New Site.

November 1st 2014.  Here we are with the new site!

UPDATE – November 12th – thanks to readers for many helpful comments and suggestions about the new site.  We’ve used every single suggestion made.  Keep ’em coming.

Hello to WordPress, where we hope things will run better than they did on Google, in fact our own website presented in a WordPress format.  We should be able to keep out the wreckers more easily on here, and adapt the site as time goes by to enable progress.  On blogger we were getting around 500,000 page downloads a month, which was fine, but many readers complained they couldn’t comment, page down, access posts and sometimes the site.  Let’s see if this works any better.  It should do so, and is doing so far.

The material posted comes in from different authors each day, some known previously, others not.

The readers are the writers are the blog.  The Tap is open house, just as it was before.

I learn new things on here every day and that’s why I’m still active more than eight years on since The Tap started.  The blog brings in the information needed to achieve a more informed world view, suited to living, working, and surviving in this period of time.  The structures of power we once believed in are being exposed to be very different to anything we previously imagined.  Once you know more, you can act more.  Knowledge is power, and knowledge starts here.

We’ve added a Donate key, under ‘Support’ The Tap.  The new WordPress environment has involved hiring an agency to do the work.  We will have an ongoing relationship with occasional bills to be paid from hereon.  The agency is run by a reader of The Tap, and I know he’s kept his charges to as reasonable level as he can.  We would like to do a lot more in the way of campaigning and supporting causes, posters, leaflets, attending conferences,  travelling around, influencing the course of events in the real world, as well as the virtual, making both more dynamic.  Such things cost money.   If you want to support growing activity financially, please send £20, or more, or less – from time to time.  It will boost up the activity level, and raise our morale to challenge the system more often and more powerfully.

Nothing will be wasted, and all donated funds will go direct to the blog, its maintenance and its causes.  This month so far we’ve paid out a little over £600 for internet services, and received a kind donation from someone for £20.

There is and will be no party political allegiance, although we will try to influence outcomes where we can, and politics and politicians will inevitably be a part of that process.  If for example we could fund people to stand as independents, and get away from the party/media control system, that might be something else we could do.  I might even stand as a candidate myself in Shropshire North against owen Paterson.  Without money coming in, we’ll have to stick to the copy and paste keys, and pull in ideas and inspiration from around the world, playing more of an observer role than participant.

If you see anything not working, or have any ideas/requests about future layout, infrastructure, let us know.  The site went live four hours ago, and so far seems to be functioning well.  (After a week, numbers of page downloads is already higher than it was on google, and it’s still rising most days as people find us, two and a half thousand visitors so far today (5 p.m.) with the evening yet to come.  Well done, Mike.  Nice job!


UPDATE December 4th 2014 – Thank you very much to the first few donors to The Tap Blog.  It really gives my morale a boost to have your help.  The bills are coming in, and it’s great to have some help from the readers to meet some of the cost.

£1040 out so far, as at January 11th 2015.

And £95 in (3 donations as at 27th December 2014).  It’s exciting to have such help and it keeps me going.  Keep ’em coming.  Thanks, readers.


17 Responses to “New Site.”

  1. MJ says:

    “many readers complained they couldn’t comment, page down, access posts and sometimes the site. Let’s see if this works any better”

    Must say that when using IE I can access the new site but no content shows. It’s just a white page with your banner at the top. I have to switch to Firefox to be able to read anything.

  2. alex says:

    Am I hallucinating – all the interesting content gone; site is as bland as 99% of other “alternate” sites.

    • Tapestry says:

      Not quite finished the site yet Alex. Lots of work still to do. At least we’re launched though, which is a great relief to us. Much lies under buttons at top of column now rather than exposed to all. What precisely do you want to see?
      The Tap isn’t bland. Which posts are bland?!! Do others agree?
      This weekend has been tricky in hotel without wifi.
      I didn’t know such things existed.

  3. Mark says:

    Suggestion. Change e.g. ‘Tapestry 3 hours ago’ with time and date (no ‘Tapestry’) M. (Maybe I should be ‘M’ rate

  4. Mark says:

    ooops, sent early… and I was deleting: ‘(Maybe I should be ‘M’ rate…’

    Went against that idea. Then again…

    M ark

  5. Mark says:

    Also. Number of comments, with the date.


  6. hilary says:

    Hi, am not happy with the new THE TAP as like to tweet and now because of this new look am unable too, am unsure if this is deliberate to stop the news getting out, but was under the impression that was the only point to the tap to help wake people up and inform them on what is going on, this is a sad state of affairs

    • Mike says:

      Social share buttons now added.

