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Don’t Get Fooled Again

It’s unlikely Marijuanna Spring, niece of Zebedee and BBC Disinformation & Social Media Correspondent, will interview Alex Mitchell anytime soon. Marijuanna, known as Marianna at BBC HQ, has recently launched ‘Marianna in Conspiracyland’, ‘What happened to the people who fell down the rabbit hole into a world of conspiracy theories during the pandemic?’
On her Twitter page someone called Marc Mordey @MarcMordey has commented, “A really brilliant series from @mariannaspring and thoroughly recommended. Illuminating, troubling and insightful. Broadcast journalism of the highest calibre.”

Broadcast journalism of the highest calibre? I heard one of the programmes while driving. To my ears it was yet more Monty Python clown world continuum. But then, I didn’t believe the ‘pandemic’ narrative from the outset; never wore a face nappy, never took a PCR test and not had a jab of any description perhaps since the last century.

Alex Mitchell did. Alex followed the rules, whether by choice or pressure to do so for work, he took the covid1984 jab and subsequently received a £120K government payout for his vaccine related damage. He was a scaffolder and played in a rock band. He has learned the hard way. Meanwhile, ex-Health Minister has reportedly been paid £300K to eat animal penis in a jungle.

Iain Davis, a contributor to the UK Column News, a platform that does talk to the likes of Alex Mitchell, writes at:
‘Marianna earns somewhere in the region of £70K – £84K per annum as a BBC correspondent.’
BBC Salaries:

I read 1984 in 1984 and deliberately refer to covid1984. We are currently having wall to wall legacy media coverage of the loss of 5 lives and an imploded ocean going submersible while Andrew Bridgen, MP for The Reclaim Party, struggles to get any debate within the House of Commons about thousands, if not millions world-wide, harmed and possibly killed by the covid1984 jab, let alone the deaths from the lockdown policy which included a ‘revamped’ version of The Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient (LCP)…
… implemented by then UK Health Minister, Matt Hancock.

Journalist Isabel Oakeshott, published on Twitter, ‘To all the crazies still wanging on about “midazolam” – however loudly you shout, however abusive you get, I’m never going to believe that the government set out to euthanise the elderly. FWIW, there is NOTHING about midazolam in the Lockdown Files. You just sound mad.’

‘Mad’ Maajid Nawaz ‘wangs’ on about the ‘midazolam’ story here…

Alex Mitchell has been called an anti-vaxxer. Pause for thought. I repeat. He’s been called an anti-vaxxer.

He took the vax and lost his leg, nearly his life. How brutally clear does it have to be Marijuanna? Down which rabbit hole has Alex fallen? The one whereby you must relinquish a leg before being enlightened by the BBC Ministry of Truth? Alex has conducted himself politely and steadfastly post-operation, but if he were confronted by Marijuanna, I wouldn’t be surprised, if before giving a courteous verbal response, he’d be thinking, ‘Ohh, just fuck off!”

Broadcast journalism of the highest calibre? The BBC have sunk to depths of Pravda-like journalism and have been involved in pushing and promoting the covid1984, Ukraine and carbon zero narratives. If people died due to the covid1984 policy, I suspect carbon zero, pushed by all from Boris to Starmer to Biden to the UN et al, will kill in even greater numbers.

I thought my community might have learned from the Weapons of Mass Destruction lies, but Tony Bliar still does the rounds including the BBC, insisting we be digitally tagged, periodically jabbed and save the planet at our own expense; just not his.

Alex and his fellow vax-injured friend John Watt give their critical appraisal of Marijuanna’s ‘broadcast journalism of the highest calibre’…

I understand Alex is a Who fan. The WHO? Who are you?

Please, let’s not get fooled again.





4 Responses to “Don’t Get Fooled Again”

  1. ian says:

    What bunch of cnuts the BBC are. I’d like a breakdown of who is vaxxed and who isn’t.

  2. danceaway says:

    Thank you once again, Ned. Love the way you pull things together.