Elon Musk’s Hidden Family Background Is Scary As Hell!

Everyone should know Elon is the grandson of one of the original evil Technocrats of Canada. This Cult of Fabian Socialists Psychos ALWAYS groom (rape/train) (or kill) their own children (His mom is an obvious Satanist. They are pure Psychos–trained Malthusian Fabian Socialist and Pedophiles (like the Trudeau’s and Labor Party and the Biden Mafia–child rapers). Below is a group of Fabians who wrote letters to each other and was documented by Z. Dobbs in “Keynes at Harvard”.

Elon is going to create the greatest data collection site in World to track and control every single person which will digitalize everything (Meta-Reality for the Kiddies). Electric Vehicles are for total control over travel after they eliminate gas cars; people will only be able to travel five miles, if that unless authorized by the Technocrats. It will be like “Hunger Games” movie. People will be slaves–total Playthings for the Elites.

Elon was “groomed” from birth to bring in the American version of “Weibo”/”WeChat” which is creating the ideal “Technocracy” in China as I type. The military/CIA set him up (as Reese Report documented). China is the “model city” of the Rockefeller/Rothschild Globohomo Cult who funded Yalie, Mao–their controlled-trained puppet.

They didn’t have the technology or the corporation CEOs in key positions controlling the West at Elon’s creepy grandaddy’s time, but cult members like HG Wells and Huxley wrote about their Plans in “Open Conspiracy” and “Brave New World”.

They kill the Alpha masculine moral Males or lock them up–like J6ers, who try to expose their plans/FFs. Cecil Rhodes was a huge pederast and Fabian Socialist like below. They plundered Africa for billions. The Rhodes Scholarship–taps the “right thinkers” who are easily bribed and controlled (pedophiles/degenerates like below–note, Felix sat on US Supreme Court) to become groomed future “politicians” or “World Leaders”, “justices”–same as their WEF organization.


One Response to “Elon Musk’s Hidden Family Background Is Scary As Hell!”

  1. raymond says:

    The study made in 2015 by Miles Mathis is well worth reading. With later updates.
    Usual background – Jewish family, intimately tied to the CIA. Also, another undeclared Gay with a toupee. Ouch.