John Sweeney’s Ceaușescu Moment

It is summer and John Sweeney, ‘Reporter: old school, Kyiv’, is or was, apparently in London wearing a pink salmon woolly hat and pink shirt. He wears his cool transparent perspex spectacles because he’s much cooler than Putin who is a mere fragile monster compared to John’s warm, cuddly Father Xmas persona. His beard is fashionable in keeping with young people all donning facial fungus these days. Whether he has rings in his nipples and bells on his toes, is as yet unconfirmed, but he does have a Red Nose Day Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer nose on his nose because Marianna Spring forced him to as punishment for saying ‘Putin and his regime is rotten from the core.’

Marijuana correctly admonished and corrected John’s poor use of the English language, pointing out it should be ‘rotten to the core’.
This grammatical error indicates the immense stress we all manage while waiting for the demise of Putin. Marijuanna has quite rightly, nothing to do with the political far rightly, corrected John’s grammatical disinformation. We must maintain standards of communication and cannot tolerate sloppy phonetics. Marijuanna convened an emergency meeting of the Magic Roundabout Disinformation Ethics Committee which decided by majority consensus that John must don the red nose for the foreseeable future to send out the correct message regarding audio phonetic conduct.

Also, John’s linguistic tones have been noted:
‘Putin is a fragile monster. If Putin gets his chops, I want to be in Kiev. I don’t want to miss the party. Vladamir Putin’s days are numbered. Do fuck-off Vladimir Putin.’

Obviously, such crude language might be expected of single-legged anti-vaxxer Alex Mitchell who took the covid1984 jab, had a reaction and transformed into a far-right misinformation extremist or Donetsk reporter Patrick Lancaster who also demonstrated his poor phonetic use in yesterday’s artwork. Yes, each of these gentlemen did only think of swearing, but of course, Marijuana’s spring is a thought-crime detector antennae and she picks up all signals of far-right extremist Putin agent anti-vaxxers. What a marvellous job she does protecting the rest of us. As for John’s chops, pork or lamb, the Magic Roundabout Ethics Committee on Vegan Standards will consider John’s choice cuts of culinary inclination at the next meeting.

Anyway, poor John did have a meltdown Ceaușescu moment, further exasperated when the artwork portraying dear John gave him a very pink hat and salmon not-quite-pink shirt, when it should be the other way round. The final straw that broke John’s Ceaușescu moment camel’s back came with the realisation that President Vlad The Bio-Lab Slayer Putin remains the Russian president and regime change in Russia is still to be executed by the Collective West Uniparty. C’est la vie. John may well be consoling himself, privately inside, with the notion that there’s always the nuclear option. That may hinge upon ‘elenksy’s available supplies of Ukrainian Marching Powder. Note, the respectful dropping of the ‘Z’.

To make matters worse, it seems…
Scott Ritter
Is back on Twitter
I’m a poet
And didn’t know it…

Scott Ritter’s Twitter Reinstated After Suspension Over Ukraine Remarks:

To make John’s Ceaușescu moment even more miserable, RFK Jr. has spoken to Scott on Spotify.
‘Check out my latest podcast with Scott Ritter on unraveling Putin’s Wagner rebellion + piercing the MSM’s fog of war.’

For those who do not have nor access Spotify accounts (me!), you can read Scott’s friend Ryan Dawson’s Substack account. Ryan, a North American Indian with part Irish roots, married to a South Korean with mixed race children, is clearly another extreme far-right racist denier of various sorts, except viruses; but since I question viruses and can be categorised as one of Ryan’s ‘virus-denier-kooks’, I think between us all, we fulfil all of Marijuanna’s disinformation collective needs.

Ryan’s Substack:
Coup or Psyop? Neither.
The internet was and still is abuzz about Prigozhin’s complete meltdown. The NAFO crowd was reacting like it was the end of Putin and Moscow was being sacked. The fake news was never ending. The Russophiles spun everything harder than a Trumpanzee into a game of 4D chess where the whole thing was just a psyop. A psyop with no obvious gains. There was no attack on Wagner and no coup, just a theatrical jar shaker who fell on his face. There was an open spaz out by a delusional neurotic rich guy losing his toy. The crusty old Jewish oligarch for one did not create Wagner, and was a not a military planner. He never served in the military and has no military experience despite always wearing a uniform….


Whether British global warming reaches the temperatures required for John to remove his woolly hat, time will tell, but for now, as Uncle Zebedee says, ‘Time for bed!’



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3 Responses to “John Sweeney’s Ceaușescu Moment”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Great post!

    • NPP says:

      Thank you.

      Another unpleasant presstitute projecting his own prejudice upon others. Perhaps he should be Swiney or something like that. It’s surprising he seems to have left that Tweet up. Is Putin as bad as Bliar, Obomba, NATO etc? It boggles the mind.