Spring Time For Patrick Lancaster

Welcome to BBC imaginary wonderland. Marijuanna liberated some of Uncle Zebedee’s magic mushrooms and jumped into the rabbit hole of Independent Journalist Patrick Lancaster currently Reporting In the Donetsk People’s Republic covering the Ukraine War in the English language.

Following her in-depth deep dive investigations, Marijuanna concluded Patrick was not only on Putin’s payroll, but a far-right extreme conspiracy theorist of extremely extreme proportions. While the brave forces of Azov Battalion, the Right Sector, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and NATO were doing their utmost to defend the poor put upon Ukrainians of the Donetsk region, the likes of Patrick Lancaster were actually on the ground reporting disinformation, misinformation and other unknown unknown information creating mass formation psychosis to those misguided enough to follow him. A major element of the problem was the Russian misinformation disinformation platform Telegram, among the most dangerous and evil platforms in the whole wide Magic Roundabout clown world continuum garden. Be warned. Never explore this channel. It’s only here because I accidently clicked on copy and paste:

Marijuanna sent back her full and detailed report to BBC Broadcasting Pravda House HQ where her colleagues were busy mending the recently damaged Prospero and Ariel statue carved by Eric Gill, on display at the BBC since 1933. There were scurrilous allegations about the sculptor sexually abusing his daughters and the family dog. Obviously, this disinformation misinformation had been promulgated by far-right extremists to slander the LBGTPabcxyz movement. Marijuanna knew the ideas of Dr. E. Michael Jones, a dangerously devout Catholic, must be quelled, that the anus as a sex organ concept must be maintained and one of the biggest, baddest threats to the free, liberal collective West was of course, Vlad The Bio-Lab Slayer Putin. Just look at this Putin funded propaganda…

Putin, who even threatens the freedom of children to explore their own sexuality while in the womb, must be stopped and the likes of dastardly Patrick Lancaster must be exposed. Obviously, not exposed as per the clothing-optional #Pride event water party in Washington Square Park in New York City, but his evil reporting propaganda must be exposed, verified and falsified. Indeed, perhaps it was time to have a serious talk with ThemTube because Patrick still has a channel which, of course, it is strongly advised you never, never, ever, never explore…

Oh, it was all such tiring work and Marijuanna deserved a well-earned rest. As Uncle Zebedee would say. ‘Time for bed!’




5 Responses to “Spring Time For Patrick Lancaster”

  1. ian says:

    Brilliant Ned.

  2. danceaway says:

    Please continue, Ned. These posts are quite remarkable!

  3. NPP says:

    That’s settled then. I shall do so.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Great headline!