English Council Culture

Councils are implementing policy from climate emergency codswallop to primary school child sexualisation curriculum up and down the country. Fortunately, they are being challenged.

Once upon a time ‘sticks ‘n’ stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’ was the mantra. Today thought crime and hate speech are absurdly real. During a recent Colchester Council public meeting members of the public were accused of being vexatious and council cancel culture automatically kicked in. Fortunately, the police enabled common sense to prevail as no law had been broken. The lady presiding over events in the videos below, assuming in this day and age she is female, is apparently hard of hearing and it was her debut as deputy standing in for the mayor. This depiction is perhaps harsh…

There is no excuse. These councillors are behaving like Bolshevik Nazis. From Nicola Beach, the Chief Executive at Suffolk Council to Ian Gallin the Chief Executive at West Suffolk Council to the deputy mayor at Colchester, ridiculous policy is being forced upon the community. They are paid in the region of £200K and ‘just following orders’ when they should be engaging the public in proper and open debate. I also make note of West Suffolk councillor Cliff Waterman who is or was a teacher and seems to be perfectly content pushing through climate emergency policy and advocating self-gratification tuition for primary school children. No Cliff, it is not acceptable.

Vexing CO2 at Colchester Council – Round 8 (7th Dec Pt 1)



This is father Aaron Leeves. I guess a FakeBook account is required to access this, regardless, I’m including it for the record. Aaron has been a staunch challenger to local council policy to implement child sexualisation curriculum. I recommend we voice support for him where we can:

This one published by Kris at https://www.lsbfilmproductions.com/ of Oldham Council is a different tack, but as Kris says, ‘It was so funny to watch, I thought I’d better share it.’

Say no to ‘climate emergency’ policy and say no to child sexualisation curriculum.

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2 Responses to “English Council Culture”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Try ‘Cancel Council’? Almost the same word!

    • NPP says:


      £200K salaries to just follow Bolshevik Nazi orders.

      Eco-fascist child sexualisation agents.

      They must be highlighted, shamed and replaced.

      The lady in the Colchester videos is a fabulous example of a member of the public stepping up to the plate.