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4 Responses to “The Next Level (2022) 480P [SD]. #NASALies Hibbeler productions second part of the level series.”

  1. The Watcher says:

    Here’s the first part of the series if anyone wants to watch it. For some reason it’s telling me I’ve exceeded my daily posts despite having only posted five articles in the last three days. Anyway

    Level (2021) 480P [SD]


    • newensign says:

      A good post Watcher, as I mentioned before – have a look at the NASA logo and you will see it is an anagram of Satan(the liar) with the missing “T” being made up by the forked tongue running across it.
      I can understand the limit to posts, as I often miss a lot and catch up later as a page of posts have gone by before I have had a chance to look. Anyway I appreciate your posts as indeed of others on this site.

      • ian says:

        NASA lies N’, I agree, they’ve never been out of low earth orbit. But FE is bollocks.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Posting Limit: For now we have had to limit the number of posts a user can make to 6 per day. Currently the tap is receiving a large number of posts with many being pushed off of the front page before they have had a chance to be seen. Once we have a new design and layout with more visible post space we will remove this restriction.