It’s Just A Mask

It’s just a solar panel. It’s just Agenda2030.

Solar panels are being pushed in England del Sol. Well, we have so much sunshine all year round, why not? That’s English sarcasm. I lived in Türkiye for over 10 years and know what a proper summer is. In the UK we have a month of real heady hot summer days if we’re lucky. That’s not to say the rest of the summer isn’t lovely, but try convincing a Turkish girlfriend it’s not chilly in the English summer time when she insists it is. In Türkiye I experienced snow every winter. In East Anglia, UK, a ‘white Xmas’ is thus far an occasional event in a life time. They said it’s just a mask during covid1984. I can’t help comparing that now to just a solar panel.

A Turkish businessman, investor in ‘renewable energy’ and the owner of my artwork, accused me of ‘humiliating yourself’ because I don’t believe in anthropogenic ‘man made’ climate change. I continue to risk the humiliation. Konya in southern Türkiye, sure, why not? Desert like arid open landscapes devoid of population, lots of sunshine and perfect for solar ‘farms’; even aesthetically appropriate. But, East Anglian green fields, traditionally used for growing food, why? Ask Lord Grafton who has constructed the solar ‘farms’ in the once beautiful fields of Suffolk. He’s probably chummy with Queen Charley who’s chummy with Klaus Schwab and the WEF. I did write by registered post to object, but they didn’t bother to acknowledge nor reply to a mere member of the local proletariat such as myself.
Eco-Fascists are a rule unto their own. State subsidy and support no doubt aid and abet their venture. This is Agenda2030 in action while most local residents have no idea what Agenda2030 even is. I am composing my next letter to Nicola Beach, the Chief Executive of Suffolk County Council’s paid staff who sets aims and manages performance to deliver priorities:
– inclusive growth
– health, care and wellbeing
– efficient and effective public services

Inclusivity! Wellbeing! Yippee! I bet she a has penis too! Well, in the UK parliament, we are told women can have penises. Yes, it is absurd that I type such rhetoric, but I am merely repeating the absurd real life rhetoric real life politicians are saying in real life. These same politicians advocate a ‘climate emergency’. We have 3 working police stations in the entire county. We had a local police station in the next village when I was a boy. At school we had the odd fat kid. Today my nearest towns are full of over weight people. My community is degenerating. What’s the betting Nicola donned a face nappy during covid1984, engaged in the PCR test and took the ‘safe and effective’ jab. It’s almost unfathomable now to recall that adults were insisting children wore face nappies. But, they did; it was real life; it really happened. I guess most did, most just followed orders, so Nicola would not be so unusual. Now she runs:
’On 21 March 2019 councillors at Suffolk County Council voted to declare a climate emergency, and in July 2020 Cabinet agreed a set of recommended actions arising from the work of a Policy Development Panel.
Suffolk County Council aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. Through practical action it aims to save money, generate income and reduce carbon emissions to net zero for its own operations and services.’

They are mad. It is clown world continuum. It is Communism, eco-Fascism, collectivism, choose your label and category, but it is not freedom and liberty for all.

There are numerous homes with ghastly looking solar panels adorning their roofs; apparently subsidised by the government. We have scattered wind turbines too. We do still have the odd ‘Windy Miller’ traditional windmills, the type that ground grain to produce bread. They are gorgeous and I’d love to own one. I understand these solar panel and turbine subsidies are being withdrawn or ceased all together. However, I now understand businesses are investing in solar panels because apparently the cost and accounts show a benefit compared to conventional hydro-carbon power usage. I guess when oil, gas and coal prices are pushed up or their supply limited or totally banned, solar panels may well be financially viable. Solar panels are just fabulous during the winter in England del Sol! That’s further sarcasm.

