Biden’s Jews Want Putin to Destroy the West – March 30, 2024

In a July 2021 interview no longer unavailable, C.J. Bjerknes and Adam Green analyzed videos by Kabbalist rabbis in relation to the Cabalist dogma that the destruction of civilization is a prerequisite for the return of the Messiah.  A dedicated reader, Z, provided an Introduction and a synopsis:

Tikkun Olam, ‘redemption’, or “restoring/repairing the world” is laid bare for what it really is – genocide. 

The same applies to their Messiah (Moshiach Ben David) who is to arrive and complete the slaughter of the rest of humanity and enter into the Third Temple to be built. 

The US, the great ally of Israel and the Jewish people, is not spared from destruction,

 but is especially targeted for annihilation – such is the level of their hatred and deception towards Christian and European populated nations”

Bjerknes also points out that Jews themselves have been the victims of Rabbinical rule such as their role in the set-up of the Holocaust and that,  per their own secret scripture here, two-thirds of them are slated to be killed in the next planned persecution.

Astoundingly, the Rabbis find this a good thing.”

They take credit for the Jewish holocaust.    Are COVID vaccines related to this plot?

The Kabbalah Revealed – A Review (from Nov. 22, 2022)

By Z — (

The now expunged video, “Rabbis Reveal Shocking Kabbalah Secrets”, was produced by Adam Green of on 7/16/2021 from a compilation of talks given by five Rabbis who are specialists in the Kabbalah.

Joining Green to provide explanatory commentary was Christopher Jon Bjerknes, author and Kabbalah expert. This long review covers much of the basic premises of Kabbalah as presented by these Rabbis. Caveat: Both Green and Bejerknes are atheists who proclaim against Christianity in this video. As odious as that is to many, the focus needs to be on what the Rabbis say about their plans for world destruction.


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