Vote For GOO #Maaate!

I saw a tweet. George Galloway must have recently commented on the Cheeks Of The Same A…

‘… the main parties are cheeks of the same backside.’

So, you vote and the GOO gets in. Yes, The Reform Party qualify as GOO since Richard Lice and Dr. David Bullsit advocated mandatory jabs for health care workers and Dr. Bullsit adores electric vehicles, has stated he welcomes a cashless system, as a doctor he trusts in the anus being a sexual organ and has naff dyed hair. They are GOO through and through.
Reminder: GOO : Government Of Occupation… coined by David Scott of
U7 :

There is a new hashtag and word: #Maaate. It seems the Mayor of London, Sordik Khant, has launched a new campaign to address inappropriate behaviour towards women. Of course, it is a BBC R4 ‘comedian’, Romesh Ranganathan, helping Sordik with the launch. I’m struggling these days to distinguish the comedy from the non-comedy. I am still trying to understand Maaate. It seems to phonetically still be ‘mate’, but perhaps exaggerate the ‘A’ part. Maaay-te? This is Monty Python sketch time revisited except it is real life. Then, there appears to be an attempt at comedy to present the real life idea as an official campaign. Confused? It’s clown world continuum. Of course it’s confusing. Don’t concern yourself with the increased street violence of London, but do remember to step in with ‘Maaate’ when you perceive your ‘mate’ being inappropriate to a female. I hate to quibble, but I loathe being called ‘mate’. However, this is the latest term being thrust upon us to improve our socially acceptable skills. Quite what is the inappropriate behaviour that so concerns Sordik and Romesh? Your bum’s fat? Fancy a kiss? Show us yer… worry not, our culturally Marxist London Mayor has provided guidance:
How can you even be sure she is a woman? These days, the female may have a penis or it may be a male with a bonus hole in which case you’d best treat them, they, it, as a female just to be on the safe space side and avoid being Maaate-ed. I guess Maaate with an ‘m’ or ‘M’ will become an Oxford English Dictionary addition in the not so distant future. For your convenience, I include A Guide To Gender Identity Terms:

Isn’t it wonderful having politicians and BBC Pravda comedians instruct us in appropriate behaviour. I’d be lost without them. Children today are advantaged by advanced educational techniques; drag queen story time theatrical shows give the children the experience of dingle-dangles being dangled before them and, therefore, will grow up with the skills to behave appropriately with women who may or may not have dingle-dangles. Here, Sordik and Romesh Ranamarathon explain all:

Back to GOO.
Remember, the GOO also guides us in appropriate behaviour. BBC Pravda have reported the results of the Uxbridge bi-election without naming Laurence Fox’s Reclaim Party; lumping them into the category of Others, yet naming the Lib-Dems. This is appropriate guidance from BBC Pravda because Fox is a very naughty far-right ex-actor and we must be vigilant against political dissidents who may lead our country astray. So, it went…
Conservative 45.2%
Labour 43.6%
Greens 2.9%
IGNORE (Reclaim 2.3%)
Lib Dem 1.7%

It is remarkable. Vote for any of the established parties and get GOO; the Government Of Occupation; female MPs who have penises, men MPs who have bonus holes. To be absolutely sure of our appropriate behaviour, why not let the whole idea of men, women, male, female go and simply refer to non-binary politicians. Birthing politicians. Isn’t that such a warm, cuddly, loving, natural, all inclusive term? We’re progressing very nicely and it probably won’t be too far away before we have men chest feeding their non-binary babies on the back benches and indeed, why not along the front benches of parliament? To be fair, the Scottish GOO has been way ahead in all of this with educational tools in primary schools way before covid1984. This is a splendid example of imagery used within their school sexual education curriculum:

Chocolate and banana. Kids must love it.

Yes, we must remind ourselves and each other how racist and regressive Laurence Fox is and as they do in football, just ‘Kick It Out’. BBC Pravda can just ‘Kick Laurence Out!’ There are not enough non-white footballers in the Arsenal or England football teams and the ex-colonial heritage off-spring of today must be given equal parity in payment as all the white supremacist footballers, of which some may still secretly own slaves and drive evil non-electric vehicles. Yes, we in white supremacist England are improving with the UK PM of Indian heritage and the London Mayor Pakistani; note how ‘stani’ is not left adrift of the ‘Paki’ participle. We must avoid all offensive terms such as Brit, Scot and Frog. Also, it’s good to see BBC super-comdienne Romesh Ranamarathon who is Icelandic Sumatrian with a sprinkling of Gondanese, doing so well and righting us on all our wrongs. You don’t know where Gondana is? I’m not sure either, since I made it up, but they were probably slaves too and all died in a historic genocide at the hands of white supremacist footballers back in the day.

Finally, just to bring absolute clarity to the issue of diversity, equality, inclusivity and the marvels of GOO, here is Anthony Weiner talking to Patrick Bet-David. I cannot break this 2 hours down for you to the specific moment, but somewhere during the conversation he does describe Hillary Clinton as a good person and puts perspective on the ludicrous notion that there is a ‘body count list’ of those once associated with the Clintons. For example, Gadhafi accidently sat on a bayonet; ‘We came, we saw, he sat on a bayonet’, was actually the original quote by Hillary and the misinformation video that’s being doing the rounds has been verified as false by BBC Verify. The unpleasant stories about Hillary and Bill are all conspiracy theories and as Anthony says, who cares today who shot JFK? He points out that it’s not in the list of top 20 priorities for people. Anthony has served prison time for sending photos of his penis to a 15 year old. Whether that was a girl, boy or a non-binary transgender 15 year old, I’m not sure, but it seems it was Anthony’s penis and he has not transitioned it to a bonus hole.

I, who never previously bet, once put £5 on Trump to beat Clinton. Yes, I won, but at what cost? I became a white supremacist so easily, so quickly, virtually over night without even being aware of my supremacy or whiteness. I did not realise I was white until the media educated me in skin tone awareness. That’s how deeply ingrained my racism was; even I didn’t know. I’ve been on a non-binary diversity inclusivity course of rehabilitation, feel much better today and am going to practice the #Maaate technique to make myself a potentially better birthing person.

What was that Marijuanna Spring? Time for bed? Good idea.


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