I’m not sure who the woman in question is, but I’ve heard BBC R4 PM and others have their knickers in an absolute twist about Laurence Fox.
Let me check. Search engine…. OK, it’s a woman called Ava Evans. I’ve never heard of her, but apparently Laurence wouldn’t sleep with her.
Laurence Fox and Dan Wootton suspended by GB News over Ava Evans insults
Should Ava publicly declare she wouldn’t sleep with me, should I become insulted and upset? Well, just in case, I Wouldn’t Sleep With Her Either, so there! I’m going to publish this Substack with my hashtag:

Ex Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly has weighed in on Laurence’s side:
‘I listened to the whole segment. You were mad she so easily wrote off the epidemic of men’s suicide, which she absolutely did. She sounded heartless. You were making the point of how unattractive it made her to you. You didn’t use the Queen’s English but what she said was far uglier.’

Adam Bolton, Sky News’ advocate for covid1984 jabs, no doubt full supporter of Slava Ukraini against the evil Russians and probably going along with ‘climate emergency’ policy, wants GB News to simply be ‘closed down because they’re trying to break the broadcasting ecology in this country’. That rings of Soviet era censorship to me Adam. Have another doughnut dear man! It’s funny; Fox and Sky are supposed to be ‘right-wing’. They both seem to convey ideas of the ‘left’ to me; though right and left these days are merely cheeks of the same uniparty backside.

Meanwhile, as the self-righteous pontificate how misogynist Laurence Fox is, BBC Woman’s Hour today aired an interview with Marina Abramović….
‘The ‘godmother of performance art’, Marina Abramović tells @emmabarnett about the reaction she’s had to her art piece Imponderabilia, which invites visitors to move through a doorway between two nude performers.’

Marina is so welcoming of a particular critical comment that her next T-shirt will read: ‘The degradation of a nation’. This woman who presents spirit cooking performances which some might call satanic cult rituals as she mixes blood with semen to slosh about like paint, is apparently to be appointed by Zelensky as an adviser for Ukraine’s schools. You cannot make this clown world nonsense up; ban @LozzaFox, but give platform to this satanic ‘performance artist’.

Keep in mind, Emma Barnett and the BBC do not debate climate change.

In my constituency, West Suffolk, they are implementing ‘climate emergency’ policy and, apparently, enabling the teaching within West Suffolk schools, of 4 year old’s to masturbate.
The councilor who makes the opening address is Councillor Cliff Waterman. He informs us he’s a teacher. He shouldn’t be anywhere near school children; he’s an eco-Fascist twit:

The meeting is disrupted and perhaps not ideally how we, the public, should conduct ourselves. But, I sympathise and empathise with the frustration of the chap who walked into the council chamber central area. The council are not taking notice of the public they represent. They may well think about it more after this latest drama.

This nonsense being implemented in West Suffolk is cultural Marxism in a traditionally conservative county. The world has gone nuts. Emma Barnett and Marina Abramović presumably approve of climate emergency policy and masturbation tuition for primary school children.

The battle is local vs. global. My bet is with local.

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