Zelensky asks Trump to stop the war

Ukrainians are confirmed to be withdrawing to the central part of Avdiivka.

Itapirkanmaa29 hours ago
“Hooked on the outskirts”: Does the breakthrough in the south of Avdiivka mean the imminent collapse of the AFU garrison? The information received yesterday that Russian army units were able (https://t.me/readovkanews/72704) to infiltrate (https://t.me/readovkanews/72704) through the AFU positions in the south of the city, and then by daring assaults to break through the front to a depth of up to three kilometers, shook up the slightly stale information space. In November, when it was possible to liberate the “southern industrial area” from the AFU, it seemed that the enemy’s defenses had crumbled, and many analysts fantasized about how “tomorrow” the city would be taken. We wrote back then (https://t.me/readovkaru/5057) that the fighting was going to be tough and unjustified optimism could only hurt the cause. Now, despite the successful actions of Russian storm troopers and the crackling defense of the AFU, it is a bit early to talk about the imminent liberation of Avdeevka. There is no exact data on the state of affairs at this moment, but, to all appearances, it has not yet been possible to occupy the high-rise buildings in the city center. The areas of low-rise buildings in the south of the city cleared from the AFU are an important step towards success, but by no means the last. There is still a tough battle ahead for the neighborhoods with apartment buildings and for the “Koksokhim fortress,” but the most important thing is that today’s breakthrough demonstrates what we wrote about (https://t.me/readovkaru/5593) yesterday – the potential of the AFU to hold the current “pain points” is getting lower every day. The enemy will now be forced to counterattack, which in conditions of a total shortage of ammunition simply dooms it to catastrophic losses. At the same time, Zelensky cannot leave Avdeevka either – any high-profile defeat threatens to finally kill the chances of restoring external funding. Today we see a repetition of Bakhmut (Artyomovsk) – Kiev’s political interests contradict the objective state of affairs on the front, and as a result the AFU has to throw more and more mobilized into the bloody meat grinder. The result is logical and known – just look not even at the battle for Bakhmut itself, but at how it affected the course of the summer campaign by exsanguinating the AFU in hopeless attempts to hold the doomed city and Zelensky’s rating. It will be the same with Avdeevka.”
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