Dear Marijuanna Spring…

I caught Marianna in Conspiracyland on BBC R4 while driving. I listened out of curiosity. It was so bias, so out of touch, so bloody useless. Marijuanna is the voice of moderation while we are all extremists; according to Marijuanna. BBC standards? Where have they gone? I find myself asking, were there ever any? Perhaps the BBC’s always been crap and it took the emergence of the internet to show us? You need a BBC license to access these, but the links are for the record and reference:
Her hit piece on newspaper:

By contrast…
The Delingpod with Dr. Mike Yeadon:



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One Response to “Dear Marijuanna Spring…”

  1. ian says:

    I agree on all fronts Ned, and would like to know how many BBC employees got the cl ot shot. The guy interviewing Stew Peters, dragged his feet when asked and refused an answer.