Loud bang and second fireball in the sky over Shropshire reported


They say lightning never strikes twice in the same place.  I posted the story of the meteor last week, which was supposed to have landed in South Shropshire.  For some reason the meteor exploded and pieces were being looked for by ‘scientists’ south of Shrewsbury, where I happen to live.

I then posted the story from Ellesmere Community News, in the north of the county, that a resident found a piece of metal or rock in her garden on Good Friday.  It appeared burned on one side only.  She photographed it, measured it and put it online, asking the Community what people thought it might be.


This was a most curious incident.  I went in once more to Ellesmere Community News to find any development to the story – with no more from the poster to say what had happened next.

Was she told to hand in the piece to the authorities and to keep quiet?

I asked her what had happened since and then made it sound like an April Fool joke.  Maybe it was, yet that wasn’t the feel of the initial discussion at all.

UPDATE – is placing the piece of rock in the garden part of the hoax?  The witness seems most unwilling to elaborate.

This episode came a few days after I posted about the explosion at the ‘fireworks factory’ in Newbury, which was big enough to close both lanes of the M4 motorway.

Local eyewitness accounts were quite clear that the fire was not south of the M4 but north.  One lady who was four miles from the explosion (if it was in fact at RAF Welford) said the smoke was so thick that she decided to go home from the playground where she was with her children.  The Daily Telegraph, Daily Express and Daily Mirror all covered the fire and called it the ‘fireworks warehouse’ as announced by the Fire Service.

Yet there is no record of there being any fireworks storage in Newbury.


I ran the story of the meteor impacting in Shropshire next.

We’ve had the fireworks factory explosion. Now we have meteorites!!!!

We now have another report of a second  fireball in the sky in Shropshire, not connected to the meteor episode.  The source for this is a closed group online and I have spoken with one of the members who won’t give the name of the private group.

The incident happened five days ago and was reported online by a resident from Weston Rhyn.

She heard a very loud bang, saw a fireball in the sky and heard the sound of a jet aircraft.  People in Morda (about six miles away) heard the bang, as did people in Ellesmere (also about 6 miles away).  It took place about 10.30 pm – probably on the 19th April.

Was this a missile being shot down this time, or another meteor?

There is accumulating evidence that

1. the UK is being attacked from the air.

2. something in the Shropshire region is being attacked, as well as targets in other locations.  (Cheshire also had a large fire but the online reports are no longer there).


Locals are wondering what it is, that is being attacked.

I guess the missiles being fired are Russian……

What is there in North Shropshire that is coming under attack?

Or into North Wales.

The South Shropshire meteor news reports seem to be a mislead, as to area affected.


Locally the word seems to be out, and not so many people are going out from their homes.  It’s eerily quiet in town, in fact, according to two witnesses.


The Russians sent a diplomatic letter to the US and the UK warning of ‘unintended consequences’ if we continued to meddle with Ukraine.  This was on the 13th April.

The phrase ‘Unintended Consequences’ is diplomat speak for the use of nuclear weapons.

The US and the UK informed the Russians by return that they intended to carry on meddling, despite this threat.


Since then the bangs, fireworks and meteor strikes all started.

At what point either the media opens up and lets people know the bangs have an identifiable common cause, and the story goes mainstream, I couldn’t tell you.

Meantime it’s all hush hush!

What can people do?

In the UK there is only one political party that has a peace agenda.

It’s the English Democrats.

Don’t leave peace to chance.  Vote for them!

Otherwise the LibLabCon will eventually bring more destruction to all our doors.

Meanwhile the meddling goes on in Russia and Ukraine.  See top of post.  It would not be surprising if Russia decided to hit back, and hard.

But why Shropshire?




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3 Responses to “Loud bang and second fireball in the sky over Shropshire reported”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The meteor hoax hits main media. No date given or time….footage is from Turkey.
    They need people to think there’s a meteor to explain two incidents a week apart, and decide they saw nothing military.

    • ian says:

      Yes Tap’, the masses might not be so supportive of NATO’s taunting of Russia, if they realised where it might lead.

  2. Tapestry says:

    There is another suspicious fire in East Russia today at an airfield. It seems there is some kind of directed energy weapon in use by NATO/US against Russia, while apart from RAF Welford, Russian attempts to strike Britain have so far been successfully ‘dealt with’. That does not mean that Russia can’t up its game and fire some serious weaponry at the UK which is the first NATO target selected. If NATO starts a serious fire day by day across Russia somewhere, then Russia will feel obliged to do something worse in retaliation. Something that the media cannot hide. People should be told what is actually going on.