Which stories are the hoaxes, and which are real?

The Western MSM is beginning to acknowledge that many stories out of Ukraine are hoaxes, including the Ghost of Kiev and I noticed that in one day the number of Russian casualties dropped from well over 5,000 to 200. There are more skirmishes now so that number has climbed as high as 500.

The horrible shooting video of the husband and wife being killed by Ukranian forces on a snow covered road is legit, and Russia is attempting to take action to stop Ukranian nationalists from killing people as they attempt to flee Mariupol. The Western MSM, has taken a serious beating from that video which went viral despite enormous efforts to stop it. In response they staged their own – Russia fires on Reporters from Sky News” and it is clearly fake, with precision shooters making good and sure the bullets landed close but no one got hit. The behaviors of the reporters was completely different than the legit reaction of the husband and wife.  (the Russia fires on Reporters video is now removed from YouTube – Mike).

Britain seems to be ramping things up, begging for a direct confrontation with Russia. Obviously. We all know who owns that place.

Gasoline prices are going through the roof and food prices are soon to follow. Obviously nothing should be out of stock in the U.S. but Russians are mobbing the stores. Russia is succeeding well in keeping items stocked. Somewhat generous purchase limits have been placed in Russia which basically amount to “No more than 22 pounds of rice at a time”. That’s approximately where the limits are set.

Russia has banned the export of agricultural fertilizers and from what I have seen said but not directly looked up, Russia provides over 80 percent of America’s fertilizer. That could lead to big problems.


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