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The Tap is a brilliantly informative blog, I tell people about it all the time and post links to articles on The Tap all over the place!

Thank you and well done!
Zheng Yong
Some reasons why I like your blog.

The name of the blog is short and simple. The list of recommended books.The Tap Blog Top Ten which helps newcomers.

Gillian You are able to articulate in detail what I and many others are thinking but would never be able to fully express.
If it wasn’t for me finding your blog, I would still be groping in the dark and wondering why our government and the governments of other countries seemed to be governing with one hand tied behind their collective backs and definitely not in the interests of their people. So a big thank you to you for your blog site and the information you bring to us.
I do have something going for me though and that is intuition and gut-instinct about people and situations.
Sue The info on your blog and all the links that I follow as a result, leave me absolutely STUNNED! What a horrible world this is turning out to be. Their greed is insatiable. These people need to be exposed and hung out to dry. No wonder all of this has been put down to the realms of “nutter conspiracy theorists”. It’s almost impossible to conceive of such utter evilness unless you start to put the facts together. You then come to the conclusion, that it’s all very real.

Roy (student) – Been reading the blog a couple of weeks. really helpful.
Wasp – You wrote ‘Where can we find the British Alex Jones?’ I thought that was you, Tap!
Anonymous – Tap, old boy, leave the blog as it is. It’s refreshingly personal. The site has your identity written through itand its unauthorised, amateur (compliment intended) nature is genuine and engaging. When blogs start getting ‘professional’ and corporate they put me off. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
I’ve learnt incredible things here that have proven correct.

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