A Hill To Die On

Scene: Approx. 6.30am. The bathroom. I turn on BBC R5 Live. I hear the presenter reading out messages from listeners which seem to suggest the media should leave poor Huw Edwards alone. Huw told us to stay at home during Boris’ life threatening pandemic lockdown policy; he advised on checking sources for all young aspiring journalists, probably including Zebedee’s niece Marijuanna Spring; he was so professional and dignified when anchoring the funeral of the Queen; he’s married with 5 children and suffers from depression otherwise regularly referred to as mental health, you know, the issue of epidemic proportions that Prince Harry highlights, so Huw must be given time and space to recuperate. Perhaps most importantly, he’s contributing to the distraction from the absolute disaster that is the Ukraine fiasco; that’s the war for democracy and freedom whereby men are being kidnapped from the streets to go sacrifice their lives on the frontline to the last value for money Ukrainian; as US Senator Miss. Lindsey puts it; and be very mindful of where Miss. Lindsey puts it. It’s a little reminiscent of the days of the pressgangs as depicted in good old swash-buckling romantic pirate films. I have a little book about that called White Slavery In The Barbary States By Charles Sumner 1853:

But, it gets better. Yesterday about 8.30pm, again in the bathroom because that’s where a radio resides to catch-up with the official version of everything on BBC R4 or 5, and it was again 5 Live where the presenter informed me that in 15 minutes or so Alastair Campbell would be joining the show to apparently discuss the Huw Edwards scandal. Oh goodie! Doesn’t Alastair suffer from depression as well? Perhaps that’s why he’s being invited to comment because we’ve been told poor Huw suffers from depression. No, we don’t mention Iraq or Weapons of Mass Destruction. I recall a clip from BBC Question Time when Alastair responded gruffly to a panelist taking that route and ‘it didn’t end well for the last person to make allegations like that…’
We weren’t sure if the Burnley bulldog was referring to legal libel trouble or to Dr. David Kelly who ended up under a tree.

Ryan Dawson of ANC Report, among the most censored voices that most people have never heard of, probably more censored than Nick Fuentes, reported that in Abu Ghraib, allied forces interrogators, that’s ‘our’ side, raped Iraqi children, recorded the torturous actions and played the recordings to their Iraqi parents to gain information or confession or for whatever bloody reason. These recordings were played to a closed session of a US Senate Committee hearing which included John Insane McCain. We were served up the gross photo images of adults, but the public revelations avoided the details of children being raped. Wasn’t it Seymour Hersch who broke that story?
Torture At Abu Ghraib
Of course, Seymour Hersch is no longer published by the likes of the New Yorker and has resorted to a more ‘independent’ platform that will carry his work:
How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipelin

Imagine the BBC asking Alastair Campbell if actions and experience, such as child rape by ‘our’ side, might have left any mental health implications for Iraqis?

It’s tempting to be cynical. It’s tempting to wonder if Huw’s very private and personal depression and sexual peccadillos aren’t a convenient distraction from the fact that we’ve just squandered £billions and thousands of lives in a failed attempt by the collective West to bring about regime change in Russia. But, that’s a terribly cynical view to take, isn’t it? I wonder if the BBC’s Jimmy Savile suffered depilating depression too, though in fairness, it seems Huw has not actually committed an illegal act and certainly not partaken in anything on a par with necrophilia, as far as we understand.

Geo-political analysist Alex Christoforou of The Duran, the kind you won’t find on the BBC, comments that NATO is all about expansion and conflict. My hunch is tennis champion Novak Djokovic, who as a little boy experienced the bombing of his home Belgrade, possibly agrees.

So Sweden is joining NATO and Türkiye’s President Erdoğan (sounds a bit like air-dough-an) is supporting the pending membership. So what? Is the addition of Sweden going to help defeat Russia? How many more countries are there to go? Perhaps NATO can really expand and invite South Korea; which is nearly a North Atlantic nation state, sort of, could be, may be? Hell yeah! The North Atlantic and North Pacific Treaty Organisation. NANPTO? NPNATO? Hmmm. We’ll have to work on the acronym.

It seems the agreement by Erdoğan ushers in free movement between Sweden and Türkiye; en plus, there’s a Bayraktar TB2 military drone contract to secure and Selçuk Bayraktar is the son-in-law of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, so it’s a good deal all round. That’s the solution! Yet more mass migration. Why do we even bother with nation states anymore? Let’s have free movement, free housing, free food, free mobile phones and robots and drones can do the work. I jest, but it seems there those who aspire to exactly that.

Talking of Huw, which uncannily sounds like WHO, and thinking of Wales, how is the resettling of foreign illegals going there? I shouldn’t use the term illegal? Oh, human rights, of course; displaced persons fleeing oppressive regimes and countries such as, France?

Ever feel as if your country is going down the pan and all you can do is watch? Hey, cheer up! After Bliar, Brown, Cameron, ‘I agree with Nick’, Mrs. May, Bollox Johnson, Truss and Ratty the Rat Sunak, it’s going to be clear minded, fair and proper Sir Blockhead Keir Starmer next.

I bet Julian Assange can’t wait.

Die on a hill? WEF, NATO, €U, UK, USA, all this way please.


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11 Responses to “A Hill To Die On”

  1. danceaway says:

    10/10 once again, Ned.

  2. Chris x says:

    There have been quite a few false flag horror stories recently with the school stabbing in Tewkesbury, the car crash in Wimbledon, and the stabbings in Annecy.

    What new distractions have the agencies got in store to keep distracting the people?

    Look over there and not at the imploding housing market, economy and failing Ukrainian war.

  3. NPP says:

    Thank you Danceaway.

    Re Chris. Just imagine a clean, true & fit for purpose parliament…. oh, forgive me, I was snoozing there for a moment.

  4. Belyi says:

    Brilliant summary, told with the best of British humour, and if you’d lived abroad for as many years as I have, you’d appreciate that as well.

    • NPP says:

      I wonder if I should insist mine is English humour. I never thought too much about about being UK British or English before, but may be the UK is a coalition too far.
      My longest time abroad has been in Türkiye, hence I know how to pronounce Erdoğan with a silent ‘g’.

      Your name reminds me of Beylerbeyi; there’s a palace there:
      I always called it the ice cream palace because it reminded me of a particular ice cream cake, the name of which escapes me.

      • Belyi says:

        I’ve also lived in Scotland so I can say that their sense of humour is similar. Where I live in a French-speaking country, English humour is always referred to as l’humour britannique’

        My name is based on the Russian word for white, so ice-cream palaces are very pertinent in this sense.

        • NPP says:

          A Vienette ice cream log!… remembered, said ‘le rosbif’.

          I want to go to Russia, but sshhh, don’t tell anyone.

          • Belyi says:

            Oh so do I, and if I were younger and involved with a like-minded group of people, you wouldn’t see me for dust.

  5. NPP says:

    “You lied this country into a war that cost 1000’s of lives. Boris Johnson ate some cake.”
    Alastair Campbell is fuming and replies “Better be careful what he says cause the last guy regretted it”