Test your COVIQ here.


So where’s the logic in this?

Your kid has a cough, maybe a fever.

What do you do?

Go and get tested, of course.

RESULT?  it’s positive – as in 93% of PCR tests.

Now what?

Go home and isolate for fourteen days (depending on your school’s protocol).

What next?

Two days later, the kid’s better.

Now he’s stuck at home for twelve more days and so are you.

So are all his classmates.

I’m afraid to say you failed the COVIQ test.

Why not do the normal thing?

Why not think of the likely consequences of your actions?

Keep your kid at home if he’s sick.

Wait til he’s better.

Then get back to school.

No kid goes to school sick.

If they get funny in the middle of the day, the school always calls to have them picked up.

What on earth is the point of the test?

Can anyone explain the logic in having a test?

Or is it simply that people are dumb?

(Actually fear freezes the brain and the logical brain becomes inaccessible, which is how propaganda works.  To release fear, go for anger – against me if you like, or humour or both – but stop watching the never-ending propaganda.)

I hope the self inflicted testers enjoy their confinement.

The schools have no choice but the parents do.

The test is your choice.  You are the ones damaging your own kids’ happiness, and probably health.

Stay free.  Stay alive.  Stay intelligent.

And remember.  DGTT.  Don’t get the..t…e….s…t

The results of a positive test is to be sent home with no special treatment, exactly the same as if you were negative in the test.

If you didn’t get the test, you get your COVIQ pass.  Congratulations!  You’re in the top 5%.

You won’t be depressed.  Nor will your family and friends.  Humans need company to be healthy and happy.

Don’t deny yourselves what you need over a test that is proven not to work.


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