One Response to ““If Covid is put on the death certificate we will pay for your funeral”.”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The threat is the vaccine. The COVID narrative started with flu vaccine injuries – blood clots which killed all those placed on ventilators and given opiates by doctors when they could nearly all have lived with correct treatment – anti-coagulants to deal with the blood clots. All these deaths were listed as COVID to drive people to get vaccinated again. The COVID vaccine is the next attempt to kill big numbers of people. Spanish flu was a doctor provided massacre – by vaccine (20 million died). So was Gulf War Syndrome (275,000 made sick and many died). So was AIDS (200 million died from a condition delivered in the Hepatitis B and Smallpox vaccines by Dr Fauci). COVID is an attempt by Fauci and his supporters (Gates, the Great Reset proposers) to kill billions worldwide by vaccine. If you’ve had two shots, you must buy time by lifting your chances in every other way you can and fight to undo the mRNA fix put inside your body, and don’t get the booster shot –