A Deliberately Engineered Quasi Biblical Scenario

The same problems – fake plagues, dangerous jabs, energy shortages, famine and mass starvation, inflation, designer wars, soaring prices and so on – are occurring everywhere around the world. This is no coincidence.

Here are some of the other changes being organised by the conspirators:

1. Gender confusion is being manufactured everywhere. In Germany, for example, citizens are now allowed to change their gender (and their selected pronouns) once a year. `This year I’ll be male. Next year I’ll be female.’ There is no point in feminists complaining – unless they are prepared to join those of us demonised as `conspiracy theorists’. Left wing extremists (supported by the conspirators) are driving the agenda and censoring anyone who disagrees with their point of view. (Censorship is now commonplace. It is worth noting that harmful literature – such as plays written by Shakespeare and novels by Dickens – are now being withdrawn. Books by Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austen are among those requiring a warning be given to those who might read them.)

2. The police are too busy scouring social media for comments which might upset someone, or arresting motorists who have upset cyclists, to bother with solving or preventing crime. The police in England and Wales have failed to solve any thefts in eight out of ten neighbourhoods in England and Wales over the last three years. (You might ask why we’re still paying for a police force. But if you do ask, I’m afraid I cannot think of an answer.)

3. There are now 6.6 million people waiting for essential NHS treatment. That figure is growing and is expected to hit 13-14 million within a year. The waiting lists were deliberately engineered. Despite the abject failure of the NHS, staff are being offered `hardship grants’ denied to other citizens.

4. The number of people described as `long-term sick’ is growing rapidly. Millions are now claiming to be suffering from `long covid’ – and will be unable to work again. The cost of looking after this huge army of chronically sick individuals runs into billions ever year. Mass chronic illness is a global problem and is exacerbated by the absurd reliance on the PCR test – the world’s most useless test.

5. Economic forecasts show that the future is bleak indeed. The problems ahead are nothing to do with the fake global warming story but everything to do with deliberate sabotage of the world economy. Unless the conspirators are beaten back, there is no doubt that today’s children will be living in a broken –and probably un-mendable – world of fear, poverty and abject slavery. If you think I’m exaggerating then you haven’t been paying attention.

6. Employers would be wise to avoid hiring the vaxxed. Most of them are brain damaged and will fall ill in the next year or two. Those who regularly wore masks will have also suffered brain damage and damage to their immune systems.

7. The UK’s water companies waste 3 billion litres of water a day through leaks. That is enough to meet the daily needs of around 20 million people. Water companies (like other utilities) are often owned by foreign companies which are solely concerned with profits – and which do nothing to repair broken delivery systems. The UK has more rainfall than anywhere in the EU and yet the British are being told to spend less time washing and to flush their loos only occasionally.

8. The chief medical officer of BioNTech says that data from studies in mice shows that a new covid jab will be effective. She says that this data, combined with experience and data from previous covid jabs, `may be sufficient for emergency approval’ of the new jab. The US FDA has said it would be prepared to approve the shot while trials are on-going. In my view, this is unheard of and incredibly dangerous. It is worth noting that the pharmaceutical industry regards animal experiments as entirely useless. When a drug is tested on animals and turns out to cause cancer or other serious problems, the drug will still be used for humans on the grounds that animals are different to people. There is, on my website, a list of 50 prescription drugs known to cause serious health problems in animals but which were passed for use in humans `because animals are different’. But when animal experiments are considered useful (and give the `right’ results) they are accepted.

9. GPs now work an average of 26 hours and earn well over £100,000 with huge bonuses of £50,000 to £100,000 for authorising their practice nurses to give vaccines and covid jabs. (Most of the cost of the nurses is met by taxpayers.) What are GPs doing with their time? Many are earning additional fees working for internet doctor sites. Patients who consult an online doctor will be consulting someone else’s GP – who is probably working a 26 hour week for their NHS patients.

10. The self-employed are being deliberately destroyed by the conspirators who want everyone to be dependent upon the state. The number of individuals classified as self-employed is falling rapidly. Successful small companies often begin as an individual working alone. Nearly half of all the self-employed earn less than £1,000 a month.

11. Rental properties are becoming ever more expensive as private landlords are forced to sell up because of oppressive new legislation. The worldwide aim is for no one to own anything and for everyone to live in a tiny apartment in a city centre block.

12. If Sunak becomes Prime Minister, anyone criticising the UK government will be referred to a new governmental counter terrorism programme called Prevent – which will be designed to isolate and punish those who believe that they are entitled to say what they think about their government. Sunak, of course, has links to the WEF. At the start of this campaign I warned that if Sunak becomes the UK’s next Prime Minister then we are lost. (See my article entitled `Any candidate is better than Sunak for Prime Minister’ which appeared on my websites on 16th July 2022.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2022

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    Vernon always sums it up very well. I really like his style.