I took the vaccine, realise my mistake and want to live. What can I do now?

Number one.  Don’t have any more shots of any kind.  The offer of booster shots shows that the vaccine effects will wear off if you can get through it.

Number two.  If you’re a smoker, quit now.   Or drinker etc.

Number three.  Stop watching TV and listening to main media.  Fear and depression are not healthy states of mind.  Listen to yourself from hereon.

Read advice from Dr Mercola and Jim Stone.  I add my own thoughts coming after many decades of dealing with the effects of poisoning from agricultural chemicals which, when I was a child, caused damage to my DNA.  Step one is to cut out all the toxic and stressful things in your life – as best you can.  And in turn give yourself the best nutrition, positive experiences that you can.  Filtered water.  Organic foods.  Stop using toothpaste and use saline instead.  Exercise a little if you can, stay within your limits.  Cut down on your exposures to mobile phones, cellphone towers, wifi and other electrical impurities.  There’s so much you can do, which can turn your condition around.

First Dr Mercola. www.tapnewswire.com/2021/07/nebulise-sauna-dont-get-booster-shots-and-survive-the-two-shot-vaccine/

If you got the vaccine and now regret it, you may be able to address your symptoms using the same strategies you’d use to treat actual SARS-CoV-2 infection.

I’ve written many articles over the past year detailing simple strategies to improve your immune system, and with a healthy immune system, you’ll get through COVID-19 without incident. Below, I’ll summarize some of the strategies you can use both to prevent COVID-19 and address any side effects you may encounter from the vaccine.

Eat a “clean,” ideally organic diet. Avoid processed foods of all kinds, especially vegetable oils, as they are loaded with damaging omega-6 linoleic acid that wrecks your mitochondrial function. Linoleic acid has been shown to increase mortality from COVID-19.

Consider nutritional ketosis and time-restricted eating, both of which will help you optimize your metabolic machinery and mitochondrial function.

Implement a detoxification program to get rid of heavy metals and glyphosate. This is important as these toxins contribute to inflammation. To improve detoxification, I recommend activating your natural glutathione production with molecular hydrogen tablets.

A simple way to block glyphosate uptake is to take glycine. Approximately 3 grams, about half a teaspoon, a few times a day should be sufficient, along with an organic diet, so that you’re not adding more glyphosate with each meal.

Maintain a neutral pH to improve the resiliency of your immune system. You want your pH to be right around 7, which you can measure with an inexpensive urine strip. The lower your pH, the more acidic you are. A simple way to raise your pH if it’s too acidic (and most people are) is to take one-fourth teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or potassium bicarbonate in water a few times a day.

Nutritional supplementation can also be helpful. Among the most important are:

Vitamin D — Vitamin D supplements are readily available and one of the least expensive supplements on the market. All things considered, vitamin D optimization is likely the easiest and most beneficial strategy that anyone can do to minimize their risk of COVID-19 and other infections, and can strengthen your immune system in a matter of a few weeks.
N-acetylcysteine (NAC) — NAC is a precursor to reduced glutathione, which appears to play a crucial role in COVID-19. According to one literature analysis,31 glutathione deficiency may actually be associated with COVID-19 severity, leading the author to conclude that NAC may be useful both for its prevention and treatment.
Zinc — Zinc plays a very important role in your immune system’s ability to ward off viral infections. Like vitamin D, zinc helps regulate your immune function32 — and a combination of zinc with a zinc ionophore, like hydroxychloroquine or quercetin, was in 2010 shown to inhibit SARS coronavirus in vitro. In cell culture, it also blocked viral replication within minutes.33 Importantly, zinc deficiency has been shown to impair immune function.34
Melatonin — Boosts immune function in a variety of ways and helps quell inflammation. Melatonin may also prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection by recharging glutathione35 and enhancing vitamin D synthesis, among other things.
Vitamin C — A number of studies have shown vitamin C can be very helpful in the treatment of viral illnesses, sepsis and ARDS,36 all of which are applicable to COVID-19. Its basic properties include anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antioxidant, antithrombotic and antiviral activities. At high doses, it actually acts as an antiviral drug, actively inactivating viruses. Vitamin C also works synergistically with quercetin.37
Quercetin — A powerful immune booster and broad-spectrum antiviral, quercetin was initially found to provide broad-spectrum protection against SARS coronavirus in the aftermath of the 2003 SARS epidemic,38,39,40 and evidence suggests it may be useful for the prevention and treatment of SARS-CoV-2 as well.
B vitamins — B vitamins can also influence several COVID-19-specific disease processes, including41 viral replication and invasion, cytokine storm induction, adaptive immunity and hypercoagulability.
Type 1 interferon — Type 1 interferon prevents viral replication and helps degrade the RNA. It’s available in spray form that you can spray directly into your throat, your nose. Mikovits recommends taking a couple of sprays per day prophylactically, and more if you have a cough, fever or headache.