      Reply here if any problems with these.

    • Tapestry says:

      The site was launched before all was ready, partly as I was desperate to get out of blogger, and also because there is only so much you can think of pre-launch and prepare, and launching makes it all happen. Mike’s handling the comments (overnight – his daytime) which impact on the site like yours and reacts to them. Thanks for your input. I hope you keep tweeting just like before. Thanks for your support.

  7. Nick UK says:

    Hi Tap and crew. I have been reading your blog for some time now. It has become the first I visit.
    A few bugs I get are images placed over text. Sometimes many images over the same text. I remove them with the adblock plus add on in firefox. Another is the insite search bar is missing which I found extremely useful when pointing others to articles within your blog. And another couple are the top banner is not displaying correctly and the two buttons also.. one for the sidebar.
    Hope you find this feedback useful.
    Have been encouraged by recent exposure of the rot at the top. Something I personally have been aware of since the conspiracy of silence Documentary was pulled way back. Shining light into this shadowy world is one sure fire way to get it cleaned up and to encourage those innocents caught up in it to come forward. This includes right minded law officers frustrated at the same rot that disgusts those they thought they signed up to serve. The Good folk.

  8. Mike says:

    Hi Nick,
    Thanks for the feedback.

    Re the bugs you mention.

    I hope to fix the bug of the image sometime overlaying the title of the lead post very soon.

    You also mention many images overlaying the same text and which you remove with adblock.
    This sounds as though some posts contain adverts. This site does not use adverts but posts taken from another site may well themselves contain adverts. I probably have not noticed this before because I always use adblock on all sites. I will see what I can do to remove adverts from all posts.

    The insite search box is now found in the Menu sidebar.

    You say the banner and Today and Menu buttons are not displaying correctly.
    What device (desktop, tablet, or mobile) and browser are you using?

    Thanks again for the feedback. If we are not told about bugs and errors we may well not spot them.


    NOTE to ALL: If reporting a bug, please provide device and browser details and the URL of the web page. This helps enormously in re-creating and removing any bugs.

    • Nick UK says:

      Hi Mike. The pictures I mentioned are not ads, They are article related ones.
      Instead of showing up inbetween text of articles they where placed over text, One on top of the other.
      I use Firefox and various addons including noscript with everything allowed on your page, Adblockplus and Better privacy. Still using vista on an acer aspire laptop. The Tap banner is squashed flat across the top but still readable with buttons overlapping it in placeholders that protrude below it. they still work. And the text is blue on the initial page, This text gets underlined as soon as the mouse hovers over it. Hope this helps. N.
      ps. My apologies. It would have been better to have left this thread in the new site bugs section. This page is fine. It appears to be only the main initial page that has issues. Hope this helps.

  9. Nick UK says:

    Forgot to put in the address of the page. its the main one.
    Nick UK.

  10. Nick UK says:

    Also forgot to mention that if I click on the blue text that becomes underlined on the front page it takes me to the article clicked on which displays correctly, apart from the same Tap top banner issues. Pictures and all appear within the article correctly with text and pictures within borders down either side. unlike the main page which displays wider with less borders either side and with pictures sometimes even wider and protruding over the borders of the text. N.

    • Mike says:

      It sounds like one of your Firefox addons is giving the problem.
      I suspect it may be the noscript addon, even though you seem to have whitelisted the site.

      I will try and replicate your setup.

      Have you tried looking at the landing page with a different browser?


    • Mike says:

      I have installed noscript on firefox.
      Using that as is, gives exactly what you have described – blue text, underlining and distorted banner and buttons.

      But allowing the site works fine for me.

      Have you got the latest version of noscript installed – V.


      • Nick UK says:

        Thanks for your help Mike. Checked all my add ons, Plug ins and extensions. Flash player and noscript where out of date. All issues have dissappeared. My error.
        In my defence… I rue updating these days what with all the hastle we get these days when updating anything on a mobile or from windows on a pc, Its like finding all your furniture moved around or missing and new stuff in your living room.
        When you read what rights these creeps give themselves when they install there spyware one is naturally uncomfortable. Big Brother after all is a paedophile it would seem and the less any of them and there corporations and lacheys know about me and my loved ones details the better. And of course if it aint broke dont fix it.
        Your assistance is much appreciated. Site looks good in its new format. Nick H

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