3 Responses to “How Jews OWN Russia And Control Putin”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Thanks newensign, totally believable, but no way of verifying anything with that vid from Jeff

    Good to see that old Jeff is still at it though!
    The vid looks old but was only posted a couple of days ago. Who is speaking? Doesn’t say

    Small snippets are so easy to use to deceive. No way of knowing with this short vid but you’ve got to think it is true, there is plenty of circumstantial evidence

    I’ve just read a short little book called “Red Symphony” by J Landowski, only 55 pages. It’s a transcription by Landowski of the interrogation of C G Rakovsky in Stalins’ purges in 1938

    Rakovsky was n insider and he talks a lot about “Them” during his interrogation. The book is all about “Them” in fact ie the almost uniformly Jewish “International Capitalists” who have the power to create money out of thin air and have run the worlds money systems since the year dot. And they still do….

    Rakovsky names names but says there can never be anything definitive because there is never any signature, or footprint, or any confirmation. The only confirmation is “events”. It’s a fascinating read, took me three readings to fully get what he says

    Btw, he also says that the same hidden hand was responsible for Bolshevism in Russia. They ran both Moscow and New York at that time. Stalin interrupted their project though with his limited “National Communism”. He purged Trotsky the main man for “Them” in Russia. And he put a bullet in the brain of all their other main men in his purges. So they were set back for a spell, but they soon got back on track

    No historian in the West is ever going to tell you any of that that are they! Stalin bad, Hitler bad, Churchill good, Roosvelt good. Cartoon geopolitics for the masses

    It’s hard to believe that anything is fundamentally different now with the money power isn’t it. So maybe Jeff is on the money….

    • newensign says:

      I agree Pete, we shall never know for sure. They also like to say Putin is a Jew, but by all accounts he was born in an area where there were no Jews. However, during the earlier upheavals in Russia his mother and him were protected by Jews. Also, is he the same Putin that came to power after the fall of Yeltsin? What really counts is the real Russia which the corporate Russia is endeavouring to control.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Yes newensign, the early Putin was very different looking to the current one

        Given the way things work in ALL countries then, we do know that the “elected” “leader” is just the stooge for the cameras. With very limited power compared with the money men. Why would Putin be any different to all the others? It’s hard to believe that he is

        It is so easy to get sucked into the details and miss the bigger picture isn’t it? All by design no doubt