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UPDATE January 2013.  The Tap goes from strength to strength, with contributions coming in every day from readers, who are growing in number.   I’m enjoying this phase in the blog’s development, as it becomes a channel for many writers, and people who need ways to get their stories out there.  Best not to be overly ambitious, but traffic has more than doubled during 2012.  There is clearly a need for people to discuss the topics that get raised, whether that be pedophiles in power, chemtrails, wars, planetary progress, Nibiru, Jesuits, Zionists or anything else.  We are reaching out to new areas and topics all the time.  

Curiously I am finding the learning process an enjoyable one – curiously – given that most of the things we learn are fundamentally depressing.  Not all are, though.  Reading the histories of Z. Sitchin, Ralph Ellis or John Lamb Lash for example, or seeing how Tesla was, and how others are now, onto the potential for free energy.  

I look forward to learning many more new things blogging each day in the future.  The bogeymen who like things as they are don’t want us to know much.  That’s what The Tap is all about.  We want to know as much as we can find out.  
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