What to do if you’ve had the vaccine and now regret it

TAP –  don’t forget saunas, followed by cold shower if you’re strong enough.  That lifts up anyone’s nervous system to a higher plane.   You feel like saying keep away from doctors and hospitals but that depends on the trustworthiness of the doctor, and the seriousness of your condition!!!  Don’t go on opiates like fentanyl or get hooked up to ventilators, and don’t get any jabs.  The longterm effects of the mRNA are unknown.  Your own immune system knows how to rebuild if you can buy yourself time.

Jim Stone writes –

In some people – those who are either very robust or did not get hit too hard for some other reason – their own genetic correcting mechanisms will eventually correct the shot out of their systems, and eventually, due to this, they will not be magnetic anymore. The magnetism is the result of genetic modifications telling the cells to do something they were never designed to do and in some cases, some people will have adequate repair mechanisms to fix what the shot does, at least partially.

An example of another type of DNA damage your cells can fix: Radiation is another way DNA damage can occur, and your cells get damaged by radiation ALL THE TIME. Every minute of every day of your life – and your body has DNA repair mechanisms that stitch the DNA back together when it gets damaged. Radiation damage is not usually permanent. If it does not go overboard, you eventually get over it. We live in a radioactive universe, get bombarded with ionizing radiation all the time, and our bodies were designed to cope with it. There are some regions of Iran where natural radiation is 250 millisieverts per year and the people living in those zones do not turn into mushrooms. They are fine.

The reason why they wanted a continuous string of booster shots was to circumvent having people self-heal and get over it. Many people will not self heal and I would not get the shot expecting I would but if people’s DNA is always checking for errors and fixing itself, lots of people are going to be able to self repair with no intervention at all. This will give the con artists plenty of fodder to “prove their cure worked” when it did nothing at all.

There will always be permanent damage from a shot that deliberately attacks your DNA, but if you get over it “enough”, the shot will not do the job they intended for it to do. After (quite a while) those who got only one jab might at least sort of be OK.


The saying ‘Time is a great healer’ applies so buy yourself time by avoiding toxicity and boosting your immune system as much as you can. 

Other sources focused on pine needles claiming a tea made from pine needles helped resist spike proteins (See Ian29’s comment). These things cannot harm you and might help. I found all therapies offer some benefit after decades of recovery from supposedly deadly farm chemicals. Never give up, and use everything you can to get through this deliberate attack on your being. If you can buy time, your body can recover from anything. I saw a soldier who was heavily hit by depleted uranium and seemed practically dead, make a full recovery. Maybe some hospitals will start specialising in helping people recover from the mRNA vaccine. Keep searching. Keep believing and you will find a way. The great re-setters have taken you on. You must now fight back and win.

One final thing.  Stop giving your support to political parties and government health bureaucracies that clearly want you to die.  There is a party operating with a pro-human agenda.  Its Chairman is Robin Tilbrook.  They are The English Democrats.  www.englishdemocrats.party


16 Responses to “I took the vaccine, realise my mistake and want to live. What can I do now?”

    • Tapestry says:

      Thanks Ian29. Other sources focused on pine needles claiming a tea made from pine needles helped resist spike proteins. These things cannot harm you and might help. I found all therapies offer some benefit after decades of recovery from supposedly deadly farm chemicals. Never give up, and use everything you can to get through this deliberate attack on your being. If you can buy time, your body can recover from anything. I saw a soldier heavily hit by depleted uranium poisoning who seemed practically dead make a full recovery. Maybe some hospitals will start specialising in helping people recover from the mRNA vaccine. Keep searching. Keep believing and you will find a way. The great re-setters have taken you on. You must fight back and win.

      • emm jay says:

        Hey Tap, had to look twice then re hospitals.

        “Maybe some hospitals will start specialising in helping people recover from the mRNA vaccine. Keep searching.”


    • Gordon says:

      Gen 1:29  And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. 




