say ‘about 800 radical settlers with the support of the security forces stormed and invaded Al-Aqsa’.

Of course, David wasn’t there until the day after when there was ‘nothing happening’. One thing is for sure, I wasn’t there, so which version of events is accurate? Were Talmudic rituals performed in Al-Aqsa or not? I understand there has long been continuous US-backed ethnic cleansing by Israel. I am open to be shown this is incorrect.

11 October 2023, the BBC R4 Today flagship morning news programme, had Nick Robinson interviewing Sir Kueer Starmer. Nick is of the tribe and Sir Kueer is married to a member of the same exceptional tribe. The anti-Semolina gate keepers are always present among MPs and the legacy media. Just an image deemed inappropriate can invite anti-Semolina accusation. I like semolina and have long used the word to perhaps trick the gate keeping algorithms while making observation that risks the wrath of the ADL et al. I could draw Horrid England or Froggy France or decry any number of nations and nationalities, but this?

Sir Kueer was DPP, Director of Public Prosecutions, while Julian Assange was targeted for incarceration. Later, Sir Kueer accused Jeremy Corbyn of being an anti-Semolinaite and ousted Corbyn as leader to insert himself as the heir apparent. Sir Kueer and the Labour Party conference stand by Israel. Cue an excuse to include my image of Sir Kueer Starmer holding Ratty Sunake’s hand.
I turned over radio stations and there was Nicky Campbell on BBCR5 live having a phone in about Israel with a female Rabbi in the studio. They try to give a pretense of balance with the occasional call-in from a Palestinian, but the bottom line is, ‘we’ stand with Israel and ‘we’ includes us all, whether ‘we’ have been consulted or not.

Grant Shapps our defense Minister is of the tribe and PM Sunake has declared ‘we’ stand with Israel. PM Sunake didn’t ask me if I stand by Israel, but then he didn’t ask me about Ukraine either. Hamas are the baddies, that’s that and pay no heed to the week in week out violence upon Palestinians year after year. Israel have cut power and water to Gazza. That’s how independent a nation state Palestine is; its neighbour can just cut the lines of supply. Point it out or make comment and you risk being an anti-Semite. Semite is a language group, isn’t it? It includes Arabs, yet the term has been used ever since Wilhelm Marr c.1879 decided it was a term to describe ‘Jewish hatred’.

David Scott also made mention of babies being beheaded. It would seem he was repeating ‘stories’ akin to babies on bayonets or lampshades made from skin and soap made from humans in WWII concentration camps. Ben Shapiro, who’s Daily Wire ‘news platform’ employs the likes of Jordan Peterson, also pushed the beheaded babies story.

I have Jewish family members, or at least family members who identify as being Jewish. I don’t care how they identify, but it does not negate the fact that c.1947 ‘foreigners’ laid claim to Palestinian land and done so ever since because a holy book says so. God is an estate agent after all…

You can call Americans ‘septic tanks’ or slate the English all day long and certainly make derogatory remarks about Caucasian, heterosexual, Christian males without come back. Make a critical remark about Israel or Jews and boom! You risk condemnation and accusation of anti-Semitism.

Maggie Hedgehog Oppenheimen literally called Jeremy Corbyn ‘That fucking racist and anti-Semite’.
I view Corbyn as weak and rather silly whether his failure to support Brexit or his ridiculous climate claims, but he is not a racist. He does voice support for Palestine, hence he’s an anti-Semolinaite.

This was BBC R4 Today’s Nick Dobbyson interrogating Jeremy Corbyn in 2018. He hasn’t changed.

I cannot see how Israel is a legitimate state. They literally displaced the people already there and occupied the land that has long been called Palestine. They killed people to steal land. I suppose Europeans killed North American Indians to steal land. The justification for the creation of Israel was the Holocaust and the bible allegedly chronicling that the Jews were once kicked out of this same land; their traditional homeland. Don’t, whatever you do, buy this:
The Holocaust Narrative

The UK Column chatbox was equally divided and opinionated. David said he dislikes the label ‘Zionist entity’. He prefers the State of Israel. It seems blatantly obvious to me Israel is a Zionist project, state and entity. It is described as a homeland for Jews. Yet again I ask, what is a Jew? Some one who believes in Judaism as Christians believe in Christianity and Muslims in Islam? Or is a Jew considered a genetic racial category? I would say it is a self-identifying belief system; like being a Gooner.

I do not see a solution while this post-WWII ‘state’ plonks itself among neighbours who simply do not want it there. The U.S. is huge and would be happy to have them, but that would mean uprooting an entire national population, a bit like they did and continue to do Palestinians?

It looks like it’s going to get even messier…
Israel is about to step in it:

I don’t care where you live or what you believe, but it is noticeable that we in the UK are constantly reminded of the Holocaust and Jewish victimhood. How about spending a little more effort looking out for ourselves, for English people?

The contencious episode of the UK Column typified the division of thought. A Turkish friend sent me this. It’s Russell Brand’s show, not my favourite, but he does provide platform for thought provoking views from one time Zionist Gabor Mate:

Watch this space I guess.

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