BBC Jan 6th Shaman Rabbit Holes

Boing! Boing! Boing!… went Marijuanna Spring, BBC Disinformation Correspondent, as she sprung-boinged over to join BBC rabbit hole twins Dwindle Dee & Swindle Dumb and observe a conversation…

… rather than just another slanderous hatchet job. They braced themselves to experience independent journalist Ryan Dawson talking to the Shaman who was imprisoned in solitary confinement for being peacefully escorted by guards around Capitol Hill 06 January 2021:

The twins are BBC veteran super-sleuths, Dwindling Mike Trending Wendling and Roaring John Sweeney, who both have the BBC beard, sleuth spectacles, bare heads and Red Nose Day red nose just in case covid1984 jab promoter Lenny McHenry might invite their contribution to the annual BBC fund raiser for the poor and needy. As the BBC backed climate emergency and colder weather kicks in, there may well be even more poor and needy, so Marijuanna and the twins keenly keep their red noses on alert.

Dwindling Mike, aka Dwindle Dee, has actually mastered the full rabbit hole magic experience to the extent he is able to dwindle in size in his mind and penetrate the deepest darkest rabbit holes of conspiracy theory. It is lucrative too. It pays to support the cause. An American based in London, his whiney voice is perfectly suited to dwindling in size and promoting the ethical concerns of wokery from rabbit holes.

Though not as whiney as Dwindling Mike, the roar of John Sweeney’s voice is hardly lion-like, so it is unclear as to why he self-identifies as a roaring reporter. Perhaps it is merely a misspelling of roving. Roaring John Swindle Dumb is more cautious. What if Putin were at the end of one of these tunnels that you follow to a tunnel of its own, down a hollow to a cavern where the sun has never shone, like a door that keeps revolving in a half-forgotten dream… but, whenever Swindle Dumb finds himself plagiarising lyrics, he suspects it could be a copyright trap set by the KGB, so ceases doing so immediately.

Anyway, Marijuanna, who doesn’t smoke, but pretends to puff on jazz cigarettes to be in with the Roundabout crowd, wants a real tunnel of her own, not that silly model back in the BBC Pravda panoramic studio that looks like the pre-climate change tin dustbins we had in England once upon a time. She also fancies a set of rabbit ears like Dwindle Dee & Swindle Dumb, though Roaring John Swindle Dumb is unhappy that his ears are not the same salmon pink as the hat that covers his bald pate. Isn’t it funny that hat is a mere ‘T’ away from being that? Curiouser and curiouser, as they say inside rabbit holes at T-parties. Oh, never mind.

Miss. Spring, Dwindle Dee & Swindle Dumb are BBC standard bearers for challenging fake news and disinformation. They all have Twitter accounts so they can monitor far-right and extreme content, though privately Dwindle Dee is a wee bit jealous he has only 7,000 followers while relative novice Marijuana has 89,000 at the time of typing and Swindle Dumb a whopping 286,000.

They discuss Dwindle Dee’s BBC website article about the 6th Jan, one of the greatest insurrection attempts in living memory, unlike the peaceful BLM protests that same year that saw burnt and peacefully pillaged property. Perspective is everything at BBC Pravda. Dwindle Dee has interviewed the big scary Jan 6th Shaman, fresh out of incarceration…
He has discovered, “The far-right and January 6 rioters are trying to flip the narrative and make themselves martyrs.”
Also, a key moment for many was when Tucker Carlson aired small edited snippets of footage of that day, which appeared to show rioters behaving peacefully inside Congress. The footage on his now-cancelled Fox News show fuelled the narrative that they were largely peaceful demonstrations, just like the BLM chaotic riots of peace.

Dwindling Mike Wendling is battle hardened in the disinformation business and in his super-sleuth squeaky American accent, he has previously cited what had happened in Charlottesville and observed that the anti-vax, anti-lockdown groups, both in the US and UK, have some sort of over-lap with the alt-right…

They were concerned independent journalist Ryan Dawson talking to the Jan 6th Shaman might pour too much sunshine upon an issue thus far perfectly soiled by BBC Pravda. The BBC license fee payers must be warned about any content that is an accurate, first-hand account and might risk public enlightenment; they had to monitor any material whereby BBC trained sensitivities could be challenged. They decided Marijuanna should probably analyse this discussion between dissidents and see what she could pluck out to debunk the ever up-surging alternative new media which can be so harmful and damaging to the sacred official version of everything.

As Marijuanna repeats Uncle Zebedee’s mantra, ‘Time for bed’, just for the record, be aware Dweedle Dee has been depicted by this unauthorised author before.

Dwindling Mike BBC 18.04.2018

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Yes, Swindle Dumb has been featured too…
Marijuanna Sweeney 26.06.2023

Time for bed!


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