Hot potato – ‘Meteor’ fragment found in resident’s garden in Ellesmere, Shropshire on Good Friday.

A lady in Ellesmere, Shropshire called Julia finds a strange item in her garden, notified only a few hours ago (23rd April 2022) on her Facebook page.

On Ellesmere Community News which by chance I am a member of.

Is it, she  wonders, part of the meteor being looked for by scientists, as reported in local media?

Advice please, found in my garden Good Friday morning. Is this part of the meteor do you think?

Or another possibility – was it part of a missile fired by Russia and shot down making a giant flash in the sky during the Thursday morning incident?

Justin Evans

The advice on the news was if you find a piece, not to touch it so I hope every one who has is ok.
The advice from California scientist is a bit small when copied from facebook.  But it clearly says, ‘don’t touch’.
Could it be that there is a hidden suggestion that the missile fired by Russia and possibly shot down by some defensive system was potentially a nuclear missile?
This picture was released of the incident with no indication as to where the fireball was located, despite the terrain being visible and a building standing in the foreground.  Was this actually a picture of what happened?  I’m not sure.
Article in The Shrewsbury Chronicle published on the 21st April 2022 Thursday dates the incident as ‘last Wednesday evening’ which was the 13th presumably, elsewhere given as the  early hours of the 14th April, with no exact time given in this piece, saying a spectacular fireball exploded over the region.
In other publications, the time was given as 00.45 am on the 14th.  Maybe the date is being left a bit vague to fit a narrative, which would explain the inconsistency in reports – essentially to make it seem that the ‘spectacular fireball’ happened before the Russian ultimatum, which was given on the 13th April, reported as below, warning of ‘unintended consequences’ – this being a codeword in diplomatic correspondence to mean the use of nuclear weapons.
Otherwise this event happening on the 14th April, being a Russian missile fired at a UK military target such as Donnington in Telford would fit the timing of the rejection of Russia’s diplomatic letter a bit too well for comfort.
The shooting down of the missile would justify deploying a number of people to search for the fragments especially if there was nuclear material involved.
The item in the picture was found in Julia’s garden on Good Friday morning, which was the 15th April.
This all comes after Russia’s ultimatum to the US and the UK was rejected out of hand on the 13th April.

Another possible useage of a Russian missile which was not shot down could be an attack on RAF Welford on the 16th April, described by the media as an explosion of a fireworks warehouse in Newbury, which closed the M4 in both directions.
Report of Russian diplomatic letter to Washington and London.  The diplomatic note was dated Tuesday 13th April 2022, and was not reported in the world’s media.  So no one in England has been told that Russia has warned the government that it will reply to our country’s meddling in Ukraine with missiles which could be nuclear.
If the item found in Julia’s garden were a meteor fragment it would be 100% burned and black, not just toasted on one side……
Julia will likely go very quiet from here.  Not that nothing has happened.  On the contrary.  The meteor fragment will be picked up from her by two or more people who will inform her that she has to remain silent about the matter.  Her facebook post will be probably be quietly removed, or it will be left hanging with no update.
I’ll be happy to be wrong.  If Russia launched an old style ICBM against Britain on the 14th April, it was probably shot down by a beam weapon defensive system (a real Star Wars episode).  The warhead could have been nuclear but not necessarily so.  Maybe a warning.  Russia then launched a hypersonic missile at RAF Welford’s munitions depot which hit home making a massive explosion and fire – called a FIreworks warehouse in the few media outlets that reported it, despite the incident closing the M4 in both directions.
Russia was responding to the fire which destroyed the Moskva in The Black Sea just out of her home port in Sevastopol, killing one and 26 disappearing in the fire according to the Russian Defense Ministry.  This was possibly caused by a space beam weapon.  After Russia retaliated with the hypersonic weapon against RAF Welford, NATO/US burned down the Military Research Institute in Moscow with a devastating fire, and then did the same to the largest solvents plant in Russia further to the East.
I am sure Julia’s was not the only fragment found of the ICBM which was vaporised by the beam weapon.  It’s just that I happen to be the same Facebook group.
My point in raising this issue is that the British people have not been told about the Russian ultimatum and its rejection out of hand by the British and American governments.  In effect we are tyhe cause of this war, not Russia, who continually tries to negotiate a peaceful settlement.  How Russia will deal with space weaponry remains to be seen.  But if she is forced to back down by beam weapons, I would imagine this will not be the last ICBM fired onto Britain, or the last hypersonic weapon.  Maybe people should be told.
The only political party in Britain which has a peace agenda are The English Democrats with their leader solicitor Robin Tilbrook.  If you want peace, join them and vote them, and get them started in your area now.