Are solar panels and wind turbines realistically going to power the UK energy grid? I guess they can add hydro-electric power and of course nuclear power stations contribute significant supply, but it looks like the thin end of the wedge to me. The state is directing our energy supply and use, not the free market. The direction is being steered by ‘climate emergency’ policy. There is NO climate emergency, hence the policy is based upon lies and fear. The words ‘sustainable’ and ‘renewable’ have been hijacked, are misused and constantly repeated and I am probably ripe for being labelled a ‘climate change denier’, despite not denying the climate changes.

Renewable? Solar panels? Really? What constitutes a solar panel? Apparently, rare earths. These are excavated from, the clue’s in the name, the earth. I’ve seen the photos and footage of little boys in Africa apparently labouring to collect the rare earth. The imagery and reports suggest near slave labour conditions. Exactly what defines an energy source as ‘renewable’ or ‘sustainable’? Answers on a postcard please.

Is it true that, as Colonel Fletcher Prouty famously says in a video clip that’s done the rounds for years, that oil is the second most abundant fluid on earth; that once a well of oil has been exhausted, it does replenish itself over time and that we have abundant world oil supply?

That would seem more renewable than producing solar panels or wind turbines. As one well needs time to replenish, there are numerous others to drill, or am I being naïve and ignorant of real life facts?

Random search engine result:
Earth Is An Oil-Producing Machine — We’re Not Running Out
This made me laugh:
‘Engineering and Technology Magazine reported this week that BP — the company that once wanted to be known as “Beyond Petroleum” rather than “British Petroleum” — is saying “the world is no longer at risk of running out of resources.”

A life long friend from a local nursery school, before his more elevated position today, was Head of Renewable Energy at BP. That was a few years ago. I remember thinking it a bizarre position to hold at such a company. I’m not sure how friendly we are anymore.

The whole ‘climate emergency’ issue rather depressed me recently. I see people all too easily going down the path of least resistance headlong into a dystopian world of carbon zero. It will affect our daily lives while changing the climate not one jot. They are currently working on a bill in the UK parliament to give instruction and authority for ‘net zero’ enforcers to enter homes and install Smart ‘net zero’ compliances. Failure to cooperate may result in a £15,000 fine and even jail for up to 1 year. Isn’t it a good job we beat Hitler!

Mahyar Tousi explains: Net Zero Police Allowed ‘FORCE ENTRY’ Into Homes

Screen shot:

This is a screen shot from the UK Column highlighting what an electric car policy would involve.

… which indicates they do not intend to replace all UK cars, but merely reduce cars i.e. our independence and freedom to travel is being restricted and even curtailed altogether. After all, it’s just a mask and we are all in this together, aren’t we?!

There’s also the Online Harms Bill going through the UK parliament. It’s in its final stages, requiring only Royal Assent. I bet Queen Charley will be only too willing:
The excuse is protecting children. The reality is monitoring and censoring any information or ideas counter to the official narrative. Yeah! Soviet UK and Pravda BBC! BBC Bunny Miss. Information monitor Marijuanna Spring is going to be looking out for any dissenting voices and bring you into line should you stray into climate denial or show any signs of being right-wing or anti-Semitic.

We’re doomed. England is finished. However, while I generally watch ink and paint dry, Alex Krainer makes serious money observing global events, managing hedge funds accordingly and suggests a case for optimism:

I bloody hope so!

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2 Responses to “It’s Just A Mask”

  1. Belyi says:

    Excellent article. There’s a lot of sense in this humorous overview of energy possibilities and the utter hypocrisy of those pushing a ‘green’ agenda.

    As green is the colour most often associated with Muslim cultures in the Middle East, I wonder about the connection.

    • NPP says:

      There are only so many primary colours. Green represents the earth. I would not read too much into it.

      We have an invasion of Islam e.g. mosques nationwide, while Christianity & western culture is not so easily allowed or tolerated in those corresponding Islamic countries.

      Mass unregulated immigration, open borders & ‘climate emergency’ founded upon lies & supported by ignorant people ‘just following orders’ are our immediate problem.