Ukraine 0 Israel 1

Suddenly the headlines shift from one to the other. The Ukraine project is a losing cause, so the war mongering money machine changes gear to Israel. Beware of false flags.

‘A false flag is an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on another party.’

There is a school of thought that Israeli interests created Hamas.

I watch paint dry and do not pretend to be a specialist in the minutia of geo-political shenanigans, but history is littered with false flag events and beware of more to come. Alex Christoforou at just before 28 minutes, says, ‘I’m worried about a false flag.’

Alex references
’Hamas has terror cells in the United States. They came in via the porous Southern border.
The people in power know this and they also know there will be attacks targeting our major cities.
America is next.
Joe Biden and his handlers are responsible for what is set to happen.’

Israel was fanatical about injecting it’s people with covid1984 medicine, but now they care deeply about the same people they were coercing a medical intervention upon. That medical intervention has led to adverse reactions and MP Andrew Bridgen has at last secured a debate in the UK House of Commons for Friday 20 October.

There was an incident before the Hamas attack. More than 800 Israeli settlers ‘stormed’ the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Imagine Palestinians ‘storming’ a synagogue. The BBC have failed to mention this. Even the UK Column News omitted any mention of it during their 09 October show featuring Vanessa Beeley. I half expected her to do so. Ryan Dawson made reference to it; caution, there are graphic scenes of violence:

Israeli settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque complex on fifth day of Sukkot

There is a hypothesis that Zionists killed JFK, yet his nephew RFK Jr. sides with Israel. Gadhafi made public his thoughts on the Israelis refusing JFK access to inspect the Dimona nuclear plant. Ben-Gurion resigned and JFK was assassinated:

Martin Sandlar, Editor of ‘The Letters Of John F. Kennedy’, stated, ‘Israel is not our greatest ally; they are our greatest enemy. Americans loved JFK; his assassination shook the foundations of our country. But it wasn’t the Mob, Cuba, Oswald, or the CIA who killed him; it was the Israeli Mossad.’

Yet RFK Jr. stands by Israel…
’This ignominious, unprovoked, and barbaric attack on Israel must be met with world condemnation and unequivocal support for the Jewish state’s right to self-defense. We must provide Israel with whatever it needs to defend itself — now. As President, I’ll make sure that our policy is unambiguous so that the enemies of Israel will think long and hard before attempting aggression of any kind.
I applaud the strong statements of support from the Biden White House for Israel in her hour of need. However, the scale of these attacks means it is likely that Israel will need to wage a sustained military campaign to protect its citizens. Statements of support are fine, but we must follow through with unwavering, resolute, and practical action. America must stand by our ally throughout this operation and beyond as it exercises its sovereign right to self-defense.’

Scott Ritter replies on ‘X’:
‘I like RFKJr.
I think he’s the best choice for POTUS.
He’s positioned himself as the peace candidate.
And this is the tweet I fear may have sunk his chances.
Israel’s policies regarding Palestine are indefensible.
Bobby should be promoting an equitable peace settlement.
Not war.’

Israel seems to be an artificial construct founded upon terrorism. Following the end of British rule over the previously Ottoman ruled Palestine, Zionist settlers from Eastern €urope basically invaded and brutally displaced the indigenous Palestinian population; a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society. This included the ‘catastrophic’ Nakba whereby Palestinians were massacred; men, women and children.

As far as I can determine, Israel only ever existed in a ‘story’ book, depending on whether you believe it truly the word of God or stories of human invention. God is a real estate agent and the bible a title deed? Just these typed thoughts can invite an attack by the ADL; an anti-defamation organisation that specialises in defaming anyone questioning the Israeli narrative. The ADL have experienced a backlash recently with #BanTheADL becoming a repeated hashtag on ‘X’. This kind of thought and visual are most definitely unacceptable by the Israeli lobby’s office of thought control…
It is often commented that the Israelis have exceptional representation among other nation state’s leadership, from Zelensky and his Ukrainian regime to Biden’s administration. Obviously, such scurrilous notions are dismissed as the work of anti-Semites preaching hate and division…
As for Hamas having just instigated Israel’s 9/11 as reported to me by the BBC, I would again point to my main go-to for citizen journalist 9/11 research, Ryan Dawson; 9/11 was Israel’s 9/11.
Ryan Dawson Reveals Israeli Involvement in 9/11 Attacks, Anthrax & More (Too hot for YouTube):

So, why now? Ukraine have lost the proxy war with Russia; Biden is up to his neck in suspicion of corruption; Saudi Arabia and Iran have recently moved toward more agreeable relations via the BRICS; Israeli PM Netanyahu is facing numerous indictments; the consequences of the covid1984 policy are coming to the fore and the perpetrators are increasingly vulnerable to recrimination; Syria put a spanner in the works of the NeoCon project by fending off invasion, though the US continue to illegally occupy parts of Syria and Israel continues to bomb Damascus. It rarely gets a mention when Israel bombs Syria. If Syria were to attack Israel, you can guarantee it would be headline news. Israeli settlers literally bulldoze Palestinian homes, sometimes just occupy Palestinian homes furniture and all and apparently herd and shepherd the Palestinians like cattle. There seems little doubt that the Zionist plan does include net zero any appeasement with Palestinians…

There is no reverse gear in the NeoCon machine.
Again, I make no apology for referencing Ryan Dawson who is among the most censored and banned commentators on the internet:
NUMEC: How Israel Stole the Atomic Bomb and killed JFK:

Add to the mix a new book just published by E. Michael Jones:
The Holocaust Narrative
The tide may be turning and the hold of The Lobby which has been so powerful, may be waning. As example, it was Sir Kueer Starmer who helped keep Julian Assange incarcerated and oust Jeremy Corbyn by accusation of anti-Semitism. They are so overt that Al Jazeera made a documentary on The Lobby:

How will it all play out? Watch this space!

We know what a Christian or Muslim is; someone who believes in Christian or Islamic religious doctrine, but Jewish? Someone who believes in Judaic doctrine? Yet, Jews are said to be a genetic race; there is no Christian or Islamic ‘race’. Gilad Atzmon has relinquished his Jewish identity and is called a self-hating Jew by his detractors. He’s written about it:
What a funny old lot it all is. There are Jews and Israelis who have been stalwarts of the resistance during covid1984 including Sonia Elijah, Efrat Fenigsen and Vera Sharav.

Here is Efret Fenigsen commenting on the new outbreak of war in her country. I do wonder what is going through her mind about not only the current situation, but the history and events that led to today. As she says, ‘People do not trust the government.’ She asks for donations to fund Israelis. The Rothschild family must have more money than most nation states and were instrumental in the Balfour Declaration. Can’t they fund anything Israelis require?

I also include Sonia Elijah talking to Joshua Guetzkow, senior lecturer at Hebrew University, discussing how Pfizer/BioNTech’s biological product injected into the arms of billions, was not the same one used in Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine clinical trial. There’s been a “bait-and-switch”….

War is useful for those who make money from it and convenient to distract from other matters. Be alert to false flag events.

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2 Responses to “Ukraine 0 Israel 1”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Joshua Guetzkow is the guy who wrote this, that I linked the other day, about Israel creating Hamas:

    He’s an Israeli, but he is not dissing the Palestinians, far from it, see the last paragraph

    He’s a long term associate of Mathis and he is a very astute guy who has done some excellent research

    As an example then see these, which he also wrote, about FDR, the Business Plot and Smedley Butler

  2. NPP says:

    I once looked at Miles Mathis. He/it’s/they are too complicated for me.
    Ron Paul puts it simply & in public on record re Hamas.