  1. Tapestry says:

    emm jay, at this stage hospitals won’t admit that vaccine damage exists, following government guidelines, but if millions are getting sick and many dying, the government will be forced to alter its position. Some hospitals are NHS licensed and these can have a more independent approach. Somewhere in the world there must be a change in hospital administration, or the people might as well start running their own and simply bypass the NHS. If hospitals are extermination zones (which they are) at some point people will have to notice, despite all the propaganda. Which is why people must first stop watching TV, listening to radio if they are to survive. In hospitals individual doctors started to treat COVID correctly despite instructions from the genocidal Gates clan, and the death rate fell. The same will no doubt happen with vaccine victims. The human factor still counts.

  2. joseph2021 says:

    If you listen to the Clif High videos, he recommends high doses of vitamin D (chaga tea is one source) and even C60.

    Some years ago, CH singlehandedly multiplied global sales of C60. It went from total obscurity for afficionados to being promoted in many places. In one of his recent videos, he talks of giving C60 to a carpet fitter who was having problems. The guy downed the whole bottle of the stuff and found it very helpful. C60 may be the modern purified form of shilajit.

    Vitamin D is essential. If you listen to his bitchute videos, there’s a lot of information there. In Pardon My Woo, he said the Chinese used the Uighurs as their lab rats. They thought what they came up with, was effective but it turns out that it’s only if it’s used on the Uighurs, who have low levels of vitamin D. CH has been urging people to get their vitamin D levels high. In his twitter page, there’s chat on how exposing your **** to sunlight generates more vitamin D than other body parts. So “sun them balls” LOL!

    • Tapestry says:

      Give us some sun and we’ll give it a go. Neighbours might be a bit surprised. Another medical strategy is autophage. The body can eat damaged cells and replace them with fresh. PQQ stimulates this process, as does red wine or red grape extracts. Also fasting stimulates the process. Russian hospitals offer some unusual therapies using bacteria to eat away unwanted material. Maybe they can train one to hammer and replace the spike protein. Just be sure it’s not the same week they start lobbing nukes at Crewe Station…(refers comment on other thread re Russian retaliation to British naval provocation)

      Meanwhile sunshine on the nuts will be a great addition to the human anti-vaccine armoury. I am sure females can find their equivalent high VitD intake locations.

      • joseph2021 says:

        That’s what the C60 is supposed to do. People have been taking it for longevity and good health. Apparently it induces cell death for cells which are past their best and no longer of much use. So by removing the old cells, you are left with the younger and better working stuff. Or so they claim. There’s a lot of woo woo claims being made and I am not able to verify them myself. It was the Sarah Westall interview which started off the huge demand for C60. The YT video has been deleted but you might be able to grub around her website to see if the audio is available there. I did sort of transcribe it and posted this at: https://pastebin.com/NxTarMzw

        I told a friend with Hashimoto’s about this. She tried it and said she’s lost a lot of weight thereafter which pleased her greatly but obviously we can’t say for sure that this was due to the C60.

        An old geezer in a private forum reported that it gave him more energy and he felt better for it.

        There’s been some pretty miraculous reports knocking about. I used to take some now and again but never got any miracles from it.

        You have to be careful who you buy this stuff from. There’s some real crap out there and loads of sellers have appeared like mushrooms after the rain. One of the oldest and maybe the biggest seller is the Vaughter Wellness guys. They are in the UK but the stuff is sent from some eastern European country in the EU. I think she is reputable and she loathes CH, calling him a con man. There’s a lot of info on C60 at https://owndoc.shop/Antiaging/ The prices are very reasonable compared to the stuff sold by others, especially the US guys who cashed in on the C60 bandwagon. The original stuff is basically just extra virgin olive oil in which buckminsterfullerene carbon 60 powder has been dissolved. You can always buy the C60 powder and invest in your own stirring machine to dissolve it yourself but whatever you do, don’t dissolve it in water because you end up with a different animal altogether (apparently)

      • Tapestry says:

        Re C60, as I understand it, Carbon 60 extends the life of the telemere, which is in every cell in our bodies and as it shortens, this cuts lifespan. By lengthening the telemere with C60 you increase lifespan. I saw an interview about it at Jason Liosatos which was most instructive. Add this to your armoury for sure, but don’t skip reducing exposure to emfs, wifi, cellphone – avoiding vaccines ‘au naturel’ and most pharmakon – the Greek word for poison. Removing damaged cells by autophage, PQQ is said to be the thing. I buy it from Jarrow Formulas through a dealer and take two a day of – Pyrroloquinoline quinone 20 mg. Red wine of quality helps the process as does intermittent fasting – eating only within a six hour window each day – 1pm til 7pm. Only one glass of quality wine now! Not every day either.

      • joseph2021 says:

        Global nuclear holocaust is not permitted. They have tried and failed.

