Alex Mercouris on Britain’s political crisis. Not what you expect.

The Far Right means those who support Brexit, he says  (TAP – and are anti-immigration to excess – i.e. 95% of voters!).  They are not a significant political force, he observes, as they have no cohesion.

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Government wants to crack down, as Galloway won support from both white working class as well as the Moslem vote.

Interesting assessment of Galloway.  Galloway is also pro Brexit.

Starmer will change little when labour comes  in and could also crackdown.  Same political class who fear a revival of Brexit,

when they thought they had sidelined Brexit labelling it as Far Right extremism.  Now they find Galloway can unify the two supposed extremes against, not each other as intended but against the government.

Result – panic at Westminster who want Moslems and Far Right at loggerheads, not standing as one.  Only a minority of Moslems operate as rape gangs.  Most want peace and good economy for business and jobs

and economicall establsihed Moslems dislike uncontrolled immigration, same as supposed Far Right who are in fact just ordinary British people.

The other Alex  – Christoforou thought Sunak hilariously funny and weak, but now sees clearly he is trying to pitch Moslems and white working class (Far Right) against each other.  Galloway shows the strategy is not working.  The WEF rep in Britain i.e. Sunake Oil is being shouted at from head office fot this failure.  And he is panicky.  Despite daily media bombardment with evils from immigration, Kahn and the rest the good old British common sene still stands strong!!!!good video.


They need an excuse to declare their Police State. They need two sides fighting, but there is no Far Right in England.

They’re sending people to jail who put up a sticker saying White Lives Matter, and not sending to jail people who commit grievous crimes.

They tell the Police to run away in the face of certain crowds, and pepper spray others.

They want a reaction.

Sunake Oil gives the UN/WEF/WHO game away.

One Response to “Alex Mercouris on Britain’s political crisis. Not what you expect.”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Far right! Far right! Their standard slur for any opponents of the woke globalist scumbag class. Our whole political class in other words, Teds excepted

    It’s a pathetic slur too and betrays their dinosaur thinking. Left/right, who cares? That is so over, so 20th century. Any one with half a brain knows that now. It’s not about left/right anymore, it’s about good versus evil, freedom versus tyranny, sovereignty versus globalism

    So go swivel globalists, you are losing and your defeat is inevitable

    Btw I would like to think that 95% are anti immigration/woke globalism like you say. But that is not my experience. There are dense pockets of woke down south. My guess is that the split is 30/70 woke/real world