Woke Arsenal? Please, Stick To Football!

Arsenal were once known as an ‘aristocratic, conservative’ club. Today, Arsenal appear more aligned with cultural Marxist woke central. Next, they are going to wear ‘No More Red’ white shirts.

Tomorrow, Sunday, it seems Arsenal, The Gooners, are due to wear all white shirts without the club’s red. This is to highlight the problem of knife crime in London.

I am so fed up with Arsenal’s political posturing and virtue signaling, it’s damaged my appetite for the coming game. Of course knife crime is an issue, but is it really Arsenal’s priority? Is it going to help? I would prefer them to focus on winning and making Gooners happy. To compound the irritation, it will be my father’s 92nd birthday and I’ve had to warn and inform him why Arsenal may be wearing all white on Sunday. I assume Liverpool will wear black? What utter codswallop.
It’s bad enough that they swap and change the shirt designs so frequently. Just stick to the classic Arsenal colours and home and away designs. The current away black and yellow sickly looking ‘wavy’ design illustrates the head up their arses mindset prevailing within the Arsenal board room:

Arsenal take a knee for BLM. In 2013, three self-identifying trained Marxists, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi, created the organisation: #BlackLivesMatter. Their founding principles were anti-capitalism, anti-the nuclear family unit and anti-Christianity. No doubt they will now dispute this. They raised a lot of money and bought big houses. They terrorised US cities in 2020, burning, destroying and killing. Today, Bukayo Saka and his team mates take a knee to BLM.
BLM Documentary

London Mayor Sordik Khant aka Sadiq Khan, is a Marxist and currently chairman of C40:
He advocates carbon zero policy and in reality is destroying England, it’s culture and national identity. Under his ‘leadership’ knife crime is rising and mass immigration openly encouraged. He is Mr. Woke.

Arsenal have waved the Ukrainian flag because like the UK government, they advocate Russophobia, in effect racism, and support the Nazi associated Kiev regime which has terrorised Russian speaking Ukrainians in eastern Ukraine since the 2014 coup and before. Arsenal’s left-back cum midfielder, Oleksandr Volodymyrovych Zinchenko, is Ukrainian, and therefore, there will be a Ukrainian bias within the dressing room. Many of my life long friends hate Putin, so it is no surprise that ignorance and prejudice runs throughout my club too.

Arsenal’s captains have worn an LGBT armband, in effect promoting the anus as a sex organ, as Dr. E. Michael Jones might put it. LGBTxyzabc is yet another cultural Marxist movement helping to break down the nuclear family unit.

Arsenal, along with the Premier League, support Kick It Out, an organisation that supposedly challenges ‘racism’. I suggest it’s creating greater racial divide. Obviously there are not enough players in English football of ‘coloured’ skin tone and obviously I am being sarcastic. To have the likes of my ‘heroes’ Ian Wright and Thierry Henry bemoan the racism in my country when football is full of multi-millionaire ‘black’ footballers is galling. I am sick and tired of basically being called racist. I don’t ‘effing care about your skin tone or if your private peccadillo is to have a penis up your bum or what your geo-political views are, but please, put on the Arsenal red and white and do your best to put the bloody ball in the bloody goal. Arsene Wenger? Our hero manager of The Invincibles? Another pro-€U ‘climate emergency’ advocate and will no doubt virtue signal about racism.

Everything Arsenal are supporting is contributing to the break down of the family structure and community and nurturing civil unrest such as knife crime, but the people running Arsenal football club are stupid, ignorant, ‘just following orders’ types. They could watch this lecture by G. Edward Griffin;

I remember Charlie George scoring for Arsenal in the FA Cup Final vs. Liverpool. A real man playing the best he could rather than lecturing us on social engineering.


I want my club and country back!

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2 Responses to “Woke Arsenal? Please, Stick To Football!”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    BLM was funded by a motley crew, including

    The Ford Foundation, historically major CIA collaborators…

    Borealis Philanthropy, a shadowy “philanthropic intermediary”, a front for who exactly? No way to know…

    Open Society Foundation, ie Soros, say no more…

    Centre for American Progress, a think tank based in Washington DC. Which was “founded”, [ie fronted for oligarchs], by none other than John Podesta of Killary Clinton “Pizzagate” fame…

    Plus big corporate donors like, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Walmart and more…

    What more des anyone need to know?

    Take the knee? Are you SERIOUS? Get off your knees you pathetic slaves

  2. Belyi says:

    I used to support Arsenal in the days when the only foreign players were Scottish.

    The last glory days were when Tony Adams was the captain with David Seaman and the iconic back four.

    I don’t even bother to read the results now when I can’t even pronounce the names of half the players.