        I think we are coming up to general disclosure of the COVID truth. Someone received info that we’ll be told how we’ve all been conned and that this will happen in October. But October 2020 came and went with nothing happening. Now a psychic I follow has been asked about that show and she says it will happen. Maybe it will be in October 2021. Otherwise, there’s always the following year or the one after that etc. 🙂

        This is the show:
        It’s from a QHHT session.

        Do not take this as a recommendation for QHHT. Like all these quickie ways to get something, there are massive downsides. Kind of like using borax to decalcify your pineal gland.

        It may well be this October. That’ll be consistent with what Clif High’s data indicates. Some of his predictions have been amazingly spot on. They are not your usual vague predictions where one can say was misinterpreted if they do not come to pass. I remember he said there will be a power cut during the Superbowl. One guy bet a huge sum on that happening and the bookie reported him as a terrorist to law enforcement when he tried to collect. He pointed out CH’s prediction and escaped convictin but the bookie refused to paid him the full winnings. Anyway he made a lot of money and he offered a cut to CH who refused because he didn’t want any bad karma from it

      • joseph2021 says:

        There’s talk that it extends the length of the telemere but that may be wrong. I think those LiveLongerLab guys or maybe it was CH or the PurplePower guy who said the telemeres are longer because the cells with the shorter ones are induced to die off, thus raising the average length. But who cares. I only want results.

        It is kind to wish to help the vax victims who are now having jab regrets. But when you look at the bigger picture of what is coming, it’s pointless.

        We are reaching the end of the Kali Yuga. It’s baked in the cake. People will die off in waves. Mass deaths like the ones we’ve been seeing with the animals (birds, fish etc). This is very natural and not something bad and evil.

        The planetary spirit is about to shift. In one of CH’s recent videos, he said Mars is a dead planet while Earth is alive. He’s talking about 3D. When the planetary spirit shifts, 3D Earth will no longer support life in 3D. Robert Monroe (and others in the Monroe Institute) have done RV sessions where they visited Earth in the future. Can’t remember the year. Might be 2300 but don’t quote me on this. The planet was totally dead, dried up, with no life to be seen anywhere. This is coming. It is the destiny of the planetary spirit to shift to a higher dimension. The question is how many humans will shift with her. That’s why people should concentrate on raising their vibrations. And being kind to needy vax victims is one way, I grant you that.

        It will be very scary. Those who follow the spiritual path are the most likely to be unscathed. To be in this world but not of it. Raise your vibrations – there’s no other way of making the dimensional shift that I know of.

        I can’t find the link now for this article but here’s an extract from a commentary on a video (now gone) titled: US Military Major Ed Dames – The End (Remote Viewing Predictions)

        “a massive Wild Card that will end everything on this planet.

        I am especially interested in this because Dames describes Earth as being left in the barren, fire-swept condition that all the astral time travelers (including me) have seen: nothing alive, not even a weed and the ground parched and cracked.

        This video is remote viewing’s perception of Earth’s immanent last days. Ed Dames talks about a series of events that will happen before the solar flare attacks.”
        I believe that is coming. Apparently, Ed Dames has been teaching people how to escape those solar flares. He’s being silly. Those solar flares are not from the sun. It’s the Samvartaka Fire which comes from God and no-one escapes that. And if they only understood this, they would not have been looting the whole world to build those underground cities. But it’s an experience and all experiences are valid

  3. Tapestry says:

    C60 was made from crocodile fat by the Egyptians – called Messah – given to the richest people around so they lived a lot longer than the plebs – hence the word Messiah.

    • ian says:

      It has always been like this then Tap’.

      • Tapestry says:

        The plebs getting access to longevity medicine must be highly obnoxious to the power elites. They’ve dosed the world with toxicity so the world needs to fight back and find ways to survive the toxic medical onslaught. Finding new ways to wipe out the wealth of the plebs and return them to slave status is a topic well covered in the bible. Wiping them out with plague, flood and collapsed food supply is all part of the process. From memory the book of Exodus gives the standard treatment meted out to the riff raff by the Pharoahs, lending them money then collapsing the economy. They know the cycles of the sun and can predict grand solar minimums and extremes of weather, crop failure etc. Here we are back in ancient Egypt. The same families run the world as did then, despite great attempts to cover their tracks. They use spiritual powers from Satanic rituals to try to hold mankind down. If mankind would awaken and stop trusting the genocidal entities that run the world, it would help. At least we could push back here and there, instead of everyone rolling over to be slaughtered by vaccine.

      • ian says:

        It very obviously works well for them.

  4. ihunt says: