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Alex Christorofou demonstrates the remarkable idiocy of the collective west once again…..

Alex opens with a clip from the White House spokeswoman declaring that she wants to be ‘clear’ that Putin is waging war by shutting down NORDSTROM 1 ( the upmarket department store).

Alex’s commentary is priceless – he could be a comedian! He carries on for several minutes until he can’t stop himself from laughing.

Ukraine opens second front in Kharov; has made some progress; picked a weak spot but where Russia can easily obtain reinforcements. Expect same results as Kherson which has been rebranded as “a slow grind”,

Zelensky went against US advice with second counter offensive, but there are two factions in the US, the Pentagon and the White House ( Victoria Nuland and co ) and Z listens more to the second, who need a victory to sell to the collective west in order to sell more weapons.

Ukraine is coming to them, so why should Russia move quickly? Alex believes the slower the military operation, the faster the collapse of the collective west.

IAEA Report on ZNPP – recommended a ‘safe zone’; they are a collective west globalisation institution, so doing their bidding. This would be out of Russian control, not neutral, collective west; Russia not agreeing to it.

Came to no conclusion at all; avoided topic of who is doing the shelling; placed no blame on either side; Alex sees this as a win for Russia, for if they had found the tiniest bit of evidence they would have blamed Russia. It also means that they know who is doing the shelling.

EU travel ban on Russians to come into effect as early as next week. EU declares there is no reason for trust or privilege of relationship between Russia and the EU. Mulitentry visa will cease; One  time visa will increase from 35 to 80 Euros and processing time  from 10 day to 45 days, so pretty much an all out ban.

There were a few moderate voices against this, but the hysterical, belligerent voices always win out in the collective west, as a rule of thumb.

Turkey emerges the winner. Erdogan says the the “EU reaps what it sows.”. He must feel he has dodged a bullet having been excluded from EU membership for some 30 years; the EU is a prison cell.

However Russians can travel to most other countries in the world, including the US, so once again, the EU has shot itself in both feet.

Clown World; MSM is claiming that according to intelligence reports Russia is so low on military supplies that it is being bailed out by North Korea.

The whole programme a most informative and enjoyable listen; Alex has such a contagious sense of humour!